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ITT: We draw a pepe in ms paint by heart and flood the rare pepe market

I'll start
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>tfw asked for no mustard
Help am trianlge
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i dont have anything to say
this is an original comment

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>brothers ex gf introduces girl to me
>shes into anime, drawing, etc etc
>seems perfect qt for me
>we go on a few dates, eventually kiss
>feel good that i have a qt gf
>thing is, we live like 1 hour away by car, and i dont have a car neither does she
>both still live at home
>feel fucking miserable without her
>even worse than tfwnogf
>can only meet in weekends, can feel im choking her by meeting every weekend
>feel more miserable than before
If you manage to find a gf, make SURE you live close together. ldr gf, even small distance, is worse than no gf
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I bet she has someone keeping her company while you're not around. So at least you don't have to worry for her sake. :^)
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Buy a car and go see her and don't listen to other spergs on here, if you do your just going to be shackled to /R9k/ forever.
Too late, I already fell for the meme and I'm suffering every second. Even more now that my qt bf started college and I'm still a neet. He'll find some other woman that can actually touch him irl and will forget about me in no time. Why are men such unloyal creatures?

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My ex gf who is basically mentally unstable at times said she's going to do a spell on me to punish me for leaving her. What should I do?
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Stack magic resistance I guess??
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counterspell, retard
feed her to the dragons

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>Good looking
>Nice body
>Got a lil' money
>Okay personality
>Surprisingly charismatic

The kicker?


Why don't I just end it already? I got a gun, if trips I blow my brains out.
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>the manlets are finally learning
What do normal people even do at this point? We thought you'd never learn.
>Average looking
>average to /fit/-lite body
>hugely in debt
>charismatic as fuck and averagely intelligent

I honestly feel bad for short guys, I've always had women flock to me despite being an objectively worse option because I'm tall and broad.
The sight of my underdeveloped 172 cm short body on a mirror also makes me wanna kill myself

being asian and short sucks big time

For all the virgins or sexually under-experienced; Why not just visit a brothel?

Is it an availability issue or a financial issue? The women there are literally focused on you and your privacy. They are regularly tested for STDs and take care of themselves. They take care of you because if they don't then they don't stay in business. Why not just take the dive and find out how much fun you can have?
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Both and more. First, I don't live in murrica, brothels are illegal here. Of course I could find whores who are probably std free if I really want but there is no way it could go well.

I'm extremely afraid of women, not to mention the performance anxiety I have. 99% chance it would be a terrible experience and I would hate the tought of having sex more than ever. But let's pretend everything goes well and I get hooked. I'm poor, I will never have enough money to do this regularly. It is better never experiencing it then.
I'm married but I'd do it if I had the money and the opportunity. I'd pick that brunette in lace and thigh-high stockings.
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Why would you go to a brothel if you are married?
wife not put out anymore?

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This is an Arizona bark scorpion. Little motherfucker right here got into my bed and stung me twice while I was sleeping. Third time over the past year.

Side effects include:
>Runny nose
>Tingling in lips and/or tongue
>Numbness in sting area
>Blurry vision
Of which I am feeling ALL at once.
Nothing can be done to cure these stings, which is fine because they very rarely kill. You can only wait 3 to 5 days and just ride it out.
It's very hard to type.

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OH FUCK. That's awful, OP. Can you post a pic of the stings?
Do you not keep it in an enclosure or something?
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consume it

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>work hard on improving life
>get stylish clothes
>get an attractive haircut
>get a wagecuck job
>become more socially confident
>still a 5'8" manlet
>still absolutely zero interest from girls

Is being a manlet really this bad? I'm not even that ugly. Other manlets I know don't seem to have a problem. Why is it that I'm still doomed? And no I'm not boring, I have hobbies (art, video editing, etc). What gives?
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"Art" is vague, what exactly? As for video editing, every 12 yo knows the basics and it's hardly pussy magnet.
>it's hardly pussy magnet
yes, but literally no hobby other than playing guitar is "the pussy magnet". Simply having a hobby is considered okay for most normies (at the very least it's better than watching tv and masturbating all day)
You're 5'8 it's over for you.

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>Americans can be arrested for underage drinking when they're 20
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Also, their age of consent is 18, so you can become an actual pedophile by fucking a fully developed 17 yo
Americans are allowed to die fighting for Israel when they are 18.
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>Americans can be arrested for crossing the road

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Who else is /monster/?
>tfw shedding.
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The fuck.. have you never heard of a pumice stone?
Damn that's a deep one.

Anyone else get these tiny wart-like bumps with orange fluid inside on their hands and feet in summer?
post a pic?

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>cleaning my ears with cotton ear buds
>jam ear bud straight down my ear canel
>it's been 24 hours and the entire right side of my face aches with pain
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>cleaning ear with q-tip
>parent suddenly yells or throws something
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Fucking helllllpppppppp

this pain is horrendous, I can barely play video games to pass time, let alone right this, I just spent the last hour groveling on my bed

Pain makes you stronger anon.
Feels the pain. All those jews who died in WW2.
Feel the pain.

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Does anyone else here practice intermittent fasting?

You eat normally one day, then eat nothing the next, and so on. You are only allowed water and some salt on fasting days. Make sure not to eat anything after 5pm on your eating day.

When you fast you deplete liver glycogen and your body starts producing ketones from your fat stores, using up your body fat and helping you lose weight. The state of ketosis has proven health and mental benefits, for example it combats epilepsy, ADHD and alzheimers. Ketosis also curbs hunger because your blood sugar isn't spiking from ingesting carbohydrates.

Because you don't eat anything after 5pm your body has used up all your glycogen overnight so you wake up in the morning on your fasting day already in ketosis.

It's easy enough to go one day without eating even for very hungry people, because unlike a traditional diet and calorie restriction you know that tomorrow you'll be eating like a king and have something to look forward to.
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I did it, it was very effective, lost 5 kg in 2 weeks.
I do occasionally. Not necessarily to lose weight, but just to practice the act of fasting. I might do it to lose some weight here soon though. My tummy is getting a little big
I've been considering doing it. I need to lose about 5-7 kg to feel good about my body. I think I will start tomorrow.

I would like to ask though what do you do about the tiredness? I have an exam coming up and I'm also moving to a new place, would it affect my productivity?

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>tfw it finally dawns to you that there is something seriously wrong with you as a human being
>tfw you finally understand that nothing will ever get better
>tfw you, for the first time, actually consider suicide as a valid option

Why did it turn out like this robots?
I never asked for this, I never asked to be a broken person.
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have you ever considered speaking to a therapist?
>have you ever considered spending money you don't have to speak to someone who will either shove pills down your throat or say "just be happy XD"?
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Nobody wanted to turn out like this bud, but here we are. Each and every single last one of us, drops of piss in a drainage ditch. Maybe it's genetics. Maybe it was our environment. Maybe God is real and He didn't send the message home with Job the first time. Maybe you should've followed Jainism instead, and now you're doomed to suffer for your karmic imbalance. Who knows, who cares. We're here, it's no one's concern how it happened.

If you're man enough, you'll eat the bullet now instead of risking a longer life and more chances of failure. Some see more chances of success, but we both know that if there were any chances of success, any at all, then we wouldn't be here in the first place.

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Are we causing humanity harm by being who we are and not contributing to the hive?
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I would like to see scientific data backing this bullshit up.
Who gives a shit? Most of these people wouldn't give you or I the time of day.
>men are to blame
>written by a roastie


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What will it be, /r9k/?
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Right mmmmmm yea right
Death's sweet embrace
source? google gives nothing. don't recognize the studio at a glance either

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>turn 21 an hour ago

This is the beginning of the end, my friends. What liquor should I devote the rest of my life to?
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Rum or wild turkey. Flip a coin and let chance decide.
whiskey is the patrician choice.
I think I'm going with this, too. I drank Jim Beam a bunch a year ago and for some reason I could stomach it more than others.

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