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Adam Ruins /r9k/. Robots BTFO. There is no such thing as an alpha male.


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Dog packs are parents and their children. They aren't alpha for being super aggressive. They are alpha because they provide the dogs with protection, food, and social.
I hate this smug faggot even when he's right. And I especially hate him when he's wrong. His segment on how there's nothing wrong with marijuana is retarded.
doesn't disprove the existence of alpha males at all. gay feminist sissy propaganda

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This is a waifu thread
No discussion, not chit chat, no arguments, no elephant talk
just waifus
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My waifu is a little autistic, but otherwise the perfect girl.
it's a good waifu
reminds me a bit of kiernan shipa for some reason
she is impossibly cute

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When do u plan on leaving /r9k/?
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when a femanon becomes my gf
my grand scheme has no schedule but it will be clear when it has concluded
I want to fill Jynxs' ass with my seed so bad,

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Been too long since the last one.
Post your best shit.
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Suppose i'll start off by dumping some shit
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cmon lads i know you hate roasties as well

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Hey, /r9k/ what's the probability that a 17 year old female in an Eastern European country is a virgin... given that... she's rich...emo.. beautiful... doesn't have a dad and goes clubbing.

Should I just off myself?
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i thought this trend was dead
Become a prostitute. You would knock off two things all /r9k/ members don't have: money and sex.
She used to be. I don't know. I haven't seen her in years. She's 17 already. Time flies by.

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Is dating below my age really that big of a deal? Some people act like if you're 19 or 18 and date someone who's 17 or 16, you're some kind criminal or low-key just pedo. But then they introduce the stupid half your age + 7 rule which makes no sense.
>20 y/o college student
>Try to date a 17 year old in high school and get called a creep?
>Date a 26 y/o and it's somehow not as weird?

Wouldn't a percentage system be better. Like be at least 75% of this person's age to date them. (AgeX/100 * AgeY)=75% or <75%

I say this cause I just turned 18 (1999, April) and this girl who was interested in me 15 (2001, September), a 2y and 5m difference. While I start my first year of college she'd be in 11th grade. And by my third year, she'd join me. Since I'm here I'm rather beta so this would be my first GF yet it seems many people in my surroundings (my mom, her dad, a few people I know, some others) are saying i shouldn't reciprocate even though it's clear we're both interested. I'm not even interested sexually, we're honestly great friends and have known each other for about 3 years. I'm being cucked out of my first relationship just cause a few people disagree with us. Should we just do what we want or is there some actual issue here.
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dont normies have that stupid "half your age plus 7" rule?
Yes I clearly stated how stupid it is. The 75% version works so much better cause in this situation a 40y/o and a 27y/o would be a 67% while we would be at 83% and in late September 88%.
It's pretty weird. Girls aged 17 and 19 both physically look the same. Older guys usually date younger because women start to look old. So it shows that you are not mature enough for a girl your age / can't get a girl your age

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Does anyone else pee in the sink so they don't have to go to the bathroom? I've been doing that recently and it feels really good not leaving my room. I'm not quite tall enough, so I have to stand on my toes a little bit if I don't want to touch the counter, but sometimes I just rest my penis and let the pee flow into the sink. Anyone else do this?
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Who has a sink in their room tf
are you saying you have a sink in your bedroom?
thats going to ruin your pipes.

Are nordics always attracted to southern europeans and the other way around?

I noticed it at university as well. There are a lot of northern europeans and southern europeans with each other in relationships.
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I look exactly like Pewdiepie and I've only ever been attracted to or dated tan girls who look like they could be southern European. Just to add to your anecdote
Naturally inclined to find your biological "opposite" to better vary your genetics.
That is completely untrue. orig

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>girl in the pic is 15 years old
>you're apparently a pedophile for liking it
explain this to me robots
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its not pedophilia if she is fruitful
>you're apparently a pedophile for fucking it
14 or 15 is the prime age of a female. Also pedo like pre puberty girls. This girl is able to have kids.
I'll never understand this is frowned upon. I like bitches like this when I was 15? What changes when I "legally" enter adulthood? I still want to fuck them.

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>Be me
>Meet 18 year old on dating site
>We start talking and texting
>Clearly have attraction for each other and sending pics
>She asks if I can cook
>I mention I'm an amatuer cook
>"I need me a man who can cook"

Are you fucking kidding me with this shit? Seriously fuck women. Why the fuck did I think she would be any different from the other judgmental whores out there?
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Wtf, really? Come on is this real?
My guess is that she never liked you in the first place and was looking the slightest excuse to learn you go, could be your face?

This is what you get for talking to an 18 year old child
>I'm an amateur cook
>I need a man who can cook
Wow... It's like you can't get better...

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>be 22
>be 6'2" and muscular
>female friend has told me I'm around a 7 or 8
>go to the gym 5 times a week
>own a car and my own place
>have a full ride to the second best university in my state
>play the guitar well
>still kissless virgin who's never had a girlfriend or even chance with a girl
Based on r9k's reasoning I'm supposed to be a Chad but I'm the loneliest fucking person I know :(
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im 5'9" skinnyfat and im getting it easy buddy. suck on my nuts
Nah you're obviously a huge faggot, not a Chad
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it's, because you post frogs, dumb frogposter

I was doing chores around the house and I put on the 2 hour Stefan Molyneux video regarding Elliot Rodger's manifesto, which I've always wanted to hear. Close to the end of the video, there was a passage that Elliot wrote, that really stands out to me:

"I had an argument with Soumaya (his mother) while I was visiting father's house. It started when she began to boast that my brother Jazz was recently signed by an agent to act in T.V commercials. I talked about how Jazz was already so socially savvy for his age, and how I've always envied him for it. She told me that he will never have any problems with girls, and will lose his virginity while he's young"

Do people actually do this kind of shit to other people? Why would his own mother insult, belittle and berate him? Why tear him down, instead of bring him up? Maybe because Soumaya despised Elliot for not being her offspring, and sought to tear his self esteem down.

To be honest, Elliot himself was quite attractive for a young male. He looks like a high fashion model, minus the height. He had cheekbones, nice skin, and pretty good facial aesthetics.. He might not have been a typical alpha/hypermasculine male, but he was attractive. Look at James Deen the pornstar, women swoon over him. I'd put him in the same range of attractiveness as Elliot. Not only that, but James Deen and Elliot were both the same height, 5'7... Elliot came from a family with money, had social connections, and was decently intelligent. One of these men fucked multitudes of women and is swooned over by women, while the other was cast out and socially rejected.

I feel bad for Elliot, even if he had a lot of problems. I think there's a reason why he's brought up so often, because he is a symbol and a representation of men's unmet sexual urges.

I'm sorry Elliot, that all of this had to happen to you... I hope you rest in peace.
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Soumaya wasn't his mother though.

Grammatical error, sorry about that. I mention in my post that he is not her actual biological offspring.
Elliot wasn't rejected he was just too fucking autistic to understand that you actually have to talk to women to fuck them . He thought that women just walk up to guys they find attractive and offer them sex. He thought every single woman he ever met rejected him while in reality he didn't even try. There's not one example in his manifesto of how he got rejected, just because he simply was never rejected.

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I must sacrifice a virgin to appease the devil. So...which one of you is it going to be??
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>when you realize the virgin sacrifices of today are being fulfilled with male victims because there are no female virgins anymore

is this why the wiccans are powerless?

Don't kill me, man, I'm a slaaneshi! Go touch someone non-chaotic, or you'll piss the Prince off.
"Virgin sacrifice" just means someone who's blood hasn't been used in a ritual before you fucking idiot

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fembot feels:

>too many easy sluts on tinder, guys dont want relationships anymore
>i just want a boyfriend but the minute i feel like im getting close to someone, they end up hooking up with someone else and stop talking to me.

are any of you men capable of commitment?
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you don't come here much, do you?
because you should already know how this thread is gonna play out
>the female is the sexual selector
>goes for high value male abd doesn't ask for a relationship
>is surprised when high value male goes off to fuck other females
Sow the wind, reap the tempest, roastie

One of them was someone I met from here on r9k.

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>Look doggy thats your daddy!
>Anon you like the dog i bought you for your birthday?

what do?
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I ignore the roastie and pet the doggo.
Marry me
Now let's fuck and have a baby for the dog to grow up next to until it dies when the kid is 13 and enters the most stressful time of their life with the death of their childhood companion weighing on their mind.
Looks like meat's back on the menu.

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