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i hate myself.
i dont know why im torturing myself to fix something even though the other person doesnt care much about it. the only person i trusted and they used me emotionally and were confronting me about something. i try slashing my legs so i wont feel pain and anxiety but just numbing. nothing works anymore. im not gonna survive for very long but i just wanted to be happy for once but aya and other people cant let that happen for me. they just put me in a box and expect me not to have feelings.
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Dont hurt yourself anon!

Your life is precious!!!
the only person i trusted was baiting me emotionally and used me
i feel so distant and sad
i want to kill myself again before my anxiety gets out of hand and i start getting psychotic again
like when aya deleted me on steam
i couldnt handle the friendship crumbling
i dont want to go through this again i want to die so bad i cant sotp crying

Listen i litterially just went through something like that 1 hour ago
Someone i loved also blocked me
You just have to forget about these people they are mentally ill

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>keep buying lottery tickets until you win the lottery
Find a flaw.
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You wont win it?
Stupid fucking NEETs deserve your life if this is your strat

People who buy lottery tickets are more retarded than people who sink money into phones that don't leave the house

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when do you start feeling like an adult
im doing all the adult things but i still just want to be 10 riding my bike again
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Never, just ride your bike now man
>tfw getting back into Yu-Gi-Oh at 22.
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Get a bike OP

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>been debating for months whether or not I should kill myself
>finally go over the edge, decide to start planning things out and writing my will/note tonight
>going to transfer my $60,000 trust fund into a personal account and will it to an online friend I haven't talked to in 3 years, just to piss off my family
>a few pages into my letter, my cat opens my door, jumps on my lap and starts purring
Fuck these feels. I finally got the motivation to do it and now I realize I can't leave this guy behind. I don't care about my family and don't know a single person besides relatives who would come to my funeral, but the thought of my cat wandering around looking for me and getting lonely makes me bawl my eyes out. Fuck it all.
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Remember if you kill yourself you'll never browse the dankest memes while taking a shit ever again.
Well, laughing at dank memes on the crapper is only entertaining for so long
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Don't kill yourself man. There are better things you can do in life. Maybe start going to gym or do meditation it will really help you to ignore negative stuff from your life. There are people out there suffering much worse than you. Consider yourself lucky man. Killing yourself is just stupid. We believe in you anon. We love you.

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> tfw cyborg
> not accepted by normal people
> not accepted by robots either
> shunned by all groups and have nowhere to go to talk to people, since problems are seen as abnormal and irritating to both
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tfw can get laid but only with insecure, short, flat women.

tfw successful but lonely

tfw noone to play games or enjoy anime with

Help me escape these cyborg feels.
A true cyborg is able to blend into both groups like a chameleon. You put your normie mask on in public and later jump into the abyss along with the robots. Work on your cyborg skills.
cyborgs are robots that are fully functional and could pass as a normie. you're just a failed normie who doesn't fit into either group.

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How does pic related make you feel? Isn't it sad that we live in a world where genetics and performance in life go hand in hand?
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>plastic surgery

That was always the case
It's scientifically proven attractive people get seen as more intelligent and nicer by everyone around
Just because they are attractive
And to be fair, maybe they are but there is no correlation
I honestly can't understand how life is for someone who is a ten or a nine
I don't see that big of a difference. Honestly she looks a bit better before.

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Do you guys ever wonder how many people have felt like us and had the same problems we do but never found r9k?
What about all those robots who just quietly killed themselves feeling like they are the only person in the world who feels this way?

Tl;dr pre internet robots could only complain about normies to themselves
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I used to think they were all looking down on us from Heaven or limbo, watching us and quietly guiding us along away from their own failures. That, or taking bets about how long we'd last until killing ourselves
It's not even a pre internet thing. DESU I never would have discovered this site if it wasn't in the news. It was a pure stroke of luck I found all these nice people that understand, relate to, and accept me and that I don't have to be fake or artificial around.
Old people, essentially

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There is some evidence (albeit weak) that light colored eyes are associated some behavioral traits. I'm curious what the eye color breakdown is around here.

You don't have a be a special snowflake, the effect if it exists is depended light vs. dark.

If you have something between blue and and green it's grey, not slate or something stupid like that. Nor do you have olive eyes. They're green.

So post em if you give a shit.
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> light colored eyes are associated some behavioral traits. I

What traits nigger?
Lower sociability, higher alcoholism, higher rates on ADHD and schizophrenia, and lastly higher spatial abilities (translates to IQ).
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Also maybe autism. Honestly, how many spergs have you seen that look like the guy on the right? I look I could be his brother.

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When did you realize women weren't fully human?
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When I observed how easily they can cheat and literally not even feel guilty, in fact they will blame the husband and say he didn't care enough about her feelings, and supposedly made her feel ugly and unwanted. So they cheat and it's all his fault because so and so

And if you point it out you're "making [her] feel bad" and are the bad one somehow.
Do you mean literally? Or are you just referring to them being manipulative/evil? Which is a very human trait.
>getting married and then being "childfree"
lol what a joke of a relationship, at least he didn't just go along with the cucking

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I've got the yellow fever really bad. I think its all JAVs I watch. How do I get a kawaii asian girl? Where are good spots to meet them?
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>asian girls
Shit taste mate. Even asian boys are better.
You can actually buy them from vending machines if you know the right spots.

Unless your a rich tall guy who either looks like the apex of your own race or flaunts his wealth, your in for a shocker in the western world.

And in the eastern world, those who racemix are seen as golddiggers internally by their families. Not to mention the countries as a whole, SK, Japan, China, are very xenophobic and protective of their races respectively.

Just buy an asian whore and be done with it.

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You want me to live with you?
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yes I do pls talk to me
You already do, dude (woah). You need to widen your scope brah

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I just wanna talk to somebody but every thread I make gets one post at most then 404'd
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Maybe you should stop making shit threads like this one
Show your tits and we might be inclined to listen cocksucker.
I want to be the girl from OP-picture.

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Mommy, are you there? I'm having a horrible night, my head hurts so bad. I should have never came back here. The things they say here aren't true, right? Everything's gonna be okay, right? Can we snuggle please?
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I see no mommy here.
Sounds like a ween song

mommys busy with chad honey, its gonna have to wait.

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Why do white people act like they don't live privileged lives? Do you not realize you have it easier than PoC?
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niggers can never give me any examples of white privilege that aren't made up in their head. In the end they just want to justify their prejudice, white people already rose above this decades ago...
How exactly do you 'act like you have privileged lives', it seems like the kind of thing YOU wouldn't want to deal with. You fucking moron.
If a white person and a black person apply for the same job with the same resume the white person will be hired. White people are the most sought after race in the dating pool and it's easier for white people to get into a relationship. No one ever judges whites because they are white. The list goes on and you're just a racist /pol/tard living a privileged life.

White people that act like they have it bad have it significantly better than PoC in the same situation is all I'm saying.

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Is this normal behavior for women?
I mean, why would someone ask their friend to come over, just to take a whole set of photos of them in their swimsuits?

With all the changing in between, it must've taken like an hour.
And they're not even sexual pics, so neither of them was probably getting off on it.
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She has grown the pussy
Post the whole set
Notice how she still has all the tags on.

Rather than changing into each swimsuit one by one at the store, she takes them all, poses in them at home in pictures, returns them all, and then later reviews the photos and decides which ones to buy.

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