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Did what? The girl in pic? Post picss anon so we can celebrate together
let me guess
>fucked a 12 year old
>lost your virginity
>raped a qt
What did you do, fucker? Explain.

why are hapa girls so cute but hapa males so ugly?
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Why did you post a Finnish girl?

Asians have softer feminine features. Round face, short stature, thin frames. The men inherit those genes and are usually less attractive
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In what world do you live in that hapa men are ugly when the most famous & successful people in the world are hapas (see pic).

I think you confusion comes from differentiating between AWMF Hapas (like Keanu Reeves) and WMAF Hapas (like Elliot Rodgers).

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How to be finally "free"?
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> Alex
> Joker
> don't know who but judging by the first two that's likely some edgelord. Tyler Durden?
If your definition of being free is connected to these people you should close all of the /r9k/ tabs and wait until you're 18 before you come back here.
Alex wasn't free most of the book he's in prison and when he's out he becomes a normalfag
its only a prompt pic

Im above 18 n see you haven't understand thier philosophy or just didin't try to. So u r propably just a normal person scrolling threads.

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Where do white women stand on the evil female scale?
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As long as you are hard working, self-sufficient, and caring of others... Normies are super nice.
Why does Katya look so perfect?
Most evil imo

Isn't it obvious?

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Why don't you smoke marijuana, /r9k/? Its good shit.
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because I have poor social skills and asking for it is a bother

it's like begging and annoying someone
I don't like it. It makes me very anxious and paranoid.
Because it's smelly as fuck and makes you act like a fucking retard

When were you "redpilled" and realized just how bad everything is?
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In 9th grade when the brown people I went to school with became niggers instead of Indians (I got rezoned)
When I was 15 and browsed r/atheism
Last year.

Redpilled about women, redpilled about work, redpilled about society and redpilled about SJWs and minorities.

I'm glad I'm just 19.

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>tfw a toaster PC
>tfw poorfag
>tfw no neetbux to upgrade PC
>tfw will be stuck forever with this junk until I die
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It's better than mine. Shut up you won't get money or pity here.
Better than mine except for the CPU. You could upgrade that to an 8350 black edition and get some not shit ram and you'd be fine. I have a Radeon HD 7470 ffs. Try living in my world.
>Athlon 64 x2 4000+, 2gb ram, hd5450
Try living in my world.

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Am I a beta cuck white knight if I saved a girl from getting sexually assaulted?
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Only if you try to befriend her afterwards
Only if you didn't rape her yourself afterward.
its called being a decent human being

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Why does everyone just automatically assume if you're a 25+ year old virgin that....

>You must be ugly
>You must be fat
>You must be a ugly fat neckbeard
>You must not groom properly
>You must play video games
>You must watch anime

I'm none of those things. I'm /fit/, above average looking (facially), easily 99% percentile for body since I'm fucking muscular and lean, take care of my appearance and groom far more regularly than the normies do. My diet is tracked to extreme precision, hence why my skin is clear and glowing.

My issue is that I have NEVER had any desire WHATSOEVER to socialise, so I've never had friends, been in a social group, or ever even bothered talking to women. Sure I'd take sex if offered by an attractive female, but again, the desire to do the socialising to obtain the sex is where I just can't be fucked with.

This issue obviously isn't going to change as I am turning 30 years old in a few months. I've been diagnosed with "Schizoid Personality Disorder" recently by a clinical psychologist, I keep to myself 100% of the time in every facet of my life. Think about me next time you automatically assume every single 25+ year old HHKV on here is just some fat ugly neckbeard.
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Why don't you prove to us your dubious claims then?
Please post more of those marvelous tits.
19 here.

Reasonably attractive. In a very bad day I'd give myself a 6/10. Green eyes, not fat, not muscular - average (leaning towards muscular because genetics). I have a strong jawline and an european/caucasian complexion due to my swedish ancestry.

Kissless virgin though. I've seen girls with guys way uglier than I am.

As of late I have also basically lost interest in women, might be going asexual or something.

But yeah, age and HHKV status don't imply shit.

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You know what to do.

EDIT: Thanks for the gold, kind stranger!
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>tfw no alien son
Eh why not i'll roll
I guess i'll roll :)

EDIT: Why the downvotes?

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>tfw 27
>just had my first ever driving lesson (experience)
>will probably never be able to operate a car on the roads
>tfw will most likely lose my job if i dont have my car license in 5 months

kill me, how can normies do this
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>PIck one

Literally any idiot can operate a car.
Are you asking how people drive cars? Just stay inbetween the yellow lines and don't overthink every decision you make.
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welcmoe to me lfie

Anything MBTI goes here


What do you do Robots?
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ENFP and miserable because I'm an autistic idealist who gets easily upset when something isn't exactly the way you want it to be

when everything is according to the way I wish it to be i'm the happiest motherfucker there is tho
What says more about a person, his MBTI type (assuming it's accurately and correctly typed) or his hobbies?

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Creativity thread
>hand made waifu edition

Post anything made by your chubby hands and get other robot's opinion about it.
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Bump because even though I never do anything creative, I want to see the works of others so that I can be jealous
testt osjdjk
Made this a few months ago when I got inspired to draw again. The inspiration was extremely short-lived and I haven't drawn anything since.

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Is this supposed to scare black people?
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Even though there was a dozen or so actual "nazis" in the entire crowd it sure seemed to be enough to rustle jimmies everywhere.

Apparantly it does because the whole nation is freaking the fuck out.
How embarrassing. Each and every one of them is overweight, baby faced, dressed like a middle aged man, and soft.

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>be me
>be Asian cuckold
>have tall white Chad-like bro coworker friend
>sometimes he will hint subtly about hooking up with Asian girls when we are talking about girls
>I start getting boners and I start blushing very hard
>he doesn't know that this is my very fetish
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Man, so far I have not met an Asian that I could respect
Post pics of your double eyelid
>self-loathing asian men
absolute cancer

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