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Hey guys! Femanon here. I know a lot of us are lonely, so post about yourself and what you're looking for. I know it belongs in soc but the selection of people seems better here since we all have more in common
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Manly man.
Not that it matters... looking for a friend right now, not a bf.
Why are femanons NEVER looking for a bf?
Because they need someone to talk to after fucking Chad.

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Please say something nice about my oneitis.
Thank you.
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Your onetis is a man.
Why is you oneitis a pig? Beastiality is illegal.
She did look like a guy as child now that I think about it anon

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Women can never be robo...
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Does she have any friends?
if she does she isn't a robot.
Wait for it in 3.. 2...
Yes women can be robots.


It's like that violent crime statistic by gender- much many males than females.

Hey I made a cool Discord server for comfy robots like you and me. You should join it and let's have fun together. c:

https://discord gg/ePub98b
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bumping this bad boy
this discord makes me wanna draw a circle with a ruler
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bumping because people feel very nice

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women haven't had many chances to champion a cause in the past
let them have their fun
not looking hard enough
Work at a ware house, everyones an ass

The amazon worker

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Who stuck in the middle here?
Too autistic for NORMIES, too NORMIE for autists, Too high class for blue collar workers, but too low class for white collar people, Too educated for retail but not normie enough to get a job that requires a bachelor's degree
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Me but maybe it's better this way. Nobody fucks with me, I don't fuck with anyone.
The problem is getting a job. People either think you're too good for them, or not good enough
I just want to fuck off and go live in the forest away from everybody.i don't want to be a part of a group or have any actuall friends. I just want to be alone.

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long term relationship with my virginity.
>tfw today's our 27th anniversary
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Happy birthday anon remember don't put pussy on a pedestal and just be yourself.
don't post a non-virgin then
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>32nd virginity anniversary coming up in 5 days

Going to celebrate with some Vodka and Valium.

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download (6).jpg
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Why are young men checking out of society to play video games?
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Wow, an obvious and overused question that I've seen on many boards for the past year. What a surprise.
Because we checked out long before and don't care/can't check back in, it doesn't work like this.
Because of depression and the feeling or fact that a growing number of men feel that they can not meet the demands of society and retreat into escapism as a means to cope with their societial imposed inferiority this let their social skills decay making them further unfit for the world or ya know feminism fueled by Jews.

Whatever floats your boat.

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>tfw no friends
who else
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yeah I have no friends, so what?
If it upsets you that much why don't you try to make friends?
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I don't even try to have friends
i have friends but they dont have time to talk to me anymore

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>Anon, you're still a virgin? Really?
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Hey I recognize that gay blowjob
Where is the guy on the skateboard?

Is that the girl with the biceps and fridge body, or am I getting mixed up again?

Seriously though, those gainz.

Is there mental illness in your family, 2 my sisters have had issues and so do i,
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nah my parents are normals, my sister is a massive normie. only thing is maybe my mom has like bad ocd.

meanwhile im an autistic tranny with really bad anxiety
least im cute and small
My sister has anxiety and depression.
My father had anxiety and depression and killed himself.
My great grandfather had anxiety and depression and killed himself.
I have anxiety and depression.
I have apparently severe depression and schizoid traits. I tried to kill my self but never seem to able to go through with it. My meds usually keep me pretty stable but sometimes I have bizarre paranoid episodes. I wish I was normal and not crazy.

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Name one good thing about living in Florida.

Pro tip: you can't.
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It's a wonderful diverse society. I'm so glad seeing less and less white people on our beaches.
Wouldn't diversity include all of the other races and whites? Do you really believe in extinction of one race? Doesn't sound progressive to me.
Just casting shitty bait.

Florida fucking sucks. I used to live there, glad I moved away. Lived just north of Miami.

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Why are people so fucking stupid as to attempt suicide via methods such as drug overdose? I fail to believe it's simply ignorance. Is it because deep down they know they're just doing it as a vain attempt for attention and don't actually want to die?

If I wanted to kill myself I'd make 110% sure the stars were properly aligned and everything was in tip-top order for me to be made permanently lights out. That would entail, I don't know, perhaps a fucking 12 gauge buckshot directly to the temple or jumping off a 40 story building. Not ingesting chemicals and praying shit doesn't go haywire. Fuck man, I wouldn't consider hanging myself either. It's shotgun to the head or bust.

>inb4 b-but muh middle aged housewife who gets brain damaged because she failed to kill herself with a .22!
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Women. Women are bad at an heroing.
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probably because some people (women) dont want to literally blow their own head off, they probably think overdosing or whatever will work and be less gruesome or less painful
I'm actually pretty concerned about making a mess.

It'd be bad enough for my family without having to scrape bits of my brain from the roof.

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Lenya Amadora4.jpg
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*blocks your path*
>"whats the matter dude...scared to look at a woman's pussy? heh, I seriousy hope this isnt your first time seeing a vagina in real life, fucking sad virgin!"
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ugh im not falling for the vagina meme
I'd make babies in that pussi
I'd kick her out of my house.

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Comfy General.
>ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzTzGWWKevA [Embed] [Embed]
>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFt4mTm9k1k&t=1051s [Embed] [Embed]
Post Comfy Media/Pictures/Links
Tell me what you're doing/drinking/eating/reading

Try and keep things non-political and non-shitpost. Be kind to eachother. We try to encourage everybody to have good feels even if they're feeling bad.

Get settled get cozy and /COMFY/

comfy is a good feeling of wanting to exist in the moments of absolute bliss you find from experiences or in pictures you like. comfy is subjective but there's a few trends you can whittle it down to.
>nature images
>urban aesthetics
>warm colors
>rural houses/landscapes
>the aesthetic of rain or other weather
>VHS filters, 90's aesthetic images, or cyberpunk
>interior design
composition is very important when it comes to creating an aesthetic picture (obviously)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A12JKyzkUC8 [Embed] [Embed]
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It's that time of the year, anon. I've got a cabin in Washington that looks similar to this. Can't wait to spend more weekends up there.
Can't wait until summer is over. I want perma autumn/winter
I agree. I love when it starts to cool off like mid october. I get pretty fucking sad after christmas/new years because I know the only thing to look forward to is slush and it getting sunnier.

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