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Should I do cocaine? I know some people and I'm kinda interested so share your thoughts
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it's okay but there's better stims out there. What are you trying to get out of it? It's better when out with people because it doesn't last long and makes you chatty and confident without messing you up.
if you don't, that guy with the cigar will call you a peat-gavel
Just bored is all and I wanna know what it feels like

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>join a club they said
>you'll make friends they said

Well, I tried...I went to their club meeting, I was greeted and was told all about the club. I ended up being ignored as they all talked among themselves.

Fuck off normies, your advice is shit.
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>>join a club they said
>>you'll make friends they said
>Well, I tried...I went to their club meeting, I was greeted and was told all about the club. I ended up being ignored as they all talked among themselves.
>Fuck off normies, your advice is shit.
Same thing happened to me
I went to what I thought was gonna be an interesting club meeting once and it was SHIT
What was the club about? How big was it?
>I ended up being ignored as they all talked among themselves.
What, did you expect the club to shift its schedule around when they realized that someone as OH MY GOD UNIQUE AND AMAZING as you graced them with your presence??? You fucking autist, not everything is about you. Maybe if you weren't such a sperg and actually initiated conversations with interesting people instead of sitting in the back of the room waiting for someone to put you out of your misery.

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>girl walks by
>holds breath
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>girl walks up to me
>teleport behind her
i cant even order delivery or go to a restaurant because of my anxiety over tipping.
>holds breath

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Would you ever marry a black chick?
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>Would you ever marry a black chick?
Yeah, if she was into the same things I was into and if we jived

The number of black chicks into /g/ stuff is likely near zero though
No especially a negress wearing a hair hat on her head made of other womens hair or horse hair. It looks as sillly and pathetic as a man with a really bad toupe. When will blacky women realize this.
I dated a mixed girl for a while so yeah I can see myself dating a black girl of she's a freak and has a big ass for me to eat

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>Be me, 18 years old.
>Start going to university
>Start exposing myself to different viewpoints and meeting new people; living on my own for the first time in my life
>Meet some nice people; begin to feel things that I never felt before.
>Talking to them I realize things about myself that I never thought of before.
>Start to see the world in a brand new light
>At first it feels like I'm going crazy, but over time I find out that there are a lot of people out there like me, misfits who show their love in ways they aren't supposed to.
>Keep it a secret for a year or so.
>After awhile I decide that my family will understand and respect me, regardless of who I am.
>They don't. Parents are immigrants from rural India; say that people like us aren't supposed to act like that.
>They shun me.
>Shit gets pretty bad, they all think I'm crazy or brainwashed.
>Situation never really improves. They still, on some level, don't like me, but learn to live with it.
>TFW I'm a conservative.
Pic unrelated.
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Is this pasta?
> meeting new people
fucking normie
Your relationship with your parents will probably heal over time. I'd hate to project, but from the sounds of it seems like there's a little more going on than just listening to different viewpoints, if I had to guess, you took a pill that make you really obnoxious about your beliefs. I don't know wether it's something like the bluepill or blackpill but I wouldn't be suprised if the reason they think you're "crazy and brainwashed" is because you're spouting stupid/radical shit which makes you appear insane to them.

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>tfw so fucking horny
should i just kys myself?
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Yes, but it's unrelated to being horny.
i am so fucking horny post fap material please
>tfw so horny i might actually die

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Alright robots. You have to pick one. state why, choose wisely.
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Dont be a bitch. pick one
trap. But only because this specific trap is perfect in every way. real traps are over emotional mentally ill retards.
vaginas are disgusting, dicks are beautiful.
left, obviously

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TFW moving to Seattle. This is it robots. The dream city
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Why do you like Seattle so much?
Just wondering, I'm an eurofag
Why not move to the countryside and live a /comfy/ non-materialistic lifestyle?
You're not gonna like it

Hey at least you'll probably qualify for food stamps though

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Therefore, posting this thread should be impossible. Yet here it is. Explain this paradox.
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When Randall Munroe dreamed up the robot, he failed to take into account the fact that his foolproof way to guarantee original content would cause nature, in the form of 4chan, to evolve more sophisticated fools.

We've devised literally thousands of ways to say the same things over and over again.
Original ideas are different that original posts.
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The same old same old in disguise. How saddening. The more I try to think of something entirely original, the more discouraged I become.

this is Satsuki. she turns 1 next month.

let's see some dogs, anons.
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That's one nice dog OP.
When I graduate I'll most definetely get a dog
awesome! what kind of dog are you leaning towards?
I'm between Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute.
I like all kinds of dogs actually, but I've always wanted one of those that resemble wolves.

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What do I have to do to be famous? I'll sell my soul.
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>I'll sell my soul.
Don't think it's worth that much, anon :/
It's all about marketing. Look at all those manufactured boy bands, they are practically engineered.

So, study marketing, get a bunch of cash together and spend it all marketing yourself and what you 'do'

That's pretty much it
fine, i'll buy. enjoi

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>tfw I literally have dark circles under my eyes like these
>tfw also white skin
How do I get rid of shit fucking shit It's ruining my looks REEEEEEEEEEE
Any suggestions robots?
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Some girls dig this look, as long as you have pale skin, pale eyes and dark hair to go along with it.
It makes you look mysterious and philosophical.
Unfortunately it doesnt look good on me since I have a kinda narrow diamond shaped head
Get more sleep. A change in diet might help as well but I know I get rings like only when I don't get sleep.

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Why haven't more of you guys turned to homosex? You all know that women are trash, so why not seek out an equal partnership with someone you can respect?

So long as you're not unreasonably ugly or obese, hooking up with guys is easy. Social ineptitude and shyness can actually be endearing traits too. Presenting yourself as "straight but curious" will net you a lot of new friends very quickly. You'd never have to be alone again.

>sex on demand
>supportive community
>protected minority status
>an identity you can be proud of

What do you have to lose?
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I like women more than I like men
Because I just had to be born as one of those very few asexual fucktards.
I dabble because of the sex on demand. I go to a woods on my way home from work and am guaranteed a blow job every day.

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sad steve.png
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>tfw I remember the days when I was young and optimistic and played Minecraft all night long
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>Today's kids will grow up watching these videos
if you're lookin for a good mc server checkout
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This can't be real this can't be real this can't be real this can't be real this can't be real

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I finally had sex with a 7/10 qt. Fuck you faggots I'm now a chad. I won't be a wizard.
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You've given up your mana so easily. You are a weak man.
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Don't care. Holy shit I was getting close to killing myself. Pic related until recently.
Post a pic
I bet you 7/10 is actually a 5 or 4 out of 10

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