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Do ugly fags like pretty much everyone around here stand a chance in life?

any faggot that comes up with the "just start lifting, bro" chadvice abstain from posting
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just kill yourself bro and try to be original about it.
Just start lifting bro desu
You can get a good career if you work hard enough and look in the right places (cough healthcare cough). A place of your own, taking control of your health, maybe a nice pet....these are things within our reach

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>tfw no sardar bf
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Finally an escape from materialism, multiculturalism, and White genocide/hatred.
Live your days in peace and harmony.
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>be me
>proud american gun owner
>buy revolver and keep it in nightstand drawer next to my bed encase someone breaks into my house
>be me
>watching netflix
>burglar breaks into my house
>pull out gun
>put gun to head, pull trigger, and commit suicide to avoid any and all social contact
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I genuinely keked but
>contributing to gun suicide statistics
guns don't kill people. people kill people. so it contributes to the general suicide statistic comrade.
>be englishman
>sleep with a spork under my pillow incase a burglar wants to nick something from me house
>muslim burglar breaks in
>stab burglar with said spork
>it didn't even hurt and he proceeds to stone me, throw acid in my face and ban me from ever eating pork again
>wake up 3 weeks later in hospital
>police inform me that I will be serving a life in prison because I attacked an innocent muslim with a deadly weapon
>all my possessions have been given to muslim burglar to pay for emotional damages
>even got my wife who is now his 8th wife and fully converted to islam

Why do I still think about someone I broke up with almost a decade ago? I'm in a happy relationship but every few months it feels like my brain is on fire and I start digging through LinkedIn, Facebook, Last.fm, etc., and then I'm hit with this emotional punch to the guts because I know we'd never work out even if we magically found each other again.
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cant think of anything good
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Smug rabblerouser checking in
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>tfw hapless space cadet

The world is too mean and harsh.
Pretty much. I'd like to think I'm INTJ but I really don't screw with normies enough

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What kind of body do I need to get a femboy?
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Why would you want a femboy. There clingy and annoying.
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Because I want to put benis in them
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Tall and not too skinny or fat

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I was finally given a perscription for Zoloft. Both for my social and general anxiety as well as my depression. I really want to start getting at least slightly better but I don't know, something just feels odd. I'm a leaf so I don't think there is much of an incentive for the psychiatrist to shill the drug (it's not even branded) but I just feel like I'm a test subject in a way, like these drugs are actually shitty and big pharma is just trying to hide the studies that prove it. I've been reading a lot and I'm starting to get worried about side effects, even though they are usually pretty rare. I've even started to buy into stupid conspiracy theories even though I know they are BS.
So /r9k/ what are your experiences with SSRIs, and do you recommend them/what are the risks/what the the withdrawals like (I want this to be semi-temporary)?
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Oregano bump please I need a bunch of depressed losers on a basket weaving forum to give me advice
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This is now a women hate thread.... That'll get the people to come... Right?

I'm serious I need help this is eating me away and I just want to blow my brains out rn

>make serious post
>notice spelling error
>delete post and hide threas
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I do that too op.
>insult someone
>close thread so I don't read their insult and get sad

>make error in message
>erase everything and retype it again

theres more than that but dunno what to put
just wanna commend uyou for tryna break out of the comfort zone with that OP - prouds of ya

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What devilish things have you recently done, anon?

>Go into generals on /pol/
>aggressively respond to users and derail the generals
>kill off all discussion in the thread
>not a shill, don't even get paid, I just enjoy the satisfaction of successfully diverting a thread
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yer doing god's work laddeh
>Cashier tells me to have a nice day
>Say "Thanks, you too"
>I actually don't care if they have a nice day
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>be at restaurant
>waiter asks me if I want water (they have to ask since i live in commiefornia)
>tell them no
>another waiter walks by my table
>"Hey, were the hell is my water? I'm parched as hell."

is it gay to have anothr man put his penis inside you and ahve it rub against yuor postate while you kiss on teh lip and are naked and say you loev eachother
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No you oughtta be fine. Just say "no homosex"
Did. The. Balls. Touch?
they may have but not intentionally

pic unrelated
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lmao just wash your hands nigga
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but that's gay as fuck bro
it's how the jews get you to pay for the soap that they make with the bodies of their dead comrades

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>tfw 170cm
>have 168cm gf

What is your reason you dont have gf yet 180+cm lanklet?
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That's bullshit faggot. "Taller" girls don't want manlets. They want taller guys, by at least 5cm, not fucking 2. Short guys even less want short guys. So that's bullshit, and you are a bullshit eating cuck.
Short girls*
And you are still a gay faggot lying cuck beta virgin nerd OP. Remember that. No lying on the internet will change that. You fucking subhuman living excrement.
use burger units next time euro-cuck

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imagine if you showed up to a fight to the death unarmed because you thought weapons weren't allowed and the other guy had a sword

boy would that be embarrassing
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Well it sounds to me like you wanted to loose.

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Is it best just to go asexual for a while? Me and this girl who I used to have sex with have cut ties, she no longer wants to talk to me or even text back. I don't know why, but I know it's best for me to just start brushing her off my life. It's just that I want sex so bad now because I was a virgin before she came into my life. I feel like I have problems now and being sexual has escalated it I think. I just want to feel like a normal person who has values again...
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so she just cut you off for no reason at all right?

sounds a bit odd

like one day you're fucking her pussy then the next couple of days BAM she ignores you?

she must have found another dick
Well the thing is we were mutual. Knew no strings should be attached, but there was some chemistry going on when there was no sex. We would talk about what being in a relationship would be like and shit like that. But all of a sudden there was no more conversation going on. I would text her and get nothing back. I knew she had other guys she was fucking and it didn't bother me. But now that I'm sitting here thinking about it it has bothered me a bit. Guess that's what I get for catching feelings...
The OP pic is a fallacy. Not sure which but it definitely is
If there are rectangles that aren't squares, then there should be squares that aren't rectangles, amirite?

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