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>Bad face: Surgery
Just see first picture.

>Bad dick: Surgery
4cm gained are nothing special, most have gains like 5-7cm. Every black guy on the usual sites uses it, it's very cheap.

>Bad body: Steroids
Example is a few years, but you can easily look like a light weight bodybuilder after a few weeks.

>Bad height: Surgery
Sure, you can never do sports again, but who cares? When you take test, you'll lok like you can lift a ton anyway. And women only care about the look, not the performance.
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Tell me more about this 5-7cm dick gain.
When you've gained 5-7cm and still have a 12cm dick.
lol nope

>all this surgery
bitch I don't even have a job

This is probably the wrong board to post this on but fuck it

I'm 18 , i have a grillfriend and a problem. Whenever her and i are about to have sex, I'm hard throughout all the foreplay but i lose my erection so quickly right before it comes to putting it in and its been happening a lot recently.

From what I've read online, all i need to do is not focus on myself. Just put all my emotions and thoughts into her but that's so hard to do with this always happening.

Tldr; i lose my boner before i put it in
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Be thankful you're putting it in a person. My dog had to have two surgeries after my horny became too much to bare.
a bullet thru your head is a good solution
You were right about not being on the right board. Go to >>>/adv/ instead of going to the board notorious for being filled with virgins.

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Hey there robots

I used to hang out on 4chan a lot more before, like about a decade ago, and I accumulated a lot of mildly funny and interesting pics. Most of them are lost to the tyranny of viruses and reformatted hard drives, but I just got into an old external drive I used as a backup and found a huge image folder with good memories.

Gonna dump the stuff I like from there as I flip through it, and perhaps we can get some nostalgic conversation going. Feel free to add in whatever old shit you have lying about on your computer!
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This one, idk, made me lol
File: Action Hank.jpg (98KB, 750x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Action Hank.jpg
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I used to have the most enormous folder of demotivational posters. I remember torrenting one that was several gigs in size, and flipped through the pictures in class.

That was actually how I found 4chan, lots of mentions of /b/ and how it was filled with scum and vermin and horrible people. Funny to think about in hindsight.
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Boxxy used to be a thing, right. I had actually forgotten.

I think that was about the time I started browsing 4chan. Boxxy was peaking, Advice Dog was morfing into the more general trend of advice animals through courage wolf / insanity wolf / depression dog, and there was this enormously stupid meme I think called "Fsjal". I had a absolutely huge folder of fsjals, some I even made myself. Probably gone by now.

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What's it called when your socializing is just overall lazy and jaded? Like when you're not really in a bad mood, your interaction and way of gesticulating is just very slow and "I don't care-ish"? I do this all the time.
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Apathetic tbqh Kanye
apathy faggot
Apathy, always. I can't be bothered, whether with family or friends. I just slouch back in whatever seat my ass is, give one-word answers, and most of the times make sure the faggots talking to me don't understand

>mfw contemplating cross dressing as this character

Should I /r9k/?
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God yes let me live my cross dressing fantasy through you. What's your body type?
No, not even women can pull that off. You'll look like a trashy dragqueen.
Do it, if you are cute it is a win, if you dont look cute but look funny its a win

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Is this the hentai thread
Umm no? Never has been. Take that elsewhere please? I don't want it here.
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>Umm no? Never has been. Take that elsewhere please? I don't want it here.
Ohhh I see what you want Connie :)

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Any tips for Robots starting University?
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Just give up now and don't ride on any false hope uni is a meme through and through
Depends on your circumstances

if you're a robot because of shit parents/home growing up, it will do a lot to solve your problems
Try to make friends and get a social group early as possible, once people have formed their cliques within the first month it's hard to break into one

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Basically this article is about how gamers get all their dopamine from vidya and thus have decreased desire for sex (which also releases dopamine).
This led me to a horrible realization. All these "gamer bros" are dropping out of society and the dating scene for a good reason. Dopamine is ALL the modern woman offers, and you can now easily get it from other sources.
Women used to be worthwhile because they offered things you couldn't get anywhere else: love, family, loyalty. Few women are genuinely interested in these things anymore. Women have voluntarily lowered their value via hypergamy to the point where they can be COMPLETELY replaced by chemicals in the brain.
This is terrifying but instructive. Women have changed. Men should change too. If all women offer is dopamine, they're not worth the financial and emotional investment. You can get the stuff anywhere. You've been conditioned to believe that a gf is something that every man should want, but that's just not true. Unless you find a unicorn, there are much cheaper dopamine sources on the market. Don't chain yourself to women when they only offer something that's readily available everywhere in the modern world.
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I'm not going to read all that I already know its wrong I jack off at least 2 times a day a majority of the time going way past 2 like 6 could be a better estimate for average daily faps
You're looking at this in a really strange way.
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>not having already permanently given up ever trying to be with a woman in favor of TV, games, and hobbies
Fucking casuals I swear

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Is the notion that the behaviour of women changes drastically during their menstruation true?
How does this manifest in scenarios where virgins are in the vicinity, and is it possible to take advantage of it as one?
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Different women react differently. Some have very painful, heavy periods that make them more or less bedridden, and as a result, can turn very short, temperamental, or even lethargic. Some hardly have any symptoms at all. Some become hornier, some lose all libido.

Periods are never pleasant, so yes, it has an impact on women's behaviour the same way having lower back pain has an impact on men's behaviour. Virgins aren't immune.

I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "take advantage".
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It's a minimal change at best, anon.
You're better off sharking drunk women.
>that foot
Women with feet like that are the exact kinds I expect to browse /cgl/

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>all my confidence, all my self-worth, all the difficulties i had to go through, all of this is gone in an instant just because a pretty girl doesn't give me attention
>like my whole past is meaningless because i can't be loved while others can

I hate this so fucking much.
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suck it up you white male piece of shit
File: 1496864934386.jpg (20KB, 306x306px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Get out of here. Thank you.
You're a lil bitch

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>3.how many people do you live with
>4.how many times per week do you brush your teeth
>5.do you floss
>6.how many times per week do you shower
>7.do you use deodorant
>8.how many days in a row will you wear the same clothes
>9.are there flies/mice in your living area
>10.is there aged,spoiled,or rotten food in your living area
>11.do you use piss jugs or shit in anything besides a toilet
>12.is wiping good enough after shitting or do you wash/shower
>13.scale of 1 to 10 how well do you clean up after masturbating
>14.do you have any pets
>15.how many times per week do you shave
>16.is there trash, random shit, or dust accumulation in your living area

optional: post a pic of your room
original comment: there was a spider on my bed this morning. studies show that many of the random red bumps on your skin are actually bug bites
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pants 14, shirt max 2
yes, no
paper trash


>3.how many people do you live with
Just one

>4.how many times per week do you brush your teeth
7, once a day

>5.do you floss
Almost never

>6.how many times per week do you shower
As many times as I go out, so twice, usually.

>7.do you use deodorant

>8.how many days in a row will you wear the same clothes
Two during the summer, three during the winter

>9.are there flies/mice in your living area

>10.is there aged,spoiled,or rotten food in your living area

>11.do you use piss jugs or shit in anything besides a toilet

>12.is wiping good enough after shitting or do you wash/shower
Yes, wiping is good enough.

>13.scale of 1 to 10 how well do you clean up after masturbating
Never masturbate.

>14.do you have any pets

>15.how many times per week do you shave
Every time I shower.

>16.is there trash, random shit, or dust accumulation in your living area
>5 (mom, dad, three siblings)
>when I remember, not enough
>no, its unhealthy
>pajamas for as long as 3-4 days in a row, clothes I go out with 2 day in a row
>flies get in when I open the front door sometimes, no mice
>I use a bidet then wipe
>I just cum into a tissue and wipe my dick with one. if cum gets on the floor I just wipe it off with anti-septic. so I'd say 7/10
>no pets
>Trim my facial hair whenever I have to go out. I don't shave my pubes or pits.

Would you go to the zone?
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it's the comfiest place I can think of
Not if its as depressing as it is in stalker
The roadside picnic rendition sounds great though
Although I would be eternally dissatisfied at never knowing who the aliens were or how they made all of those artifacts
I'd probably end up being one of those scientists instead (assuming I don't fuck up my life like I did this time around)
File: 1479612951865.jpg (65KB, 460x345px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw you will never sleep in an abandoned warehouse holding your trusty AK-47 between your legs while mutants and Slavs scream in the distance

File: 1498457808878.jpg (58KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This picture is so heart breaking in so many levels I thought you guys will appreciate it too.
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Is it because they both have their eyes closed?
The normiest picture in the entire world.
Their "relationship" is going to be extremely boring and abusive.
>is going to be extremely boring and abusive.
but what if it won't be?

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>see qt playing animal crossing
>I am a big animal crossing fan
>start talking to her about it
>she is smiling and laughing
>im actually holding a conversation with someone
>we start dating
>wake up
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what hour in new leaf id your favourite tune?
animal crossing is a jewish trick
I dont specifically have a favorite hour, I really like the night time music. hunting beetles on the island late into the night is comfy desu.

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What is this channel lmao

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Pupunia Steward wannabe 2.0
agreed, but more of a smchitty voice tbqh

also we all know that OP is the girl in the video, you have like 19 subs (i'm 20 btw)

can't wait to cyber stalk you, you seem to have some sort of mental disease and are about 3/10, so most likely you're pure, only a matter of time before your nudes leak when you get in a relationship with some decent looking anon

season 1 starts now
>reptilians and the cube earth

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