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Reminder that even if you somehow manage to get a gf, a Chad like me will come along and she'll dump you for me.
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Seeing images like this always seem like such a revelation. Seeing the awkwardness of women really does humanize them.
Good, more men need to see women for what they are.
thats actually a chad getting dumped for a loving and caring robot

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>The first tenet: Mankind is impossibly flawed and can never achieve perfection
>The second tenet: Closeness to perfection, therefore, is the goal of every man to be undertaken in his own way
>The third tenet: Perfection is freedom from self doubt, worry, and loneliness
>The fourth tenet: Loss creates holes in the spirit of a man, therefore it is better to live modestly and within your means, and to dedicate your life to the elimination of displeasure whenever possible without falling prey to overindulgence
>The fifth and final tenet: The life of solitude within ones means is therefore the most spiritually rewarding existence.

join my cult robots
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I'm in.
When do we start cucking the masses into giving us money?
im interested, would we get to do acid?
I'd assume so, I think drugs should be the focal point of our meetings

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What the hell is going on with kids today?
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This is funnier than that "I want sex" kid.
man, I can't even imagine having internet access at that age. I stole my uncles porno mags. I would've fucking lost my mind if I had the internet then
>What the hell is going on with kids today?


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Why do white people wear their shoes inside the house?

Are you dumb?
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I haven't worn shoes in 4 months faggot
I dont though. I have super cheap "junkhider" industrial carpet, but i always track in puncture vine thorns and those are quite unpleasant to step on at 4am.
I've never met a white person that wears shoes in the house

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>day of retribution
>single digit killcount
He just did not want to die inside a sorority house in the middle of blonde bitches. That's all.
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It's the thought that counts. Imagine if he did actually get in the sorority.

how do i become THAT guy who picks up highschool girls?
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Tinder, probably.
Someone I know met some 16 year old guy at a friendly local game store who was into 40k. That 16 year old went to parties, presumably you could go along a similar path and ask to get invited to said parties?
You gotta go back in time to the 70s.

And you gotta be played by Matthew Mcchouney or however you spell his name.
You have to have a car.

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>tfw 9 to 5 is considered a long work day
>tfw I work from 6 to 7

I work 13 hours a day in a nightmare kitchen....Just realized my job is the top tier trash.

Where do you wageslaves work? Do you like it? I need some inspiration for where I could work. I'm 19 and I have no education.
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My dad works from 9 to 10, It is stressing me out, i know he could work less but i couldn't go to university
Could work as an ultrasound technician
That's a good job.
>work 46 hours a week as a butcher
>$745 a week

It's fucking terrible but it's this or working three part time jobs and getting less after tax .If I wasn't so autistic and a manlet I'd resort to crime

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How many sex partners have you had?

3 so far, all through Tinder
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I have had the sex many times
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Uh, i'm in /r9k/ so 0 of course, shouldn't you be on Facebook, normie?

And I don't see that changing anytime soon.

what's your ethnicity makeup?
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no mud drops
I got 100% European.

Also Hispanic isn't a race and neither are Latinos. Literally a fucking meme ethnicity.
post proof

original comment that is mine

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Is it immoral to stare at young underage girl's fat asses when they're wearing super tight yoga pants?

Is it immoral to take pics to masturbate to at home?
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Keep that shit private af and you're good.

According to Kant's categorical imperative, you using underage girls yoga pants clad butt for sexual stimuli would be treated another human being as a means, not an end. Treating another human being in such a fashion is immoral, therefore, you are immoral.
You're not hurting anybody by doing either.

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>not being a convicted criminal
>never been to jail or prison

Comical effort, normies. You're only a true robot if you've been locked up before.
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I have a large ass for a guy. I'd rather not go to jail
yea youd probably get punked out. the niggas in the pod love that boypussy
>you're only a true robot if you've been locked up before

So I can only be a robot if I'm stupid as fuck? Also why would you want to be a robot ffs? Are you new?

>using the word "normies" unironically

Only "normies" use that word now. The correct term is "normalfag".

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This is my oneitis.
Go ahead, say something very nice about her.
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I dunno if it's make-up or lighting but her eyes look creepy.
She's not even pretty. Cmon man, no reason you shouldn't be able to bone her.
Decent rack I guess.

That pig nose kinda ruins it though

To the anon who shilled ethereum a few weeks ago, I'd like to say thank you.
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ah, reverse stealth shilling. clever boy.
How much money did you win
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>think about investing 20k on btc a few years ago
>never got round to it, wrote date down out of curiosity
>would now have 300k
>sat eth getting shilled
>again didn't get round to it
>would have 27k if i invested 20k a about 3 weeks ago

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Vocaroo thread
What do you sound like r9k?
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Like him or not, if it won the world would be a better place.
Played a little ballad for ya OP http://vocaroo.com/i/s02cqMSuANkV
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Attacking that fort and starting that civil war wasn't very nice.

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>little sister and her whore friends are blasting their shitty fucking trap music over their fucing bluetooth speaker
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Go in there and fuck one of them roughly in the ass
Pics of sister and thot brigade or this never happened.
Just intercept the signal -.-

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