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>really want to buy one of the BD fleshlight
>they're around $130
>including shipping I have to pay close to $400
>people say it's worth it because they're so high quality
>still not sure if it's gonna be worth it
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>shipping is $270
including handling and customs
just make a home made onahole

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Yes, I've already seen the traps. Go away.
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Get Out was a great movie.
This anon speaks the truth.

This board feels comfy. It feels like a nice place. It's not. Leaving will improve your life. Believe me. If you have no other social interaction, find one of the discord servers and follow links in those untill you find a less /r9k/ like server with a reasonable amount of normies. Then leave this place. It's for the best.

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To all the rap listening anons, why don't you listen to chief keef? He basically represents the autistic rage of this generation. No one has his sound, no matter how much people try to argue about it. He's 21 years old and has made more success than most older than him. Truly an r9k role model.
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okay, you can go back to doing your homework now
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chief keef pepe.jpg
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>mfw I unironically like chief keef
>mfw I was fucking with him since Finally Rich and Back From the Dead
>mfw he is actually an important part of my teenage memories

I still never grew out of him lol
I was listening to him since he realeased the album Almighty so. Always been a fan ever since

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Which pill do you choose /r9k/ ?
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Superhuman pill DUHH
Probably superhuman is the best choice. Since you won't age, you can become super intelligent and everything else.
Superhuman Pill is the only pill any right-minded adult would take.

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Create your faces and post them ITT
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Bumping while I make mine
Hello pajeet
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Notto disu originaru shitto agen

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>Idiots here still bitch about tfwnogf
>Don't realize that you already start the game with Quetzalcoatl and Shiva.
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Going to be an underrated post.

Just know I recognized your talent, OP.
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download (4).jpg
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Still the best gf almost 20 years running. Shivafags are kidding themselves.
more than a mere joke
your post touches on bedrock religion

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meanwhile I get every one night stand to suck my dick without even asking
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that dick is so tiny
Why laugh? You got born with genes good enough to be able to do this. It's not your achievement. You just got lucky. Remember this, because we sure will.


Wat????? Uu

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>give friends the silent treatment whenever they make you mad
>they call you childish

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You are childish. Fuck you faggot.
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I am willing to wager calling someone a "faggot" on an anonymouse image board is more childish.
ghost them permanently
1 strike policy is all there is now
too many motherfuckers everywhere to waste time on patience

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I GOT 6 inch dick 5.6 inch height am I gonna make it?
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you'll be fine if you're not ugly
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>5.6 inch height
Are you 5ft 6? Cuz if you are your fucked

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Write a letter to someone who may or may not see it or just get what you're feeling off your chest.

Include initials if you want.
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You know, I'm not sure I intend on actually going looking for you when these years are up.
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i love life, california is paradise, love is life :)

dear OP,

/adv/ threads belong on /adv/


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I'm tired of all the shit threads about traps and gay stuff and those shit baits. Let's have a good thread.
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In my current state I am an abomination, a blemish, and I stand out from how much of a failure I am. I'll inevitably wind up homeless when my hiki dad dies. The problem with that is, I am incapable of interacting with humans or asking for help. If I asked for help I'd be a liar, as I cannot be helped. I never asked to be hiki. I asked for none of this. I ask people to kill me, to throw me away, and they don't. I can't leave my room. I'm incapable of mustering courage to hang like the rodent I am. I was born, but I've never wanted to live or to die. Assisted suicide should be a human right. My mother abandoned me and my father taught me fuck all. He's even worse than me. Born to a schizo and a hiki. I'm both. Fucking shit out of mary's sewer into this floating chunk of shit-eating rock rats. I used to wake up in the middle of the night in a panic, run outside and just run and run and run. I'd have a dream where I was someone else, where I wasn't a subhuman elephant man. All I could do was run, never stopping to think, desperately racing towards that dream. Perhaps I was just running from this one. I don't dream now. My life is a nightmare, so I don't differentiate anymore. Waking up and getting out of bed, the act of my feet hitting the floor, my reflection in the mirror, that first thought, I dread it every day. It feels like I'm at the gates of hell, getting ready to burn another day. I'm expired meat. Empty vessel. Ash and pig slop. When I look at people now I don't see living beings. I just see the shape of their skeletons and what they'll look like when they've rotted. The only relief I can hold onto is that I'm so used to stomaching garbage down my gullet here on earth that when I get tossed in the trash dumps of hell It'll be just like waking up in my bed.

Have a nice day!
I think that's not a copypasta. I feel the same way Anon, but I have some good days too. It's easy to forget the good and focus on the bad. I often do that too. Try to focus on what's good. Even the smallest things. There is hope for everyone.
might as well get bux and enjoy the hiki life: gaming pc, comfy chair, pizza delivery, etc. but exercise too.

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>See a qt
>Remember she pushes out a fat log of shit every day
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>See a qt
>Remember she pushes out a fat Iog of shit every day

Unequivocally this. I have a strong toilet voyeur fetish.
Do people actually poop every day?

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This is the man I aspire to be
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desu i'd do the same if i was about to die
Do... do you think he managed to bust a final nut before dying? Imagine how intense masturbating while death is in view must feel.
This guy knew we'd find his remains and laugh our asses off. Cheeky fucker. Imagine having this much of a lasting impact on history.

What kinda music does r9k like to listen to?
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Lmao these faggots dont listen to yeazy these pussys listen to emo shit
japanese black metal. ICDD is probably my favourite band
fuck you


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Now that the dust has settled, I feel like I can say 100% that I'd enjoy a dark comedy based on Elliot Rodger's life. His personality was so ridiculous, there's no way you can't see the comedy in his situation. The soundtrack would be all 80s music and "Can't Hurry Love" by Feel Collins would be playing during the shooting https://youtu.be/upnrXooMh4s
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If you have a decent camera try and make some clips for the movie, maybe you'll enjoy it
inb4 butthurt elliot fangirl(boy)s
>that scene where he throws coffee on that couple
>that scene where he says the girl dating an asian guy has a face like a horse
>that scene where he almost gets found out when the cops come knocking but he is able to muster a normal act for a few minutes and trick them

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