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Do any robots carry a firearm?
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Nice usp chad
Can't legally carry in the land of kangaroos.
I've got a Springfield 1860 musket. That count?

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Anyone else have a burning rage inside them? Who do you hate /r9k/?
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Attention whores make my blood boil. It's why I ever even chose to come to an anonymous site. Little did I know

If you can't control your emotions, what can you control? It's one of the most basic things you need to learn.

Here's some tips from 1950
Almost everyone at my school. Bunch of Normie faggots concerned with trivial shit.

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Is there a limitless pill out there?

Anybody know of research chems out there that will give me more control over my life?
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This movie came out when i was a freshman in highschool
Yep, and wouldn't you know it, the only people that have knowledge of it use their new found powers to post on /r9k/.
I've heard about a few, of course they're nothing like the movie lol although I bet it is out there somewhere.

Optimind sends you 10 free capsules.

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Kemono 0102.png
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What's your special skill anon?
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the ability to self-loathe at all times
a moderately high level of self awareness borne from self loathing
I'm have invisibility to women

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*yawn* Hey guy, could you please keep it down a bit and don't talk to me, I didn't have my coffee yet.
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Remember Neetie, another day, another haircut.
kys you NEET faggot
Please don't make any new threads until after my daily coffee enema. Thanks.

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how come when you're a woman and ask a guy to share his feelings with you, they always respond with some dumb shit and not actually anything about their emotions or traumatic events or anything?

we know you guys have emotions and have been through shit too, why do you never want to share this? the more you share it the better you feel, even if the person you share it to ends up being a cunt
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Isn't that a bit personal though ?
in the context that you're dating them or romantically involved with them i mean
b/c that's really broad and personal

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>there are drumpf supporters on this very board

Explain yourself.
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I'm not Malaysian, and he's the hero we deserve, not the one we needed. Go play with >>/pol/.

> $0.02 has been deposited into your account.
White people are going to be a minority this century. I'm not racist, I don't have a problem with anyone, but I don't want to be a fucking minority in my own country. When I saw the changing demographics in this country I shifted to the guy who will be hardest on immigration. Trump is that guy. The only issue I really care about. The US should be majority white, and there's nothing wrong with caring about demographics.
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To someone who may or may not ever read it. Initials preferred.
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Why did you have to fuck around with my feelings for as long as you did? You could have told me at any time, but you didn't. Now I'm left here miserable and confused.
You and me both anon. This BPD girl ruined my fucking life, I'm confused now because she was literally begging me to take her back the other. I hate her but love her at the same time.
Have some self restraint and tell her to fuck off, don't fall back into it even if you think you love her. Bipolar/schizo/borderline are all red flags that make me run for the hills.

What did your girl do to ruin your life?

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When did you give up on trying to find a girl /r9k/? I gave up when I was 15 and realized I was too ugly and socially inept to get anywhere with a girl.
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Man as hard as I try I just can't watch this dudes shit. It's hillarious I know, but I cringe so fucking hard I turn it off almost immediately.
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I'm kind of giving up now. I just want someone who's sweet, shares my interests, and will enjoy being around me but the only girls I meet at my university are too normal for me, and r9k doesn't seem to be a legitimate means of meeting anyone. It's a shame, too, because I know if someone fit with what I want, they'd enjoy my company.

I made a normie girl who told all her friends I was hot and really into me do a complete 180 because I have autism. It wasn't even easy mode, it was baby's first dating and I still fucked it cause I'm a retard.

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Stats thread

>farthest you've gotten with guy/girl
>height & weight
>live with parents?
>money in bank
># of friends
>happiness out of 10
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>Have job, electrician. Pays well
>hugged a girl once
>6'4 190 lbs
>live on my own
>no car
>3 guys still talk with over Facebook, no one left in real life
>single whole life
>2/10 happiness
>farthest you've gotten with guy/girl
I get too nervous to talk romantically to anyone
>height & weight
5'8'' 105lbs
>live with parents?
yes, i'm poor
no, i'm poor
>money in bank
a decent amount but its all for school
># of friends
my only friend since i was like 5 who is the same as me, we get along because we can't talk to other people
>happiness out of 10
3/10 i have no reason not to be but i can't be. im' good at faking it

>"Can I see your ID, sir? Policy says I have to check everyone to know they're old enough to drink"
>"Can I see your ID too, just to make sure you're old enough to sell, hahaahah"

If I hear this stupid fucking joke one more time I'm going to shoot myself.
All the way
6'3", 80kg
Aus, Vic
One. 5 at most.
3/10 with 2/10 being concrete plans to suicide and 1/10 being sitting in the car with a litre of whiskey and a stomach full of benzos.

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i tried.jpg
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Almost fell for an illegal alien. Phew.
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Report her to ICE asap
Report her to ICE lmao
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Report her to ICE.
do it, DO IT.

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an hero edition
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So who's watching the stream eh lads

he thought he was suicidal before, now he's got loads of puke to clean up too
Anyone wanna fight? Leeds area

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Let's hear some stories where you were desired by a girl. How did she act around you? How did you respond? Why do you think she liked you? How are you doing nowadays regarding girls?
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>sophomore year of college
>qt in my creative writing class asks me out
>we fukk
>married 5 yrs ago
>How did she act around you?
>How did you respond?
>Why do you think she liked you?
>How are you doing nowadays regarding girls?
Had a gothic ballbusting girlfriend when i was 11 and she was 12.

had a c cup on her and a thin waist, not much of an ass...then again she was 12. was into hitting me in the balls for her pleasure or squeezing them and making me do things. or pulling my pants down and trying to bite them. would give me blowjobs every day all times of the day cuz she loved to suck on cock...would bite my balls as well.

I broke up with her cuz, even though i like cbt i dont like femdom, and i cant stand woman trying to be controlling. she strangled me and kicked me in the balls at school until one day the school kicked her out, my family put a bounty on her head, and she was forced to move.

No idea why she liked me

>one chance at life
>live in california

Is there a crueler fate?
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>the absolute pinnacle of normalfag bullshit
>shitty, awful politicians and shitty, awful people who support them
>some of the most cucked gun laws in the nation
>your state is at the whim of urbanite fags and illegals and their children

it's a beautiful state geographically, at least
Being born in Southern California is a worse fate than just being born in California.
You guys need to STFU about California. The chads and Stacey's here are actually nice. Im willing to bet you're thinking about the spics and niggers who are bitter because they live in the ghetto

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Who here fell for the STEM meme?

>redditcucks still think STEM is the way to go and have a massive superiority complex over their choice of major
>meanwhile over 30% of engineering graduates are working jobs that don't require a college degree
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have you applied to any jobs recently?

even Janitors need degrees know.
you guys don't understand variance/opportunity

a CS degree could lead you to work in a call center, or to earn 300k at some investment bank or big tech company

a medicine degree will guarantee you a job as a doctor but that's all you'll ever be

i took the risk, did CS and i now work at a big four. meanwhile my friends with the same degree are doing data entry
Computer science here. The field of computer science is so miserably, irrevocably, hopelessly motherfucking over-saturated. Enormous mistake. I am literally going to be homeless in 8 weeks because I picked this retarded fucking major.

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