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post your ideal looking 3d gf or bf
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Those are some low level PS skills.
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This woman (female)
right here. the queen of r9k

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>work at McDonald's
>get free milkshake every lunchtime
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livin the dream m8
but go home greasy and smelly
dogs wanna to eat/fuck you
sounds great
Do you ever mix the flavors? Does this also apply to promotional shakes or their frappes?

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God damn it living anywhere but right inside a big city is so fucked man was not meant to live like this.

There's only fucking one group of people who aren't completely fucking autistic in the whole town i live in and you have to be ultra Chad to be a part of it that or there's like 5-6 gamer kids.

If I lived like downtown Brooklyn or some shit there's a fucking giant group of every type of person in one big ass mass all in the same place like there's literally no problem. The black kids hang out with the blacks the goths with the goths the gamers with the gamers you can actually expand your horizon and get out and have a life no matter what you do. Sitting inside is why we're freaks.
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Please don't fool yourself if you wanted to live directly in the city you'd be paying 1000s of dollars a month to live in poverty, you'd be working far too much to have time to meet new people
I didn't say it was cheap I'm saying it's the only good place to live and it's not always that expensive but definitely costs more than like some town name chicken in Arkansas

I know that feel

Living in the middle of nowhere makes you feel like even more of a robot

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does being 5'7 make me undateable in 2017? I am considering moving to Asia where people are smaller
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undateable but not unfuckable
>implying someone would fuck a manlet
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This is quickly becoming a meme. It's only still holds true in Southeast Asia, the Philippines, and Malaysia/Indonesia, where people don't get good protein and diets. Everywhere diets are improving and people are growing taller. The younger generations are growing to 5'9 to 6'0 on average.

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Anano, are you one of the INFJ robots? come here then h25TUWU
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Reported and saged, bite my cock.
its not a discord and you may possibly be banned for announcing a report
Don't join it the owner is a cancer Tumor that will bann you out of the blue.

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rapping Tomoko is here
to tell no lies
being NEET
is just a disguise

you think you're comfy
with tendies and pot pie
but you're depressed
and soon you'll die
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ayo! this little girl be spittin fire yo!
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I can't see the vocaroo link. How so!
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rapping taiga is here

shut the fuck up nigger your fucking queer

sage this thread
and save me from dread

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>see porn thread in catalog
>shift+click it and it gets hidden
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Good. This is a Christian board after all.
holy shit this is a thing
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Thank you so much
I was sick of doing all of them manually

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Would you marry a qt if she had an unattractive mother? Pic unrelated.
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Why would the mother matter, you autist.
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You're marrying the QT, not the fucking mother. As long as she isn't plastic, the ugly genes lost out to her father's Stacey making juice.
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Maybe your perfect qtpie 12/10 waifu turn into a non-qt?

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>>Dude do you smoke weed lol???

Are stoners the worst of the druggie filth?
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Every time i play a competitive game with a stoner, he always becomes super frustrated and angry and starts shitting on everybody.
What's the real reason drugs make you so asshurt, anon? We all know your greentext story is bullshit, so you might as well tell us.
I've seen low-effort bait before but this is abysmal.

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why don't girls like asian guys?
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Girls will fuck any man who puts in the effort.
more undesirable than abos??
Asians are generally manlets with small frames (small wrists etc.). They are generally not known as being "high class/status". And a lot of people they all look the same.

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1. Use a name in the namefield.
2. Do whatever you want.

Previous thread: >>38688431
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Here's what you learn from this: if you feel like you are incomplete without her, and if this lasts more than a few months, you'll have another thing coming, and the heartbreak isn't the main problem.

Pathological liar reporting in.
I'm here to give advice.
Good evening again!

Also happy birthday Nick
Hope its not too late

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Quick anon fuck me before daddy gets here. He hates white boys.
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I'm not white tho, I'm Hispanic tho.

God I want to eat her ass so bad.
now say it again in niggaspeak
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slavery must of been the bomb.com

What's for dinner robots 07/28
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Cups of tea and diet coke. I'm starving myself.
How much would you say you spend on food every month anon?
i dunno. mom is still cooking.

help /r9k/
>dont have licence yet
>i live in the middle of nowhere, so i cant work or go to friends houses etc.
>i dont even have friends.
>im actually quite thin
>i feel like im wasting the golden years of my life
help, i want to break the cycle of get up, use pc, eat, sleep, repeat.
but i have nothing better to do, for i cant go anywhere.
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Step 1: Don't post for two years because you're an underage faggot
Step 2: There is no step two

Just turn the computer off, stop visiting 4chan and playing games, find yourself a hobby that doesn't involve your computer and just GET OUT OF YOUR HOUSE FOR ONCE.
At sixteen I couldn't even cut my own nails.

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>people actually think Rei Ayanami is waifu material
>They only look at her outer shell
>Asuka has more depth than all of the Ayanami clones combined, and more
>mfw you TRY to scrape up an argument with your broken spatula against me from your greasy waifu Rei shit pan
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Most people of nu-chan haven't watched eva, bro.
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>he actually thinks that Rei is anyone's waifu unironically

You fell for the meme
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Actual best girl coming through

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