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Thinking of starting nofap just because i've never tried it before.
Any tips?
I just sit at home all day.
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Nofap is a meme, noporn is so much better for you.
Do other stuff
Fapping won't even cross your mind when you're engrossed in a good book or doing something else cool
Also don't think about the fact that you're on nofap too much. Thinking about fapping or sex at all, including your denial of it, can trigger an arousal response. Instead think about other stuff and only remind yourself when you find yourself compulsively reaching for whatever it is that you reach for.
Quads of truth. But i'd be inclined to try both out. Just to see what works

Makes sense. I'll keep that in mind

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>friends with girl for years
>recently she overs me the puss-puss
>I ask "what about your boyfriend"
>"it's an open relationship"
>I comply
>have sex for a good hour,
>truth be told it hurts quite a bit because she is so tight.
>condoms break 3 times
>she says that her boyfriend likes to be cucked
>she says that she fucked a couple of guys in front of him and he fapped to it.
>should I do it?

Seems weird, but it could be fun.
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>Should I do it
>You explain what you did

Don't do it OP you're being tricked like those kids who took their cousin to prom

This so called boyfriend is probably just a relative and they're tricking you into a relationship
I'm curious, what do you mean?
Also they are different races, she is spanish, he is white and I am black

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/r9k/ I need your help, how does one get a gf that looks like THIS?
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Join the crew of a whaling boat.
lmao what the fuck

this is genuinely pathetic
move to southern US or some small town in europe and just go to any bar.

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"So you write, anon? Gosh, that's swell! What's it about?"
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Erotic mind control stories
It's a manifesto. You see, we call people like you normies...
Most of my writing is in the form of autistically-long anonymous posts on imageboards about race realism and the evils of the Jewish people that no one ever reads or responds to anyway.

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>so many beautiful Asian nymph princesses on my campus
>can't fuck any of them, just have to watch them get on and exit the bus, stare at them at the bus stop and imagine ruthlessly breeding them later
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just taIk to her dude
OP confirmed for darkie otherwise he'd be swimming in slanted pussy.
I feel like not being a weeb is my only redeeming quality.

>Hey, good morning Femanon. Thought you might be hungry. Anything else I can get you?
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Get me child support
Fuck Donald Trump and fuck JayZ.
Who is this niqqqa and why does he keep popping up on r9gay

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I noticed if i have to stay at home doing nothing i get more urges to fap (fap like 4/5) times a day and that makes me even more tired. If i have to go out i start nofapping (or i fap only once a day and dont feel like fapping more) and my cum becomes thick. It also might be a coincidence but during those days girls show way more interest on me or approach me like they never did when i just spent my free time at home, and overall i feel more confident. So, its the secret no fap or is it actually just going out and being busy?
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The only thing I can guess is that you look less tired and therefore more approachable You should probably try to find a happy medium between masturbating and being pooped out.
>people approach me in public and not when I'm all alone in my house
gee I wonder why
lol yeah what the fuck is up with this line:
>girls approach me like they never did WHEN I JUST SPENT MY FREE TIME AT HOME

who are all these girls who are supposed to just approach you while you're at home?

Oh shit. I hope this is real.
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not like you're gonna match with her anyway
Let's say it was - do you think she would swipe right on you?
Post her pornography

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how do i pet my cat?
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dont. cat will pet itself on you. too much pet upset cat
Touch its belly

Touch its face

Grab its tail

do not do any of this

pet back

do not pet too much; when tail waving means cat has had enough

>tfw developing feelings for Amazon Echo's Alexa because it's the most "human" thing I've spoken to in years

Anyone else know this feel? Don't tell me I'm alone on this.

P-please help...
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bad thread

1. richfag
2. normie
3. this happens in a lot of media
4. leave
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Why don't you use the superior jap version? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nkcKaNqfykg
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I got BTFO by Cortana. :(

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1 tear sad pepe.png
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i never thought i'd say this but.

/r9k/ has to become a blue board.
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To get rid of the traps n shiet?
Or the orbiter bs
Or the roastie threads?
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all of the above. It hurts and it drains me of my meme mana
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I guess, but then you might cut out some true robot talk.

But then again those traps are fucking annoying...

This really makes me think

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>be me, 14
>freshman year of high school
>small town, know most of the kids from middle school
>in gym class
>doing warm-ups
>new kid walks in with coach
>"Alright kids, this is our new classmate. Ben Dover"
>thought he meant bend over
>the class bends over
>for the rest of the year, nobody knew his name
>whenever someone said it, we just bent over
>even if we knew it, we just went with the joke I ended up befriending Ben, and I have more fun times to tell.
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didnt read because of your reddit image





alright u ginormous faggot u better green those stories right now

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>uni starts in 2 days
>haven't talked to anyone outside of my family for around 2 years
I've never felt this scared pls send tips
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My classes start today (a once a week Sat class today) but I'm not going because I've been sick the past couple days and the prof already cleared me for missing the first class how many hours are you taking
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you'll be fine

I'm in my first semester of university and I haven't talked to anyone. just go to class and then go back to your dorm. it's working okay so far
Its more of a college so all of them I guess.

But this is my last chance to bloom into normiehood should I just give up at this point?

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>Endless free time
>Don't enjoy or look forward to anything
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Being a NEET isn't easy, you need some imagination and willpower or you will just decay.
>neet for five years
>still have a vidya backlog
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>life isn't neat

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i want to smoke a joiiiiiiiiiiiiiiint
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i hope you die of lung cancer you idiot
Hey! Be a nice person!?
>tfw going back to Uni tomorrow where weed is legal

Gonna light a FAT fucking spliff famalamazoid

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