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You know your dick is small when...?
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it's only 6.5 inches.
When it's white.
When it's Asian.

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>national girlfriend day went by uneventfully
>no bf to comfort me all day
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You killed a thread to post this
>tfw you want to be friends with Satanichia and give her melonpan
>national girlfriend day
Thats a thing?

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ITT: What's your biggest problem / fear?
My largest problem is that I feel like I live a double life. When I interact with people, I act hardworking and the model of moral fortitude, but when I'm home I become lazy and fap to trannies and shemales.
I tell myself I have to stop it, but there's no one to keep me accountable but me, so I feel like its always a struggle that always leads me choosing the path of least resistance and keeping with the status quo.
As a result I never feel like I'm interacting with people where I am revealing my self. I keep myself in a constant state of fear thinking about the possibility of other people finding out about what I'm so ashamed.
Connected to that, I think what I fear most is being alone as a result.
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that by being passive and understandable to others I have turned into a coward that won't fight back, this has caused me to lose my mental sharpness and any hopes for a future
that is like the blandest double life of all time

>i'm an upstanding citizen
>i like to relax at home after a long day's work
>i like chicks with dicks

fuck off you stupid bitch, every normie just like you thinks they're "living a lie" if anything having such thoughts proves you're a normie.

I'm in a similar situation but I'm not Fucking gay like you

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Having to bring carts back into the store in extremely humid weather edition.
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Where do you work at, fellow retailcuck?
Customer gets mad at you for making a mistake and throws the bag of chocolates at you
>he doesn't enjoy the temporary peace from the monotony of the register
>he doesn't enjoy actually using his body to accomplish something
>he doesn't try and see how many carts he can stack up and push in at once
If you don't enjoy getting carts you are literally a beta bitch.

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I work at a job making 70k

It is just enough to pay for my mortgage and everything else in life to a point of "middle class". I can't afford to do anything lavish, but I can go out to a bar on the weekend without an issue and continue to save.

How do you guys continue to be wagecucks like me? I like the security, but honestly, my life is so fucking boring now.

I wake up at 6:00am, drive an hour to work, have to stay 9 hours because of a 1 hour mandatory lunch, than drive another 1 home (usually 1.5 hours on the way home because of ungodly traffic). All-in-all it's a 12 hour day. Then when I get home, better make sure I go to sleep by 11:00pm or else I'm tired as fuck.

How do people do this? This 12 hour day, then only have like 4-5 hours of personal time?

And honestly, those 4-5 hours of personal time is mostly grooming, fixing food, and exercising.

I just can't do it anymore. I'm bored. I need to be challenged.

Do I get a new job and hope the grass is greener, or just say fuck it and try to become financially independent so I can work on my own business/projects? Or do I go back and get a masters so I can make a measly bit more at my wagecuck job?

Someone make this easy.
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Save up 100k and go live in SEA for a few years.

You can at least say you have it better than the britbong wage slave, where most jobs pay 15000-25000, before tax.
>he fell for the house meme
good goy, enjoy paying the mortgage off for the next 20-40 years
how much does your wife make?

So this is the power of being a white male.
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>Bragging to everyone that you had a conversation with a fat nignog with burnt ramen noodle soup hair
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A vagina is a vagina, is it not?
>having no standards

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>have 4 cars
>one is a lemon recently purchased from dealer for $5k and needs a new engine
>the other just got wrecked last week when some normie flew through a red light at 5 AM
>my S10 truck won't start
>my '99 F150 pickup's engine is on its last legs
>tfw 4 cars and down to a single one that could literally die any time
>had a 5th car four months ago until some woman ran a stop sign and totaled it
>tfw life hits you all at once
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Imagine spending money on 4 cars instead of 1 car and car insurance. Like how dumb would that be? Only an idiot would do something like that.

If you just bought the first car, you are protected by lemon laws, believe its 90 days or something
They're all paid off and pretty cheap to insure. I only have full coverage on the one I drove the most anyway.

I like keeping a variety of cars, cheap common cars though.

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I know the mandela effect is meme shit. But this is bizarre.

you know the fruit of the loom logo? Apparently it does not, and never did, have the cornucopia! Look it up yourselves. This image is what most of us probably remember but it's not real, the cornucopia was never there! wtf
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File: Fruit_logo.svg.png (236KB, 1280x868px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This is what the logo actually looks like in our reality...I could not believe it

The cornucopia was always there you fucking faggot. You just don't remember because you have terrible memory due childhood mercury vaccines that gave you autism. Please kill yourself for wasting my time.

No, you misunderstand. The cornucopia was NEVER there and is not there now. this >>38789933 is the REAL logo that is our reality RIGHT NOW.

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Hourai is the cutest name in the world
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Doopliss is the cutest name in the world
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what if i secretly wanted to f*ck hourai?
Ahugeloser is a small fag

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How many hours do you sleep a day?

I've been sleeping 16+ hours a day and I can barely stay awake when I am up. I feel totally lethargic and sluggish even if I drink coffee.
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I dont have any reasons to get up, the more I sleep the less I suffer
in an attempt to prevent myself from fully sliding into degeneracy, I set my alarm for 10am and try and get up then. The thing is, I stay up until about 4am every night, so I only get 6 hours of sleep and I feel miserable. Half the time I'll turn off my alarm and automatically go back to sleep for four more hours without even thinking about it. I know I should try and go to bed at a reasonable time but night time is the only time I consistently get to be alone. I just don't have the discipline or motivation, especially since I've got nothing going on in my life

So to answer your question: around 6 hours except for when I'm so exhausted that I sleep until 2pm and get 10 hours. I'm always tired and unfocused nowadays, I can barely form a coherent thought
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Thanks to the hellish heat i cant sleep for more than 3-4 hours at a time TOPS.
I constantly feel sick and time slows down to a standstill.
Fuck summer it ruined my NEET dream

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How do you get money as a shut-in? How do you spend it? I want to know your secrets.
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you need to be mentally ill like most of the people here. Well, a lot more normies are here now so spaghetti
Bills and basic supplies
This, but actually mentally ill
you then become a burden to society and stay inside out of shame.
My life is lonely and full of fear.

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warped gym floor.jpg
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College is starting again in a few weeks.
Are you prepared?
What are your plans for the upcoming semester?
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how does a floor get that warped?
Pipes burst and the wood soaked up the water.
Graduated a year ago, pondering over doing a phd right now.
Apparently there's major pipe leaks under the floor

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r9k is NOT a dump truck, you can't just dump garbage all over it. THIS is going to be the prototypical example of a thread. DO NOT post here unless you are going to do the following.

1.use proper grammar
2.make a post with at least 50 words
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That's 49 nigga look i got the right word u need...
>prototypical thread
>doesn't start a discussion
end your self
Fuk u dad u cant tell me what 2 do

Fucking normies destroy everything I love.
It's all so tiresome.
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>inb4 pepe is the antagonist
Link should have died. Fuck this timeline
Blame /pol/ for this.

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baby driver.png
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ITT times you acted like the Baby Driver
>sitting alone in the dark in my room
>Mom calls out "Anon I need you to go outside SOMETIME this week"
>it's time
>"Mother. I told you to call me Baby, like from the movie"
>Put on my XS varsity jacket and Wayfarer knockoffs
>Take off my League of Legends headset and put in my older sister's earbuds, (the right one doesn't work so it's just like Baby's tinnitus)
>press shuffle on my retro music playlist, time to roll
>Hop in my light blue Ford Fiesta and do 1/4 of a J-turn leaving the driveway
>drive across town to the diner in front of the bank
>it's actually a Starbucks but it's close enough
>male barista at the counter
>asks me what I want like a typical overworked wagecuck, even though the place is nearly empty
>pretend I'm focused on listening to some cool jazzy song even though it's just Hey Macarena playing
>hope he can't hear my music
>"Buddy, what do you want?"
>pause my iTouch
>"f-four black coffees p-please"
>cute girl walks in
>"What name?" barista asks
>"...Baby. J-Just put Baby." I say, trying to impress the girl
>"Baby? Ugh, alright..." he sighs
>he hands me the coffees and I look over at the girl
>she looks slightly annoyed, probably is looking for a guy who can drive her places really fast
>"Ahem... next?" the guy behind the counter says
>awkwardly fumble with my earbuds and leave
>sit in my car outside the bank, jamming out to my sick tunes and pretending to be a getaway driver
>security man says I can't idle in a fire lane
>drive home
>"Anon why do you have four coffees? Caffeine isn't good for you."
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Did you made this?
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Every time this guy is on the screen I am fucking jelly

Fuck this lottery
I did. I based it off the original Driveposting threads of yore. I hope you enjoyed it fren
I also posted this image to /tv/ in a thread asking what Jon Hamm did wrong

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