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>W-what do you mean you want to tickle my feet?
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I want to take my index fingers and stroke it up and done on the arches
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Why isn't toe bondage more common?. I would love to see devices and bindings that would keep toes spread and unable to move, but the guys in this niche industry sure are not the most creative people.
i've always wanted to go to a renfair

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>he daydreamed about performing his favourite song in front of his whole school
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why do so many robots think about this
>tfw ywn write a song that a cutie on YouTube will cover
>he daydreamed about killing everyone in his whole school

Is Kstew a robot celeb? She barely has any friends, is always seen with the same people. They're always pretty ugly.

I can identify with that because I have no friends ;/
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she is intp
Ok anon
Which one is the ugly one?

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Why does the baby look so smug?
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She has two loving parents
not smug, just happy knowing it's dad will stick around.
Stay away from our women white boi

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>want to learn how to play guitar
>to much of a pussy to do it around other people where they can hear me
is there anything i cant do
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Teach it yourself. it's really easy
but others will hear me playing
Go somewhere you're alone
There's probably a way you can plug an e-guitar into headphones so only you will hear

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How do I get off this site and do homework instead?
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kill yourself and be born again
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>turn off computer
>remove power cord
>dump salt water onto motherboard
>kill mom
>kill dad
>(optional) kill siblings
>kill yourself
>do homework
like born again virgin?
What if I'm already a vigrin?

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They exist.. girls can make the first move to o.
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i'd reject her. I like to reject girls, this piss them off hard.
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>Stacey proposes to Chad
hmm ye
That's a tranny. There was a story about it on reddit.

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>tfw hugely into rock and metal music but want a white 'hip hop' bf who hates my music taste

anyone else know this feel? ._.
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i like hippity hoppity and rock music will you give me your number so I can call you a faggot
I'll hate your music taste
post contact
i just want a qt chainsmoking techno gf

What do I do? Her profile said something like "I only swiped right for your dog"
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It means she's thirsty you fucking autist.
Who wants it? Idk how to even use that degenerate app
You already established YOURSELF as a beta with that emoji reply it's over move on to the next.

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>he still wants a girlfriend
Have fun getting cucked.
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This is harsh, really hard to listen to especially when he starts to cry like a little bitch
The reason why she cheated on him (twice) is specifically because he's an emotional bitch.

She doesn't respect him at all. No woman would respect a pussy bitch.
this is why i'll never trust grils. what a bitch. i feel bad for the guy. back to robot life

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Redpill me on treating women like shit. Ive been le nice guy for too long to not see results
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Treating girls like shit isn't how you get girls
It's how you get girls to hate you
t. girl who has a crush on Chad McVeinydick
People are fucking idiots in regards to women. Treating them like shit doesn't work unless you are 6'4" billionaire with rock hard abs and a face like a sculpture. You don't treat women like shit, you treat them like you're better than them, but not abrasively.

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I will be taking acid soon with the hopes of gaining a new perspective on life. Do any of you have advice?
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Acid doesnt teach you anything you don't already know
Mind expansion is snake oil sold by conmen like tim leary
Would it not make me appreciate the things I already understand?

Have you ever used LSD?
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>using drugs to gain insight

Holy shit only retarded hippies and normies think that works. If you can't look at things from another perspective already then you're stupid.

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Should we all pronounce Simon a failed meme?
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You people failed him, not the other way around. Simon was too good for this world. Goodnight sweet prince.
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I was there for Simon's birth..
It's so sad to see him fade away like this.
We can revive him?

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My social circle is mostly composed of people in med/pharm /dental/engineering but you'll never see us look down on others or brag about "the stem masterrace".

Every member of my direct family(except parents) is a medical doctor. (Your pathetic racism makes it impossible for you to guess my race anyway)

Elliot "supreme gentleman" Rodgers, columbine shooters,4chan users,redpill users,other edgy communities on the internet..... What do they have in common? Huge grandeur delusions to fill the gigantic void in their miserable life

You're always bragging about your over 9000 IQ and your "royalty/noble" ancestors. (Ironic how you mock hotep idiots with "we wuz", you're even more delusional)

So why the grandeur delusions?i have the answer but i just want to see your mental gymnastics
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Just because someone says something good about themselves doesn't mean they're egotistical.

The fedora meme doesn't mean "acting like you're smart", it means "acting like you're smart for the sake of acting smart and not actually communicating anything worthwhile"

Not like the robots are intelligent anyway. They operate on the same surface-level inclinations and don't appreciate the bigger picture in the same way normies do, they just happen to be in a siduation that makes them think differently.
You structure sentences like you come from a poor working class black family. I'm sure all your direct family members are doctors :^)
>whats up with you losers
>you'll never see us look down on others

haha op nice bait not even worth a you kys ok good bye

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Tfw turned 21 today and still don't have a girlfriend or touched anyone non sexually

her body looks so smooth
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Birthday buddies!
My birthday today, too
kinda wide and boxlike though
>Yuna cosplayer

could've picked a better FF girl you stupid faggot no wonder you've never been held in someone elses arms you FUCK

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