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>tfw I still listen to metalcore at 24
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I listen to emo music and I'm 20
>tfw I still listen to CRAAAAAWLIN IN MY SKIN at 22
I'm 25 and I ironically listen to Linkin Park sometimes. Secretly I enjoy it.

"My name is Florina Tenebrae, I am a 300 year old vampire. And from this moment on, you, your home and everything you possess belong to me. You will give me your blood three times a day, sexually service me whenever I need it, and do anything else I ask. i like my coffee black and my blood red. You are not to reveal my identity as a vampire to anyone. And you are only permitted to visit people whom I deem appropriate. Defy me or attempt to take my life, and your own shall be forfeit. Any questions?"
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is it possible for me to actually have a decent chance to become a vampire also? do i become a mutant freak if i do? if no to first and yes to second i just yolo and try to kill them.
I am genuinely in love with Anne Frank. She was beautiful, witty, and graceful young woman who light was snuffed out far too early.

I frequently fantasize about being Peter van Pels hiding with her.

Oh god, just imagine deflowering that sweet girl on a lazy Amsterdam afternoon, lying and Iearn what each other's bodies were for.
You know she was a quite average looking normalscum dyke-in-the-making, right?

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w-why are you breaking up with me?
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you're a normie and you're boring and we have nothing in common and you're probably a hoe, PEACE.
shut up u negative canthal tilt roastie i dont even know you, why are you even here
Cause you aren't white

Do you know who I hate more than normies, Chads and Stacies? Robots who worship them, constantly kiss their ass and defend them.
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>queued behind /fit/ couple at teriyaki restaurant
>"i can't eat that I'm fat right now!"
the nerve on that bitch man I should've fucking body slammed her and her skinyass boyfriend right there to the floor
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But you won't cause you're a bitch
All your shoulda, coulda, woulda's would stretch all the way to the moon and back you spineless cuck
Watch out for this guy

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I'll start: the whole state of Texas
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>the whole state of Texas
you can say that agian, really regert moving here from california, everything is back asswards here it isn't even funny, and just fuck the south in general.
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Naples, italy kinda sucks, but Im sure its not as bad as other places.
>tfw waking up to the smell of burning trash of toxic materials
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Do you know what we do to commifornians and fags?

What is the appeal of asians robutts??? I don't see it really
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Is this an asian thread
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Honestly I just don't see the appeal
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what is the appeal of Asians robots? I don't see it

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How do you recover?

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>age of consent eighteen in alot of places in the US
How will THEY ever recover. I don't care about trying to get along with people. Sex isn't worth the STD's.
By they I meant the powers that be to clarify.*

They used to bitch all of the time once they monitored kids sexting. What people get for having an all seeing eye is realising just how wrong they are about people.
Don't buy the meme, let it flow and let yourself be free

You can be autistic and still have meaningful relationships. Do you want to end up like Japan with a destroyed birth rate and beta men? Sex is a normal important part of being a human. You need it otherwise you stop being human. You devolve

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Itt: feel welcome to post the names of the people who have ghosted you or that you have ghosted.

Optional: explain the reasons

Lets see how many robots commit sudoku after this thread. lets see if i commit sudoku
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>your thread gets 0 replies
Okay, i'll just leave now
>feel welcome to post the names of the people who have ghosted you or that you have ghosted.
Most of r9k even get to this point, but fuck you Kate.
I ghosted some kid who sent a shirtless pic a while back because what the fuck fat ginger??

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>Terra casts Ultima
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>tfw reach your while party Ultima
>spam final boss with it
>complain on gamefaqs that Kefka was too easy
>trigger many autists that day

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wokak cry.jpg
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>failed NoFap Summer 2017 already
I'm so ashamed
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>day 7 no fap
>get super horny, write to tinder match
>i act cocky and horny, she's impressed
>dating her tomorrow night
>mfw i realize im too ankward to do this

what do
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Well shit lad, if your horniness has gotten you this far, there may be hope for you yet.
Try not to spend too long talking to her about the same shit, unless she seems to take genuine interest in it.

Best of luck to you
im not bad at conversation...it's just the first approach that its hard for me.
Also, i must not fap no matter what. I feel like if i fap im not going to be able to lead the date
If you have already talked to her, and you're not bad at conversation, First approach should be easy. Just greet her how you would anyone else.

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>have severe "pure-o" obsessive compulsive disorder
>feel extreme discomfort and anxiety that I might upset Saber because of my actions or I might change who I am and become someone Saber would hate
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It's okay anon, she isn't real.
Saber would hate you if she were real. You spend all your time complaining on a racist and sexist imageboard instead of taking the time to improve yourself and better your life. Saber would be disappointed in you for wasting your pathetic life away like this
I know that feel, Saber-kun.
Just pull off the shroud and start to projecting Unlimited Exposure Therapy.

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>meet cute grill
>she's flirty
>finally find a qt who loves me
>wake up
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Actually had that dream recently, I wasn't even surprised that it was a dream when i woke up
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>go out with qt
>happiest moment of my life
>go to the park, to the beach, cuddle
>wake up

I hate myself. Why do i fucking torture myself ? Fuck fuck fuck.

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Your penis is dead anon, just like you.
stop doing it over 3 times a day
You ran out.

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