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Whooo! Superhero landing. You know that's really hard on your knees.
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Whoo! Stopping fascist scum and defending the motherland. Its very hard to see your comrades die from MG fire and have the Commissar to shoot your friends for cowardice amirite guys!
Philippines LARP LARPing
Connie's shorts are too big

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The most evil thing you've ever done?
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and kept living.
I don't recycle.
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Ghosted some roastie after speaking to her for like a month and slowly building up a completely fake personality before ghosting because i got bored AMA

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Ever since I started watching Reviewbrah a couple days ago I have this urge to wear suits. It's pointless and retarded, right?
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swoon, he's so dapper
pointless and retarded if you dont wanna get pussy, sure
You're on 4chan. You're already a faggot

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Tfw out drinking with some old "friends" of mine.

>spend all their time talking about some bullshit celebrities that no one literally gives a fuck about
>talk about/scroll threw this mobile app "board" called Yodel
>mfw they compare it to 4chan
>"it's just like those internet sites , Anon! You should download it!"
>scroll threw Tinder and talk about how hard they'd want to fuck all the Chads there
>"You seem so lonely Anon! You should try Tinder!"
>constantly try to leech off of my wallet/drinks, since none of these twats have jobs, and aren't interested in getting one
>constantly try to set me up with random Chads at the bar

Why the fuck did I even come here? I wish I was at least drunk. How do I escape this hell hole?
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Youre mixing up "threw" and "through"

>how do i escape this hell hole
If you hate it so much just leave, whats the issue here
either you're just a faggot or need to post tits before expecting a serious reply, tard.


>saving thumbnails
>shiggy diggy do
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Rip I'm not a native speaker, I'm trying.

Idk I'd love to, honestly. But for some shitty reason I can't pick myself up and go. I guess I'm scared of being judged or something.

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Alright guise, let's have one of these threads.

Someone posts a superpower, people reply and nerf it, while also giving their own superpower suggestions.

Don't make them completely useless, just nerf them.

As always, fagget OP starts.

Materializing fully loaded weapons out of thin air.
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>Materializing fully loaded weapons out of thin air.
It has to be thin air.

You forgot suggesting your own superpower, friend-o
Sorry, I'm trained by 4chan to detect errors.
Let's go with that: the power to detect errors and imperfections.

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never fucking ever



fall for the woman meme

Just don't do it lads it's not worth it
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Scared Wojak.jpg
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Please anons I mean it.

Don't fall for the woman meme. You'll just get yourself hurt. DON'T DO IT ANONS
i feel like there's a story behind this post
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too late

how is this not original

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>therapist told me I need to work up to eating 5 meals a day
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What a nasty bitch. I eat only 2 and I am very healthy.

What's your height/weight? 188 cm 65 kg here.
How the fuck does one do that?
>stfu you not my nutritionist now tell me how do I stop liking traps

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RIP Babs poster
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He died?

(Oregon Ducks)
she is from my country and she is a roastie whore
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at least she doesn't care about looks its all about popularity, like niggers and this hungarian footballer captain ... team lost to andorra and malta but still getting barbs pussy

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How old were you when you realized you will never have a gf?

hookers don't count
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This number is an original one

Then I got a girlfriend the very next week on my birthday

God I want to cuddle with Gigguk's gf so badly.

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Thoughts on this girl (male)?
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Ugly and has awful hair
wtf is that abomination. It's like they don't even try anymore. The whole appeal of "traps" is that they are literally meant to trap you by looking like a girl in every way possible despite having the genitals of the opposite sex.
Everytime I see a picture of this horse-looking tranny I want to scream. He will never be cute.

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why do Americans clap at everything?
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Why do you think they're called Americlaps?

To show our appreciation you ungrateful shit.
*clap clap clap*
Thanks for the post eurobot. We americans just like to show our appreciation for things.

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What is the mosto painful suicide method? I want to suffer before I die.
I thought about setting myself on fire or drowning in the river. I'd appraciate your opinions about these and/or other methods
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Drink bleach OP
Drowning is apparently a pretty peaceful way to go, not really something that maximizes suffering.
From this list it seems fire is the most painful. You could always stretch it out and go for a slow burn or something.

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Guys I need help.
I've actually fallen in love with girls who look like Anne Frank or even her.
I got /his/ just to look for Anne Frank threads.
I've even only talk to girls with interest that look like her.
What should I do?
I just want to save her. It's not fair she was murdered like that.
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Write an album.
inb4 t. jeff mangum

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How're your bullies getting on nowadays fellas?
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I never got bullied
I was pretty much ghosted by everyone
Ironically enough, he's probably on /pol/ right now. I have no idea which one of us ended up being a worse kind of human trash
His dad went blind and his moms in a wheelchair. Yours?

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Does anyone have a fetish for braces? Is it pedophilia
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could be worse desu

I definitely have a fetish for braces. Never told anyone this tho cuz like you said, people will think I'm a pedo bear
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>Does anyone have a fetish for braces
Not anymore

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