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Hello, meatlets.

I'm just checking in to see why the fuck you people are still falling for the red meat meme? Or the any meat meme in general to be honest?

You sick fucks don't even know how meat is MADE. They kill innocent animals who are captured and bred AGAINST THEIR WILL - and for WHAT? For a little bit of nourishment and the slight sensation that your tastebuds feel?

Anyone who eats meat is a complete scumbag in my book, and I hope they die a horrible death.

Since none of you morons will listen to the ethical side of things, I'll bring some science into the matter - it has been scientifically proven that eating meat increases your chance of cancer to 128%, and that men who eat chicken meat in their young years have the smallest penises on average. On top of that, you're scientifically a fucking asshole if you even let meat TOUCH your tongue.

Fucking meatlets make me sick!
Oh, and you know the best part? Cuckold fetishism is found EXCLUSIVELY in meat eating males.
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oh here we fucking go
This post made my mouth water
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>mfw while eating a delicious champagne shaved ham with roast beef sandwich

its a weird combo because im poor

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>fell for the lower your standars bruh meme
>tried fatties, trannies and orcs and they all turned me down
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lowering your standards that low is a meme, people that disgusting usually have high standards
>people that disgusting usually have high standards

look at literally every fat person on tindr ever

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>Hey anon, you're not a virgin, right?
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no i lost it some time when i was 25.
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How did you guessed my zodiac sign?
No, there's plenty of alcohol in me.

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How to defeat an atheist in a debate:
Why does anything exist?
>the laws of physics
What made the laws of physics?
>they made themselves
Then why can't god make himself?
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The differece is that we can actually prove the laws of physics exist, dumbass
How to beat a religious person in a debate:
>Which god?
>they made themselves

Why do you think an atheist would say something stupid like this?

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>be me
>females constantly tell me i'm too overbearing, uncomfortable to be around and deadpan
>they always end up deleting me or distancing themselves

who /repellant/ here
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possum girl.jpg
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should i just give up on any kind of friendship whatsoever? even when i was in my early teens i'd always be getting banned and removed from communities online and losing friends
Yeah I am.
I try and be myself and they either get bored or they ghost me.
Romantic or not, I'm always getting ghosted.

I don't even try anymore. Maybe its better this way.
You sure are /repellant/.

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I have an Asian man/white woman race fetish, but an unconventional one. I don't like any of the stereotyped stuff. "Genocide my entire race with your yellow seed!" valley girls, self-hating white girls: all that is a turn-off.

What turns me on is "Asian male/white female supremacy" I guess you could say. A white girl who sees these two groups as exclusive equals and everyone else as inferior. So she isn't self-hating whatsoever, but at the same time sees white guys as far beneath her. She doesn't want "yellow" babies, she wants fully white daughters and fully Asian sons. She dreams of a society where through genetic engineering these two groups have been fully synthesized, and white female/Asian male-ness are the dimorphic gender characteristics of a single race.

I have a lot of different fantasies that stem from this, from mutually loving sex between Asian husband and white wife to a girl who offers herself up to be gangbanged by Asian soldiers as a form of liberation and empowerment because she sees her white husband as the true alien occupier.
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r/asianmasculinity is down the hall to the left
Israel go home!

Jews go away! Stop trying to bully whites and get everybody to fight!

Jews post these threads!
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Nothing is truly real real yes

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I'm going to hang myself tonight at 9 pm Australian time. I've thought this through, and I know I'm a coward, but I can't take this pain anymore. What should I do in the next 12 hours to make the most of my time?

Before anyone asks, this is not bait. If I begin to have doubts in that time span, I will jump in front of a train instead. Keep an eye on www.adelaidenow.com.au if that becomes the case.
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Care to tell us why OP? What happened?
File: 1476109886439.png (208KB, 389x346px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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get a slab and down it for liquid courage.
if you're into drugs go spend the rest of your money on them, and just other shit you like like your favourite food and drink, etc.

the best advice i can ever give for the greatest act of self-destruction a person can do is to make sure that you essentially burn every single bridge you can think of so that way when it comes down to the moment, you won't have much left to go back to and figure "this is for the best"

also don't jump infront of a train, think of the poor sod driving. when i lived in melbourne for a few years someone jumped infront of a train when I was on my way to the cbd and you could feel the train go over the body, shit's chilling.

glhf, t. kiwibro
Depression man. I've tried antidepressants, therapy, etc. I'm failing uni, and I've been failing school for the last four years.

It sounds pretty stock standard, but it's just not worth trying anymore. My attachment to my dog is the only reason why I haven't done it earlier.

Are aspies even fucking human? I hate these fuckers so much.

>"hey man how are you doing?"
>sperg slowly takes his eyes off of what he is doing and gives a blank stare
>"h-h-h-hiiii... I-i-i'm doing g-g-good"
>try to start a conversation
>only get one word "yes" or "no" answers
>conversation ends with awkward silence...

These fucking tards can't even speak and look like they are always in hostile territory. I feel pity for any mother or father that gives birth to one of these things.
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>getting mad at retarded people

thats more retarded than being retarded.
Maybe I would be less mad if they were excluded from the general public, so we don't have to deal with them.
Don't worry, anon, I already exclude myself from the public on a daily basis!

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Are humans unrelenting murderers because we're smart? Or are we only as smart as an animal can be which isn't so smart as to truly ensure a great life for each other? Are we going to kill each other in a horrible cataclysmic event?
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Per hh
>Per hh
>humans are unrelenting murderers
>guess I'm not a human kekekek

WHO HERE /30+/?



>Just /bee/ yourself edition
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>Dude talking to girls is so easy bro
>Just lift bro
>Just talk to girls like they're guys bro
>Being in the friendzone is a GOOD thing because it helps you learn bro

Why do people always give generic advice like this that never works? Is there anyone that actually understands our situation and has real practical advice for autists to get girls?
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I'm too weird to talk to girls the same way I do to lads

Boys find me funny but girls don't really get my humour
i have never heard anyone say being friendzoned is a good thing. le friendzone even is a normie meme.
>Dude talking to girls is so easy bro

it is easy. Approaching girls is much harder.

>Just lift bro

not bad advice. Not only will you feel better but you'll also be more confident with your body.

>Just talk to girls like they're guys bro

kinda good advice. I wouldnt talk about your autismo unless she brings it up or something but treat her like a real human bean. Too often, guys will give this dreary, dead conversation and put them on a pedestal.
you know, fuck it, talk about your autism collections. Its different and if you pull it off, it adds a lot of points.

>Being in the friendzone is a GOOD thing because it helps you learn bro

yeah maybe. In my opinion , guys shouldnt even be in the friendzone. If she said youre a friend when you want more then you are given an option to opt out of that. The whole "better than having no friend" is stupid.

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TAGS: r9k, omegler9k, r9komegle

Lessgo fags
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sadly it's dead
The majority of robots I have run into on the /r9k/ tag on Omegle are fucking horrid conversation partners. Weak, passive, meme spouting, often very left-wing and easily offended. You'd think Anonymity would cause people to open up and be a bit more wild, but nope.
i tried that as a black box people are too bitter and like to collect info and talk shit about you i wouldnt bother with this place unless you want a 4/10 bants with an underage faggot

How is his mental health lately?
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what vid hurt him so much?
File: 1462367129013.jpg (536KB, 3000x2000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Very good, thank you very much.
I have seriously wanted to know this for ages

What was that video

Who here /catvigilante/?
>live in a third world country most of people here has cats
>when cats get sick or too "noisy" for them they just don't let them inside their houses anymore
>making a bunch of stray cats like 10 per street in some neighborhoods
>i was on my backyard one night and some cat was trying to get inside my house from the window
>grab what i had on my side i was eating pork chips and called him
>"come kitty"
>he started eating and didn't mind me then i grabbed a rock and throw it at him it was a headshot
>cat didn't expect that and just walked away slowly then stopped and died
>just grabbed him put him in a bag and throw to the trash
One cat less and I'm planning to kill some more too bad i can't get guns it would be funny to shoot them
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I kill ferals sometimes but it's more to help my local bird population than anything.
I kill dragons personally, but that's only because my local guild requests it. I use an ice sword.
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Sage you fucking nigger
Just call animal control like a normal person, I bet you have a gf too

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discord puccc.png
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>be me
>27 to unemployed NEET
>decide to join /r9k/ discord because why not
>get friends, get a lot of friends
>one of those friends is a fembot
>start talking with her, gradually start lewding with her
>I become her bf
>she is going to move in my country the next month
Seriously, just join the /r9k/ discord channel.
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>join interpals
>talk to some russian cykas
>eventually find a nice russian e-gf
d-did I make it?
File: 1492869377266.png (111KB, 625x626px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Smells like fish, I take a sniff
Literally go to /soc/
>be me join /r9k/ discord
>befriend these guys get some info on them pretending I'm sad and about to fucking kill myself
>some roasties feel sad for me and some guys too
>get their phone numbers and some addresses
>post all that info in an onion forum
>hopefully some sick fuck rapist goes to one of their houses and kill all those faggots

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