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How do black men even compete?
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By not being a freakish curiosity.

except nigger fuck everything that walks
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They can't.

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What did your eyes go to first?
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The ass, I just really love a fat bubble but.
butt.... Am i a degenerate?

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>TFW when the only green flag state is Washington
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Washington is /ourstate/
Well, looks like my state is over.

Any Floridabros?
You guys do know that ebony brings up black women and not black men, right?

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Do you think you'll make it to 2018 without killing yourself?
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probably, but lets hope otherwise
Not sure. I'm planning on going out on Jan 1st 2020, but not sure if I'll make it that long
If Trump is recalled I'm going to kill myself

What's for dinner robots? 08/06
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Alcohol i suppose
How in the fuck to you eat that much and not get fat? I eat two meals a day of half that portion and still have a belly
>and not get fat?

>implying op is not a pathetic overweight sack of lard

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>12 hours and 4 minutes remaining
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Anon if you kill them I won't forgive you
Is this the next celebrity suicide thread?

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These are the people you talk to everyday.

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no, those are the creatures i study everyday
all normies deserve to die, no exceptions
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Says a guy not educated enough to know the difference between "everyday" and "every day".

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Does anyone have a logical explanation for this???
After observing a freakish number of coincidences in my life, I started to keep track of them.

> honestly starting to suspect the universe is trying to tell me that I will be a great hero of the apocalypse

This has all happened very recently btw, and are only the ones I felt like writing down, so there are way more

> earlier today floored my dads really fast car a half second before the song playing (master of the house) said "stamp it to the floor"

> Mom asked me how I felt about suicide, news comes on and it's a segment is on suicide

> The line "Niggas get on yo grind "plays as soon as I switch to a playlist literally called "grind"

> First inning of baseball I watch all year and nationals hit 4 home runs in a row which happens like once every 20 years

> Bought deer hunting gloves for no reason and ended up having to use them like 2 hours later

> Hear a story about Williams syndrome on radio two days after I look it up online

> Baseball player named Adrian beltre is in my friends story on Snapchat the same day I randomly looked him up
> Greg almond dies the day after i watch a movie about him

> ate a banana which is very rare for me, then characters in the futurama episode I was watching started flying a giant banana

> Saw an extremely rare care called an IS one f minute after seeing an extremely rare car called a GS f
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Yeah you're developing schizophrenia
People tend to refer to this as "synchronicity". It's better not to discuss it as things get really weird really quickly. Just think of it as cool coincidences.
I think it's called confirmation bias. Basically you only notice when one of these "coincidences" happen, but if you think about it, 99% percent of the time coincidences are not happening to you. And some of those "coincidences" are just stupid. Eating a banana and then someone in a show does something with a banana? Come on, man. I think you're reaching.

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Come to this thread if you've had sex but only if:
> you've only had one girl
> you're currently fucking your first girl
> it's been years since you've last had your first girl
How are you any of you holding up?
My relationship with my first girlfriend is probably not as great as it should be, but I honestly can't give up sex.
It feels so good to know that if I'm having a bad day, I have a refreshing way to relive stress, sometimes she even cooks for me.
If I were to leave her, I just wonder if I could go back to not talking to anyone and jerking off into my hand involuntarily.
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childish bumpino
bumping uglies
I dunno. It's been like a few years now. Never really been satisfied by sex because of anxiety. Thinking of going back on meds to curb it and bring back blissful ignorance. I just can't even say anything to girls that I obviously find attractive. Can't wait to have my life on track so I can at least lure girls by my riches

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ITT pornstars who if given the chance you would marry

i call dibs on amai liu forever
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Kira noir
Taylor luxx
Tia Cyrus
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Guess what all these women have in common.
I'd let her inhale my dick.

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Everyone hates me. I don't know what it is but lately I feel attacked on all sides. Customers at work have been unusually rude. My best friend who lives across the country ghosted me with no warning or explanation. My two roommates who are also my very close friends have started ignoring me and acting passive aggressive and subtly antagonistic. One of them is the manager at the store where I work and he has gone out of his way to keep me from working at my main location from now on, despite the fact that it is right across the street from our apartment. I'm a good employee too and he won't actually say anything to me about this, he just went behind my back. I heard from coworkers that he wanted me out and then I got the new schedule. My roommates look at me with disgust and always leave when I'm home. They even go to bed early on weekends to avoid me.

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Also I have almost gotten in several fights lately. A guy honked at me because I crossed the street a little before the sign came on and he pulled over and kept honking. I just kept walking but I heard him honking for like 3 minutes. Then a homeless guy outside a grocery store told me "I hope you choke on it" and I said "me Too buddy" and then he stood up and started telling gibberish at me. Then last night I was at a bar alone around 1:30am just sitting there drinking. This guy comes up and bumps into me, kind of dancing but I thought he was trying to order. The bartender asked him what he wanted and he just started laughing and kept bumping and dancing on me. I said "can I help you?" And he kept doing it. So I put my hand in my pocket to undo the safety on my switchblade and he must've thought I was about to do something because he returned to his table of laughing normies and whores. I went to have a smoke and this cunt says like "he I was just kidding man lol" and I told him not to worry about it. Then him and his whores came out to smoke too and the girls were laughing at me. I should and could have killed this fucking guy. But instead i chumped out and said "can I help you" should have caught him with an elbow and introduced him to the bottom of my boot

God fucking dammit
No more. Next cunt that acts like he wants some is getting it.

Anyone else feel like they are under siege?
Well anon why are roomies avoiding you? Stink? Boring? nosy? Something is up but next time some bitch comes up and touches you it's assault and you can drop his ass legally then people will start to fuck off when you look mean and fuck and hit them if they get confrontation with you
don't say roomie you autist normie

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10 years ago today, a Rose was born.

Come and celebrate rosebuds!
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time is fucking terrifying
and of course no one shows up

T-theyre sleeping, right?

hey anons, I want to lose weight by not eating anything, just drinking water.
Would like to try it for a week or so

did someone have experience with this?
does that really help losing weight?
how do I contain myself if I get really hungry?
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You're gonna feel like total shit and just increase your chances of binge eating again. Eat healthy and exercise. Have some self control.
Yeah OP >>38897863 is right. No point losing weight without the benefits of exercise, its only starvation
Dont listen to these idiots, OP.
Reducing your meal sizes will actually make you more hungry than fasting.
The first day of fasting is always the hardest, but after awhile you dont get hungry at all.

you go to bed and you're the last man on earth

what do you do

I'd walk around from town to town, and if stds are still real for some reason, I'd only bang virgins.
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Fucking run.

One man versus a world of women who have access to all the guns men left behind. The odds aren't great.
>you go to bed and you're the last man on earth
>what do you do
>I'd walk around from town to town, and if stds are still real for some reason, I'd only bang virgins.

That depends, what happened to the other men?
did they all die simultaneously? Did they disappear?
Do the women know I am the last man on earth?

I would probably consult some center of learning on what the best strategy would be for the human race going forward. Possibly a medical school or something near me, I'm sure there's plenty of female faculty in biological sciences.

Well first of all, nothing would work anymore. Electricity probably wouldn't work anymore, grid would probably go to shit pretty soon if men disappeared.

I would probably just kill myself this situation is too stressful and I'm getting upset just thinking about it
I'd start preparing for the logistics of keeping the human race going because while sperm banks exist it would ultimately fall on me to contribute the necessary genetic code until more males were born or if no more were, giving science a chance to figure out a solution. I'm sure the U.N. or the US government (whatever's left of either) would get into contact with me immediately to figure out why I was spared/left behind.
If I was feeling particularly edgy I'd just kill myself.

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How do I become a Chad when I am only 5'10", don't have a strong jawline with perfect teeth?

I have everything else though going for me. Is it still possible?
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you just don't have the things that make you a chad,
most people got everybody else not just you
If you dont look like a complete failure, like most of us here, you may have a chance. Though you need the right character, if girls like to talk to you you're basically a fucking normie and should stop wasting your time here.
This image needs to be destroyed.

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