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>tfw want Chadimus to fugg my boipussy without a condor but I'm afraid I might get boipregnant
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If you could carry a baby in a transplanted womb into your boipucci

Would you?
why cant you be gay without acting like such a faggot
Abdominal pregnancies are a thing you know

I'm currently renting an apartment and I'm planning to commit suicide in there. Could this potentially bring any legal issues for my family?
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Did they co-sign anything?
Yes, they did. I'm planning on further researching this since I really don't want to bring them any kind of problems but I figured I could ask around here.
You could have just done it in the wilderness to make things simple.

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they say the amount of pillows you have shows how lonely you are. how many pillows you got lads?

>i started off with 1 then the girl i'm friends with benefits with started being a hoe on snapchat and now i'm at 4 and a body pillow within a month before i even learned this fact.

a little side question; whats the general perception of body pillows if the pillow case doesn't have anything anime on it? does everyone just assume you're a weeb or what?
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5 and a body pillow

Only sleep with 3 and a body pillow tho
Who are (((they)))?

I've never had more than 1 pillow, and I spend all my time alone.
they being shit i read online idk fight me cutie

then i guess you ain't lonely then huh?

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how do I get an SJW gf?
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join an antifa cult and smash the fash
Source on the video. F-for research.

Also to answer your question: move to Portland.
She was qter than the other girl.
I cant understand why /pol/ obsessed with her friend instead.

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What if 4chan was an intricate RPG with classes, levels and traveling from board to board?
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id be interesting. /r9k/ could be like an undercity or somthing
Do you think robots would be lvl 1 slimes or lvl 99 dark lords on average?
i was thinking undercity in more of ravnica MTG undercity (golgari swarm) but to the q i would say a mix, maybe a few wizards/wiches the odd lich. and also slime

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Post your most pathetic moment, your absolute best.

>obese virgin weeb fuck etc
>download artificial academy
>make girl
>"'"date her"""
>we finally fuck
>most intense orgasm of my life
>can't stop thinking about """her"""
>fell in love with a 3D model from a sex game
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that game is fucking impossible without cheats, just like real life.
>me: "How are you?"
Do I need to get a vpn or something before torrenting this? It'll be the first thing I ever torrented
Prob this right here its degeneratebas fuck yet as a dicklet I still fap to her voice


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How do deaf people have sex? Is it harder for a deaf guy to get laid?
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They make super loud retard sounds and sometimes people call the cops thinking a special education kid is being murdered
>Is it harder for a deaf guy to get laid?
Not if you look like that nigga.
can you imagine the sounds they make when they cum? I bet it sounds like a fucking siren going off

>Anon, I didn't know you were into anime! Hey, uh...are you going to the after-con dance party at the hotel bar tonight?
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very original comment
I bet her room is filled with poopy diapers
watching her stand on that bag strap is making me anxious

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What if you did get a GF? How would her friends react to you?
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utterly disgusted
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what original friends?
Ideally she wouldn't have friends, but if she did I'm not hideously ugly so I don't think her friends would be disgusted. However, I'm a fucking loser so they'll probably try to convince her to dump me.

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So imagine you're 12 again but instead of hitting puberty and wanting to make something of yourself, you literally didn't. You didn't grow at all in terms of character from 12. You haven't improved or grown stronger and in fact you've probably gotten more and more weak and stupid because you grew tits and then the world was instantly served to you on a silver platter.

That's life as a woman. That's what women are. They are successful and likeable by default.
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totally yeah!...
that's the life as a woman
let's see you have "the pills" and turn into a woman, and see how life is so perfect,likable and successful by default

Thanks for posting that. Honestly, unless you have HUGE tits, and you're already popular and likeable, you're not going to get anywhere. And the above characteristics are going to lead to more rape and molestation which most girls have already encountered.

Like... Trust me. Women are definitely not likeable by default.
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>20 year old man
>Don't want to do anything with my life

In prehistoric times, I was the grown-dude picking berries with chad's son

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brain tiers.png
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Where do you fit on this?
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bottom is insanely hot, im pretty sure there's a doujin thats similar any reccs?
Sorry don't know of any.
The Skin I Live In is a film not a doujin but it's a pretty similar premise.

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I wish I had a big, bearded, bear bf who would hold me and tell me that he loves me and that it's all going to be alright.

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Is that you, Doop?
>bearded, bear
Shit taste. Chubby twinks is where good shit's at.
I could do that
For $100 plus travel fees

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Theres a carribean parade not too far from me next week. Is this a good way to get qt pie black gf?
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Ew why would you want a black gf
They are hot n taste like chocolate. Only the dark skinned ones though
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Carribean grills are very cute
take your balls and try to talk to a qt

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Post your cringe stories here, Robots!
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>post your stories here!
>doesn't post his own story
Why should I make an effort?
>doesn't make an effort
why should I?
Triple numbers speak the truth

So I'm gonna get laid in 2 hours...

any last minute tips for a former robot?
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Get me laid aswell bigboy
Wear a fuckin condom.
will do
okay this lay is gonna be for all the robots on r9k

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