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>white children starve
>niggers are stuffing their with kfc bought with taxpayer money
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I'll take republican delusions for 500.
White children deserve too starve tbqh
White people voted for Trump and got jobs. What are you even talking about? White people are getting rich with all the good jobs that Trump gave them.

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but when I heard she watches Rick and Morty I had to turn her down.
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What's wrong with rick and morty? Why do you people hate it?
mulan sizchaun sauce ex dee dee dee
Yeah, that one's forced

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pepe crying gun.png
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>Join my oneitis' server on Discord
>go thru all the old chatlogs from before I joined
>she's talking about how she didn't want to go to a con because I was going to be there and calling me creepy
>Realize we were never even friends and the only reason she hasn't unfriended me on FB and she wished me a happy birthday last month is because she's just being nice and doesn't want me to go full Elliot Rodger on her (I'll prolly just an hero instead)
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Its over for you. Females are evil.
you deserve it, creepy faggot
ur probably a creepy faggot too nigger. creepy is just codeword for unattractive

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I am not suicidal at all but i wanna know, how do people fail at shooting thenselves with something like a shot gun? Is using buckshot make it weaker?

Even if you missed your brain wouldnt it still probably be an instant death? if not where would they have to ain to make it instant?

once again i do not want to die im just curious. i just wanna know if it is actually instant.
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buckshot makes it messy. if you'd want to kill yourself i'd recommend .40 s&w fmj. don't be an asshole to those who will have to sweep up your remains.
im not gonna and dont want to die i just wanna know where would someone have to aim to fail? and even if the brain was missed sonehow with a shotgun would it still probably be instant
I know a guy who got shot in the head when he was a teenager on accident. He's pretty dumb now as you could assume but still a fully functioning person

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Post in here if you are posting from an obscure country. Tuvalu reporting in.
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American reporting inn
Is Mexico a rare country in here? never heard of a mexican robot before (only of mexicans living in the US).
Im assuming Scotland is rare enough. But I'm also from a very small obscure island.

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ITT, autistic shit you do.
I'll start
>Pretend I Estus when I drink water
>Praise the sun when I wake up
>Make car noises when I walk around the house
>Refuse to eat in public because I don't eat like a human

Your turn, robots
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> pretend I'm playing with my dog, saying hello to her, or saying good morning
> tfw my dog is dead
> tfw it's been over 2 years
>I practice ufc fighting moves everytime i get out the bath before i get dressed
I think out loud, fragmented sentences, sometimes sing parts of songs, sometimes just make random noises. All while I'm alone, of course.
I'm sorry to hear that, anon. Have you thought about getting another dog? Maybe from the pound/shelter?

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>skeleton mode
>software engineer
Will I ever get a gf?
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this is me, except i'm a little taller and work as a software tester i.e., software janitor
Do you also have no gf like me
yes. desu senpai, i'm more worried about my job than getting a gf

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Really long shot but any South African robots here?
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Check /pol/
I am from southern Africa, does that count? Namibia to be exact.
Nice watermark.


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>that feel when you want to smoke a blunt with Kurt Cobain in heaven

Or he can shoot up heroin, that's fine too
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>wanting to do drugs with an over affeminate SJW cuck while he tries to convince you his wife didn't kill him
File: 1482939189220.jpg (149KB, 612x612px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>implying God would allow filthy druggies like you and Kurt into heaven
more like, kurt blowbrain.

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just had an entire pie for lunch for the 8th time this week.
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Nobody cares. Kys fat fuck
Leave this thread, you edgy teenager. OP a cute. When everything else is shit at least you have good food, allow yourself to enjoy it.
I didn't ask to be fat

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>tfw want to die but no one has any fucking idea what happens after death
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Just die and find out for us. If nothing happens,come back and tell us.
I'm okay with dying, but I have brain problems.
we're all gonna find out one day :^)

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>That kid who took his parent's advice and stood up to the bully by literally standing up and giving a long and poorly thought out speech about how the bully was wrong and was a bad person and just generally spoke like he was on an educational cartoon or something
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these threads were funnier when they weren't posted so often
File: 1483500720212.png (190KB, 592x385px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>that kid who got his parents to sue the bully's family and basically ruined their life forever
File: comfy pepe.png (78KB, 420x420px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
comfy pepe.png
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>that kid who would swear on his mom's life that he had a gf but nobody had ever met her because she was from another town

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Is getting a skinny girl the hardest thing in the world?

>tfw only fatties "want to meet" me on POF
>tfw only fatties send me messages
>tfw no skinny girls reply
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are you normie or bot
if bot, don't complain you fucking loser, this will be the only chance you get
if normie, then fuck off and stop hogging all the fat stacies from us bots

I'm just a guy who doesn't want a fat chick.

Then who was source?

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Hey R9K How does this make you feel ?
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S4s will always be the newfag
What is /S4S/ and >/R9K/?
Are those similar to [s4s] and /r9k/?
File: 1491288540962.jpg (91KB, 1096x806px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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[s4s] is a Karen board

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I don't get it. I wasn't picked on in school, wasn't abused by my parents, and come from an upper middle class family who are paying for my college completely. So how did I end up depressed and here for 6 years?
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Are you ugly or short? Ginger?
(especially >>36115642)

your mistake is thinking that there has to be some reason behind it. That you would actually be naturally happy and normal, but for some particular flaw or bad event. This isn't the case. Some people are just damaged and don't work correctly. They'll never be happy, no matter what they do or don't do.
Jew, they are slick

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