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How many milestones have you missed robots?
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>don't start making 40k until 37
>somehow own a house and start raising a family 10 years before that

What the fuck is this a guide for obtaining debt?
I'm 20 and I got my first kiss at 15. Never had a job tho, but that's retarded cause at this age I should be studying.
Haven't passed driving test and I'm not going to before I turn 21, but I know how to drive.
I've been on holidays with friends, too. Most people do it very young, like from 16.
Everything else looks pretty fucked. How the hell do you move out and buy a car at 22.
9 so far. Let's hope I miss them all.

Do you believe in thicc women anon?
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you posted some damn fine evidence right there
Anons will say no because they are insecure their dick size can't pleasure a bigger women.

To answer the question, hell yes.
I that uncomfortable?

This is the computer set up of a 22 year old datelsss KHV NEET.
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Which drawer do you ejaculate into?
i have that same godzilla somewhere in my house. if i remember correctly it was a sensor to make a noise when you pass by it
None, I don't master b8 there.

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Are women sentient or conscious at all? I'm really starting to wonder.
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Yes they're the same as men except they have vaginas and usually look cuter.
they are better then me in every way I find.

women are superior

I wish one would touch me, s-sorry for having dirty thoughts ma'am
3d raosties are a vile subhuman species who want nothing but to satisfy their own selfish desires ex. money, status, manipulation

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Have you ever dated a skinny girl but got her to gain weight? maybe through subtle coaxing? There's this qt at work that I am pretty sure I'd have a chance with. She's got a good face but she's a skelly. Think I could bulk her up just a bit?
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Get that butt plump anon
just get married, she'll get fat on her own
>have you ever dated
Which board do you think this is?

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r9k is absolute garbage nowadays. It's full of unironic incels that post about hating normies, complaining about women, or bitching about not getting laid. It's because they don't want to face reality that they're just autistic as shit. Normies/women aren't the problem, you are. If you just improved yourself you could fix everything. Instead you complain all day and refuse to suck it up and work hard to change. I was just like you, fat, no gf, virgin, and I browsed r9k back when it was god tier.
I started working out and eating healthy and got a qt3.14gf. I have a job that I love and dont want to kill myself anymore, it was that easy to cure my depression.
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the fact you're a tripfag AND chose that fucking cancerous name has completely made me disregard your shite opinion for the rest of time.

kill yourself
you cared enough to reply to him, looks like it hit a little bit too close to home
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WAAAHAHAHHA ANON!!!! SMOKE weed every day you ninny!!! You fucking ninny muggins!!!! I'm high as fuck right now holy shit tutti fruition I'm in a fucking high ass condition!!

The level of this bait is off the fucking charts!!!! Wahahahaha YOU FAGGIT!!! This is fucking incredible!!! This is now a sexual destruction thread!!!! Post images you jack off to.

Then smoke pot and jack off!!!!!!

At work getting paid 30 dollars to watch Goodfellas. Drinking free coffee I get at the place next door due to my job. Delivery guy comes in with food for a guest and "accidentally" brought an extra sandwich for a guest (I tip him 2 bucks and suggest guests eat there in return). But... But... Wageslave life is so miserable. *Sips*
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what are you a night audit
what job pays 30 an hour?
I'm an electrician and make $35

benefits and pension makes it more like $50 but I'm just talking take home

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You should tell us the story of your life, Anon.
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Canelo Alvarez.jpg
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Why are you lying, anon we like you.
Talk to some bitches, don't talk to us.
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Im going to drink this bottle of gin and originally play morrowind until 5am

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>tfw the younger cousin you used to molest at family gatherings is now a 22 year old slut.
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She's fucking a spic and it's weird.
Why? Does she make you watch?

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Please give details anon.

I got a girlfriend guys!!!! Have I ascended off this board?
(Pic unrelated)
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No, I've had tons of gfs and currently seeing two girls but, I still go on r9k to laugh at MGTOW and angry virgins
Sweet, we can laugh together.
Yep. Here's your train to normie-dom and success!

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How to find a perfect looking gf like this, /r9k/?

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End it all.
Thr fat fucks are waiting in hell for you to join them.
What, why? What are you talking about?
go to an anime or video game convention

Who here /onlypretending/? I have a gf and make $130k
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I'm not a virgin, I'm gay, and I am likely enrolling into a university with free tuition soon.
Main reason I am here is Clinical depression and not being able to maintain friendships.
I NEET'ed for about a year, and I have to enroll into uni across the country with nothing but $1000 in my bank account.
how do you make 130k?
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>he only makes 130k
>he isn't a junior associate making 220k 2 years out of law school
I cant believe I share this board with such failures lads

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This board is too obsessed with porn.
I thank the mods for getting rid of the trap threads and "fembot" threads now if only the porn threads could be culled.
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I want a new board for people who don't care about relationships and sexuality, just a place to discuss lacking motivation and living a shit life where nobody cuts me any slack for being autistic
So make this a blue board?

They should just make /sad and you can go there.
the board can still be red, it should just be full of people who don't give any (you)s to porn-posters and women-posters so we can focus on real things in life

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I just want your opinion on this statement /r9k/. It's a female for context
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Well, to be fair she's not wrong
vapid whore mootblox
men can't be virgin
"we" use it ironically

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>tfw gay
>tfw I will never be arrested for a crime and when I get into prison all the guys go crazy for my skinny twinkish fem body
>tfw I will never get a skinhead prisoner bf to snuggle with
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how does emma lose the blues
You know there is no lube in prison right.
It will be incredibly painful for you
I mean you could just make one of us go crazy for your twinkish fem body and make us cuddle you.

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