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Hey Robots,any of you considering joining the army?
I see many sad people,that apparently,have no purpose,feel bad that they are unrecognized.
In the army you have a purpose. Honestly,meeting interesting people and shooting them before they explode seems nice. If you join the army and there you don't take part in conflict,you are a better human than those chads with a nice car.
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Last I checked Army is robot hell.
I wouldn't mind the conditions,not really into /comfy/ shit while i'm busy
Last I checked you're not an Army fag so you dont know shit.

OP, I'm leaving for Basic in September. I'm a POG (person other than grunt). If you want to be a grunt (infuntree) then by all means have fun with it and plan ahead for your future.

I wanted to get an option 40 contract but it wasn't available for the mos I picked (25B). If you want to be smart and make the best of your Military career then I suggest you explore other branches and pick when you find thr branch you want pick a JOB that will benefit you once you retransition back into the civilian world.

Good luck. I made it and so can you.

Btw, start running now if you want to go Army like me. I run 3 miles every other day. And just so youre aware, if you enlist (swear in at MEPS) understand that you most likely wont be shipped out to basic for at least a month which is plenty of time to git gud at running. Either way, as long as your e not overweight or have health issue you'll be good. Basic is meant to turn you into a soldier but it's a lot easier if you're prepared for Basic.

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>"What's that orange website you always go on, anon?"
How do you respond to this when people ask you?

Pic related: your mom pretending she cares about you when she asks
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>not using Yotsuba B as the background
Go to >>>/trash/ and ask them.
Bruh, it's salmon pink

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>tfw you win the lottery next week

Wat do?
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In my country lottery jackpots are around 2 to 4 million dollars, if I won that amount I'd probably buy at least 3 apartments, 1 to live in and the other two to rent, I'd buy a fun sports car to have, I'd pay off my debt and my parent's, then I'd spend a bit on random shit (new PC, furniture and equipment for my apt, etc) and finally give it away the rest to my family.
i'd immediately build a camping/hike/hunt kit and go out to Alaska on an extended hunting tour.
fly out to the midwest and take survival classes from Dave Canterburry.

i'd basically just do all the things i always wanted to do but never could because of restrictions.
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If i won the $430million Mega Millions jackpot, I'd make a thread, and buy every robot who got dubs or better in my thread an ASUS ROG GX800, and $1000 in Steam games. The i'd take the rest, buy a few apartment complexes, hire a property management crew, and NEET up the rest of my life.

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You can have any super power. What do you choose and why?
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I'd pick absurd and infinite luck.
>always succeed in everything
>things always go my way
The comfiest power.
Anything i say is true (or will happen regardless of logic) so long as i put a certain (chosen) keyword after the sentence with 3 seconds of the sentence.
*within 3 seconds

Fuck me mang

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I'm in love with Bailey. I fucking added her after that pathetic virgin posted her Discord and we talked. We got close and she just blocked me all of a sudden; totally out of the blue.

Now I know how Olive feels.
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She's a cunt who toys with hearts and only wants betas to give her attention

Took me 4 lines of back and forth to figure it out and blocked her asap.
Well, you're smarter than me. I miss her heavy.
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Details? I have a bit of a crush on her as well..

fucked up sexual fantasies? I'l start with one of mine don't feel any shame anon tell us your worst
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I've got a fantasy of being manipulated and tricked into an abusive relationship and made completely dependent on them to the point where id be on the streets without them basically forced to endure it all if i don't wanna end up on the streets
regularly drugged by them
I want a cute girl to kill me during sex, or just in a sexualized way. Not all that fucked up.

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Would you rather be overweight or underweight? Why?
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Underweight because that's what people want the most.
underweight, goes with my trap agenda
Underweight. I'm a fat piece of shit, and all I want is to be skelly. Like being muscley chad just doesn't appeal to me.

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Get in here. Whitebots stay the fuck out. Don't make about politics please.
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Got myself a twist sponge, might try start dreads with it
So how was your day? Mine was boring as Usual incase you we're wondering.

Official blackbot discord /nRBJux

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most women hate you, why do you guys sit around talking so much about women and wanting a girlfriend.
>hay guise im upset i don't have a toxic relationship with someone that despises me
explain this shit
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>explain the human condition to me

There is no objective summary.
girls are so beautiful i want to eat then up literally they all look so tasty
People here are young and full of testosterone, not to mention they were taught by their mothers validation only comes from women.

As soon as they get older and their libido goes down and they get grinded by work they will stop caring much.

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Do guys dislike girls who are deaf and mute?
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Odd question, but I don't think so. Obligatory
>tfw no lonely deaf/mute qt for me to befriend
Guys can see literally anything negative as cute if they like you. If you're insecure about it it's especially cute.
not particularly, I doubt I'd ever pursue a relationship with one though

>everything is going to shit
>politics are going further and further towards extremism
>race relations are worst than ever
>sex relations are worst than ever
>most women are self centered and insane
>world leaders are pushing for absurd and self destructive actions
>the left and right wants to outright kill each other
>the media is only interested in feeding people a narrative instead of unbiased news
>censorship is getting more and more ridiculous with the internet monopolies facebook, google, youtube and twitter banding together
>automation may become a problem in the not so distant future
How do I keep on going while knowing all this?
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There's not much you could do to change it anyway, so don't worry about it. Just let the world sort itself out. Whatever happens, you and 7 billion other people are in it together.
Yeah, this. You cant do shit anyway so just try to make yourself happy if you can
Do you think gender relationships will ever improve? Or will it be like this until the West collapses?
Honestly, the only issue that bothers me about MGTOWs/MRAs is that they advocate ignoring the problem instead of trying to solve it.
Call me a fool all you like for being altruistic, but I'm not giving up.

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What do you guys think of r/Incels? is it a place you want to be associated with?
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what is r/incels
It's unironically more autistic than r9k

bunch of faggets

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how do you stop worrying about the past and the dumb mistakes you made?

>tfw keep cringing at the dumb and autistc shit ive done
>ruins my day or at least the next few hours every time one of these thoughts come up
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Realize you are the only person that cares about and remembers those moments.
Oh my god I thought I was the only one. I was a really cring, clingy kid, and at least once a day I have a flashback of me being a fuckwad anywhere from ages around 9-13. I usually feel better if I hit myself shortly after. >>39057611
I also try this and it offers only short term comfort.
guilty or embarrassing? You just have to accept and feel the embarrassment and it'll go away

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What do I need to work for the CIA, lads?
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Stay off of 4chan. Get a bachelor's degree
A drug addiction
I mean CIA has a bunch of fields to get into if that's what youre wondering

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>mfw i finally grt my first gf at age 20
>mfw she's a fat degenerate i met on tinder
Whatever, who needs standards anyways
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How degenerate are we talking here?

Yea, fuck that shit. I will probably feel OK for the first month, then you'll realize how shitty having an overweight hamplanetbeast gf is.
tell me about it anon, i'm in a similar situation

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