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itt we wait till cute traps post then we orbit them
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>itt we wait till cute traps post then we orbit them
I like the sound of that honestly
>itt we wait till cute traps post then we orbit them
Trap here, send money plz

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A+ A+ A+ A+ A A- B+
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radical islam.jpg
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B's across the board baby (and one a)
>taking 7 courses in 1 semester

jesus fucking christ. how many of those were online courses

Why are you fat?

hardmode: no meme answers
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Poor willpower.

5'11" and 155 lbs, feels good man
>go to doctor for depression pills
>say i dont want any that will make me fat
>"Don't worry anon I'd never prescribe a antidepressant that causes weight gain. That would just make the depression worse in someone your age."
>Gain 30 pounds in 3 months
>Go back to doctors office because my prescription ran out
>See different doctor
>"Oh yeah, that pill you were prescribed causes weight gain. I'll put you on something else that's way better and will help you lose the weight."
>Go to pick up new prescription
>$127 a month

I also eat out of boredom and feeling full of food helps me deal with nervousness.

Can we just pass a law that makes it legal to rape cosplayers?

You cannot wear stuff like this. Post pictures like this. And then expect men not to get tempted and aroused.
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Are you incapable of controlling yourself or something?
Do also attempt to rape little children at the swimming pool?
You go girls. Show him what third wave feminism means.

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Has science gone too far?

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God hitler was on something when he put the mentally ill in camps
Im willing to wager that he looks manlier than you do
All ftm look like douchers

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Anime yourself up
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pic related is the most literally me thing possible
apparently they didnt have a proper jawline

>no bald option

Transphobes utterly and eternally BTFO
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Are they trying to say his argument is meaningless because he's just a regular dude, not a biologist?

Am confused
wtf I hate logic now
No, there are only 2 sexes. As for genders, you can literally have as many as you fucking want according to the definition.

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ITT: things you're exceptionally good at, or just an uncommon skill you possess

>I can stall a conversation for an impressive amount of time
>good at reading people's reactions to things, the sincerity of their inflections, and when they're trying to think of things as they're talking

I don't use these skills very often, because I generally avoid talking to people
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I can do a pretty good indian accent for a white guy
like you would know what an actual indian accent sounds like faggot
Can you poo on the loo?

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Seriously, what's up with Cheska's penis?
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Nigga, that not right.
I see the scrotum but where's the gonads?
Man the tittyskittles fuck you up huh.
>I see the scrotum but where's the gonads?
>Man the tittyskittles fuck you up huh.
What is gonad?

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what is the ideal female body?
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curves lots of them desu
dem curves be givin me whiplash
wide hips, good butt, medium boobs, soft cute face

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Post age, height, weight.

>same height and weight as dahmer.
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Why, what purpose does it serve?
Fuck you CIA
>that head to torso ratio

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Can we have a t h i c c goddesses thread?
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here you go, anon
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this is what a real woman looks like, you might not like it, because you are a faggot

weirdly hot.


>meet a handsome guy
>go home with him
>make out with him
>he takes his shirt of
>you see something like pic related

Gaybots and fembots - how would you react?
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what a faggot

Teach him how to do it properly. Fucking loser.
i would not mind. I would probs ask him about it later, or in the moment i saw it if that felt right/appropriate ...depends on the mood and his personality really

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join the [R9K] Friendly discord?
discord gg/RhNrQhZ link related
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I need more sexual weeaboos to talk sexual talks with please. especially if you're a dominator very pleases. discord gg/wkxjCYQ
Loli kys the disgusting black shit eating nigger piss drinking faggot.
Cockstink serenade

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Is cod incel the world's ugliest incel?

What do you think, robots?
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Proof that he's an incel?

He probably has a gf
i don't know how he looks to females/gays, but i find his look strangely endearing and likeable
to be honest if he just gave up on having hair, waxed his eyebrows, shaved any facial hair, and like, actually exfoliated/moisturized he wouldn't look like a gremlin

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