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Taco bell is the best fast food restaurant for vegans

Prove me wrong, you can't
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nice try, but subway is the best hands down. the professional sandwich artists always take the highest degree of care when making your food.
>nice try, but subway is the best hands down. the professional sandwich artists always take the highest degree of care when making your food.

Nice try, but Taco Bell's customers deserve better. They want delicious food for less - why eat anywhere else?

For just $2 you can get the bean burrito today.

Want a little more punch in your munch? Get the power menu burrito for just $4.

All for less than the cheapest footlong at Subway.
>Taco bell is the best fast food restaurant for vegans
Chipotle is way better

the dumbshits at taco bell will fuck up your order and put meat or cheese in it

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This is the average woman's life.
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you posted this before and nobody cares or relates
only fucking retards go on tinder or use dating sites lol
Yea but that is just hedonism. These things catch up to women especially. You can't control other people actions, but you can control yours instead of being bitter work on your ideal self. Better than living in nihilism.
That's the average womens life even before tinder/internet hookup culture.

I know, I have super-normie sisters who are now in their 30s and married to beta cucks, meanwhile they spent their entire late teens and 20s sucking and fucking tall handsome alpha male type characters.

Not even fucking memeing here. What's even worse is that my mother encourage their behavior, father didn't do anything because he's beta and goes along with whatever my mother says.

I remember one time vividly when my sisters a their friends were over, they were 21-22 at the time, they were grilling the fuck out of some girl they knew for still being a virgin despite having had multiple BF's, just being too scared to fuck, and I'm literally across the hall, as if they didn't know I was also a KV, fucking cunts.

>A 5'7 man might struggle with women his whole life. Just two or three inches below average height.
> A 5'10 woman is a sexy model and attractive.
A 5'0 woman is attractive too.
Why is this okay?
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5'10" manlet king here. This is true suffering. It's not ok and we need to fight it by not giving these women sex.
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>manlets still BTFO about their inferior genes
>tfw height and cancer linked
>tfw tall girls trying to play the big strong alpha bully as adults
>tfw short beta girls still go for the jock despite having their artistic introverted hobbies
>Some artists manage to reproduce
>Not all great traits exist in tall men

Go for the big guy, you're just a monkey after all but you're more than that

I dunno, scorpions are small...

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dead peep.jpg
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>you've just died and are now at the gates of heaven
>god is standing in front of you with a list of all your worldly sins
what does he say?
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traps are gay 77
>well... at least your still a virgin.
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>Yeesh you were a depraved little man.
>Maybe I shouldn't of tested "How small can I make a man without him going insane."
>That said, little hothead like you is going where the rest of you belong. Have a nice trip!
>*Pit to hell opens and I freefall while screaming*

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How do I open myself up to people without thinking anyone won't care?
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Why would you even open yourself up? Whom are you talking about here? Strangers?
Folks have been using alcohol for this, so I heard.
Everyone WILL care though. Number one topic of normie discussion is gossip

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>Girlfriend gets horny in her sleep
>Her boners keep poking my back or my tummy while she cuddles me
I can't get to sleep when this happens it's distracting
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Where would that Zelda be from?
Milk your girlfriend on occasion
>Her boners


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>tfw your best friend is getting closer to their other friends than they are to you
>tfw you feel awkward talking to them
>tfw their new friends don't like you very much
Who else /emotionallycucked/ here?
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I know how you feel. I never had a best friend but at some points I was a secondary friend to a few people.
Same. I'm the guy people talk to if noone else is around
>I never had a best friend
Damn, man, not even online? That sucks.

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>applied to 110 jobs so far
>not a single call back
What the fuck am I doing wrong. I've been to resume reviews so that's fine. After the 60th job, I decided to lie on my resume by expanding my old jobs by 6 months. Still no calls.
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>How old are you?
>What previous experience do you have?
>Where are you applying?
That's why you need to constantly reword, remake, and lie on your resume
The only reason I got my first job was through a connection my dad had. I applied to about 50 places before that.

I believe the reason places aren't hiring as much is because the labor pool is far too large and they don't need as many people working as they did before. Factories in the first world used to be filled with people. You can work there for your entire life, get a comfortable wage, and have a good retirement. Now something like a car factory is automated to a large extent. They have machines doing most of the work.

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I'm done living this boring lonely life.

Tomorrow I will tell this cute girl in my class how beautiful she looms and aim to get a date with her.

Wish me luck.
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that's the spirit op. if she turns you down, just go ask out another girl. throw all your insecurities away and just start asking chicks out
Prepare to be so crushed that you never feel like doing it again. Only norman's endlessly pursue shit like that.
Pro tip. Just ask for the date. Most women don't like random people coming up and telling them they are beautiful. They want you to do it in a round about way.

I was thinking if i could make money off of cosplay?

At conventions where they have contests do they win money?

I have a cute-average face according to my only friend and my body is about trap tier but i was thinking of doing some exercises and light workout to get a bit more fit and toned, my height is 5'7 and my weight is 55kg

i was thinking cause of my body type i could probably cosplay girls and id wear a medical mask to hide my face, that way my body would do all the work

do you think this is possible? has any of you guys done it before?
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You would make more money cross playing and selling your boipucci at a con
You should cosplay lolis.
No. And you remade this thread.

And it's a low key begging thread.

And cosplay is expensive.

What you should do is make cosplay and sell it on eBay if your goal is to make money with cosplay.

>Dreamt I was giving my boyfriend a handjob
>Wake up and he's gotten in bed too, but he's sleeping
Sh-Should I do it?
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do it, faggotronfaggyfag
Give him the succ while he's sleeping. And also leave this place
do it ya slut
also start sucking him too

Post your IQ, see who's smart
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Tfw two smirt to waste time on an online iq test
138 "professionally" tested.

Work in a warehouse. Do nothing in free time. Fundamentally incompatible with human life.
Fluid and Crystallized intelligence means jack shit if you do nothing with them.

High EQ + 120+ IQ is one of the best combos. because let face it, you're probably not in the really gifted echelons.

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>into "sprituality"
>acted female
>always had girls around him
>lectures me even though he's a dumb cunt
>now 26 and doing a meme degree in psychology after doing a first meme degree in music
>i hope he fails at life

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>last name was literally boner
>picked on me
>clique was dumbass potheads and try hard skinheads
>think im odd man out
>find out grade level hates him
>senior checkout
>boner wearing shades backwards hat and rolled up plaid button up
>chad and stacy sitting in front start talking shit
>"hes a neckbeard but he doesnt have enough testosterone to grow one"
>boner later flashes his dick to theater queers
>most gay
>they report him
>gets sex offender status
>cant college
>cant job
>lives with druggy mom
>sells all of his shit
>boner on suicide watch
>havent heard since 3 years ago

I hope youre fucking dead bitch. You lost everything and it actually makes me happy. Kill yourself on your fathers grave so that you that you can give him the happiness you never gave him alive for once
All of you. You're all the type of people I hated in high school and regularly bullied. Probably should have killed yourselves back then, saved the Earth the trouble of putting up with you.
>acted female

is that like 'acting white'

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This too shall pass, this too shall pass...

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me when I swallowed too many oxycodones and i cant remember how to breathe
I hope it never does for you, you and everyone here deserve it for the way you act and actively ruin the lives of other's by trying to be edgy cunts.
And see the shadow people right? It suxxxxxx

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>be robot
>6/10 face
>go on Omegle
>get skipped by every single western looking woman instantly despite most of them looking like ugly fat cunts
>eventually end up cam'ing with a group of Asian women
>they all look in their early 20s
>all skinny
>all pretty
>omg this man so sexy and beautifuuu
>omg i want him muh boyfriennn
>literally all giggling and blowing kisses
>they literally refuse to skip and stay camming with me for like 30 minutes until my net randomly drops out and we lose connection

This shit just proves how fucked up western women's standards are. These women would be considered a solid 7-8/10 here any western country because they're not fat, feminine and not hateful towards men. Meanwhile I can't even get a 2/10 white western whale to stay connected on Omelge for longer than 0.8 seconds.
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>Ugly face
>Not very fit but I work out a lot
>Go on Omegle
>Women of any ethnicity rarely skip me and normally I skip them because I don't wanna deal with boring attention whores

Gonna level with you, Anon, those Asian girls were probably making fun of you. Later, when they're having a laugh, they'll giggle and smirk thinking about that disgusting, old, ugly white man with yellow fever they saw on Omegle that one time.
File: 1373306124416.jpg (99KB, 1440x810px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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why don't we just get asian girlfriends lads?

its easy to get your tomoko right now!!!! right op?

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