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Literally you guys.
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I don't read paki

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epic winning
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>speak out against the Jew
>lose career
Is that "Motherfucker" Mike Mate in the middle?

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>every history major I've met is a conservatard
What makes them such regressive cunts?
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I have a history degree and desu in my experience its the complete opposite (including myself)

>considering going back to school for a history degree
>am a conservatard regressive cunt

>considering going back to school for a history degree
>am regressive

This happened a few years back

>Be me, 14
>It's midnight
>Hear things downstairs
>I hear someone speaking
>It's a home intruder
>I hear something dragging and scraping on the sidewalk a bit later
>I panic and grab my pocket knife
>Go downstairs once I'm calm
>Immediately go to sister to see if she heard it too
>She laughs
>"That was my boyfriend leaving"
>mfw the home intruder was my sister's boyfriend
>mfw I didn't even know she had a boyfriend

Thought she was a lesbian, to be honest
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You have a whore for a sister too? Same.
Honestly really glad she moved out
do you regret not stabbing him ?

Fucking gone rn AMA boyyos
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I just took 15g of Red Vein Maeng Da
What are you thinking about?

I'm listening to Jimi Hendrix atm and i'm thinking about how i'm gonna get through work tomorrow and how not to die.

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Anyone else not a self hating minority? I don't mind being black, I feel like a saiyan.
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>I like being part of a culture known for rape, murder, and thievery.
I'm a pedophile. We're the real Jews.
>I feel like a saiyan.
Why do you feel this way, and why is that a good thing?

autists stay in your basement! no IT nerds allowed!
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What does ywn mean? And those people are all normies.
I don't understand. What does being an IT nerd have anything to do with this?
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>when you're supposed to lotus, but you miss her the mostest.

What would you do if you became dumber than you are? Like noticing you forget things more, harder to think of solutions to problems, less clever, stuff like that?

What about if you got cancer, how would that make you feel?
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We aren't smart anon
I'm becoming dumber every day and I feel like killing myself, probably unrelated though.
I Donno but she's pretty and I would love to take her to Denny's and show her a good time.

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This is a group therapy thread for all non-Whites who feel low about themselves because they are not White/human. I'll start with my own story.
I am a "Pajeet" (INB4 poo in loo) living in my own country and since I'm not a part of a minority group and have never been to a foreign country, I had never experienced racism in my life. Once I started browsing 4chan my life has been dead. For the first time ever I saw people unironically talking about things like "scientific racialism" and that dark-skinned people are subhuman and have low IQs and things like that. Until then it had never occurred to me that some races were inherently superior biologically than others. But after seeing all these redpilled stats and infographics that fly around in /pol/ I am completely convinced that I am subhuman. This has affected my life very severely. I spend almost all day thinking about race-politics and have become completely socially worthless and have lost all touch with reality. The education system in my country, particularly high school, focuses on extreme academic pressure, similar to that of other Asian countries like China and Korea. It's impossible to do well if you have other things in your mind.
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I don't exactly live with my parents so my internet usage wasn't monitored and I spent a lot of time on 4chan and White nationalist forums trying to debate and argue with them, sometimes up to an hour a day. Even while studying one part of my mind was always pondering about race. Imagine trying to solve some complicated integration problems while at the same time performing mental gymnastics trying to convince yourself that you aren't subhuman. The way these people talk to you, it really makes you want to kill yourself. Even if you make a valid point they'll reject it saying that it's below their dignity to argue with a subhuman. Anyhow, ultimately I underperformed miserably while my twin brother topped the school in maths and got a seat in a top notch college. I have brought great dishonour to the family because I was too busy worrying about the racial inferiority of my people instead of studying hard.
Your turn now.
wtf is with all pajeets and being weird shits like this

what factors led to them deveoping into the most autistic and beta of all races?
Idk, low IQs prolly.

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>tfw you will never have nerdy autist musician gf that can play sick 80's style jams
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>tfw it's to late to become a good pianist
I just want to play piano and now I'm forced to a life of mediocrity
what kind of music do you want to play?
just watch tuts on youtube, its what I do
>tfw you will never have a shut in qt gf

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>moms having sex with her bf in the other room
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>mom is loudly moaning
>disgusted but also oddly aroused
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>mum is too old, fat and disgusting to get a new man
Feels good, anons.
>pretty tall nordic mom is completely alone and miserable
>ugly manlet black dad is constantly banging beautiful sluts half his age

Idk if I should be proud or disgusted

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The blue pill is ignorant, the red pill is useless, why not take the black pill?
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Is a white pill an option? I voted for Trump, so I'm not comfortable with darker colors.
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Gud shit,also nice dubs

that post sounds more like the BLACKED pill

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>Be 25 years old
>Finally get a cute gf
>Find out she was a huge slut
>Like fucked 4 different guys in the same day type slut
>Really like her though
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Fuck it, man. Pussy is pussy is pussy is pussy.
Talk about it with her
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Watch Chasing Amy.
Come back and tell us what you learned.

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Post pics that make you laugh every time you see them.
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Anything Stanley related. Bonus points when newfags take the bait.
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Also spurdo
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*blocks your vote*

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Today is the first day of summer in the States lads, and also the longest day of the year.

I thought to myself when I woke up today that it'd be a great day to go to the beach, and it was. It was warm enough to be comfortable in just a shirt and shorts, and the sky was crystal clear.

The only problem is that I didn't have anyone to go with me. I called the one IRL friend I kinda/sorta have and he never got back to me. My sister is out of town for work, even my mom is on vacation and out of the house. Besides that I have no one. I drove to the lake and hung out there for an hour or so but watching everyone walking around in groups or as couples depressed me so I went back home.

It's dark now, so I'll try again next year.

I am so, so utterly lonely lads. It sucks so much desperately going down your list of people to hang out with and basically having no one. I can't imagine what it's like to have tons of friends you can call on and at least some of them will be available, or even better to have friends who'll call YOU and invite you out to stuff. I just can't imagine.

Sorry for blogging, I just needed to get that out to someone, somehow.
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Hey man it was the summer solstice here yesterday in the UK and i didnt even know about it, regardless im a shut in so it was just another normal day for me though it was kinda cool laying in bed at 10.30pm trying to get some sleep and seeing how bright it was outside still.

This post is kinda elliot rodger tier though, driving to the beach and getting jealous of couples etc? Come on man those are people you'll never meet, dont get jealous over strangers so easily.

Hopefully next year you can do something on this day!
its ok op, loneliness is a cruel bitch and i can only hope she leaves us alone one day. stay stromg brobot

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