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>Sister keeps bringing her friends over
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I know this feeling. The worst part is they all think I'm a creep
they know you're home and the fact that you don't even come out of your room to greet them already makes you a creep
can't ruin any more of your image by showing yourself desu
Leave your room. If she wants you to go back tell her to go to her room if she wants to be alone.

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where can i get a qt brown girl gf please ;_;

do they like white men?
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I follow one on snapchat
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>tfw no loyal brown gf to have dates with
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What do I have to do for her to date me???


Add yourselves to the chart with contact info and stuff. Have a chance at making friends or something.
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>can't remember if the one marker in my town is me or some other autistic memelord
That's why you post info senpai
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>tfw keep getting drunk and scaring people away

It's like pottery.

>omg I just LOVE travelling
>last year I went to India and watched Pajeet shit on the street
>it was so humbling
>look how cultured I am

Why do Stacies love the travel meme so much?
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>Why do Stacies love the travel meme so much?

It's a thinly veiled brag about the different cocks she's had
Why are you so bitter and hate filled about people wanting to explore the place outside their bedroom?
>Explore outside their bedroom
>Stay inside a hotel and post on Instagram


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zabka cwaniak.jpg
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>older sister is almost 30 and still no bf

Good, I want to have her only for myself, not to share her with some chad.
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>wanting your ugly gross sister
Anon c'mon

nope, she is cute

>Incest on /r9k
Niceru Niceu anon!
You're well on your way to making friends.

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suicide or murder and suicide

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Do you have somebody in mind to murder?
Make it the perfect crime, OP.
don't be a fag op drag someone to hell with ya

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What would your ideal girlfriend be like?

Mine would be white blonde slim 19yr old with ass who looks perfectly amazing in leggings, almost like picture related
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mine would be

thats it
Boring and likes to stay home and read and have occasional sex sometimes.

One that doesnt run away on approach lool.

>tfw haven't left house since December
>tfw haven't talked to a person in real life since december.

i-is this normal?
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For /r9k/s standards, that's completely normal

Take my (You), anon.
How the fuck do you get groceries or have enough money to pay your bills?
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OP could be a NEET that doesn't interact with his parents at all.

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>trying so hard to be just
>trying so hard to be good
>deep down I have degenerate desires and fantasies that I can't seem to rid myself of
Any other anons know this feel?
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Why not act out on those desires and fantasies while in private, so that you can be just and righteous in public?
If I cannot practice what I preach then I'm nothing but a hypocrite. How can I hold others to a standard I don't hold myself to?
What kind of degenerate desires do you have, and what kind of standards do you expect others to uphold?

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I'm probably going to kill myself soon

I'm six months away from being 20 and I've never had sex. Should I pay for it? Is it worth it?

Or should I go out a virgin?
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Also why the fuck is it so hard to get laid or even get a girl interested in you

I have:
>5/10 face
>5.5 inch dick
>good personality
>I'm smart
>no mental illnesses

And literally no girl has ever been interested. I thought I'd at least be able to get a 4/10
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Dieing alone isn't so bad
>I'm six months away from being 20 and I've never had sex.
t. 26

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I've decided to leave 4chan for good today.
just wanted to make one last thread.
>inb4 see you tomorrow
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OP here im also deleting my meme folder to assure i dont come back.
right. link this thread when you come back

You will comeback when you get bored of your boring life

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Jail Nigger.jpg
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Why aren't we allowed to hate black people? All my life the government, Internet, school, and TV have told me I'm not allowed to hate them. Why?
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Because it's immoral to hate somebody based on factors they have no control over
>lmao what dude? you hate tomatos? wtf that's so immoral they can't control they were grown that way

finally somebody sane

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I miss Rose so much ;_;
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Who is this tranny freak?
Ugly ass slut. U mad OP?

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>ywn get the Iron Cross
why live?
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The only ywn thread to get me.

It's ok. We can participate in the Fourth Reich!
>being a nazi pig in 2017
Why do people do this?
there has not been a powerful ideology since nazism

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>mom is awake
>REALLY fucking thirsty
>can't leave my room until she leaves the house
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Drink from one of the piss bottles.
I got up early before she woke up and drank a bunch of OJ and milk but I FORGOT to fill my water container.
Today is gonna be rough.
Not even kidding, I emptied them all out last night.

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