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Any fembots play video games and want a guy to play with?

I'm mostly on PS4 right now, but I'm also on Steam, Wii U, Switch, 3DS, and PS Vita.
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I only have xbox... :/
I'm holding off for the xbox one x before I get one. I do have the original xbox.
What do you like to play on PS4? I am reallyinto Nioh right now

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Just be confident bro, works every time.
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Wow, it's really that easy; it works every time.
The lack of hair on that bit under the lower lip is really pissing me off
>just get a haircut and some new clothes bro

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Its my birthday today, I spent the whole day alone on campus, did nice things but still feel sad. Its already past midnight here, the only people to congratulate me were my parents.
Wasnt sure my father would call me, we had a really bad fight before I left for uni, and he hit me in the face. He did call, but I wouldnt care if he didnt.
I lived separate from my parents for a year, before leaving, I had so many hopes about how this year will turn out, I thought I would meet with people who will have same interests as me, who will "get" me or some shit. Ended up spending another year being miserable, which would not be that bad by itself, but I also fucked up my eyes because there is no decent healthcare in this shithole. Now I have floaters and this shit called "visual snow" which has no known cure. It was likely caused by an infection I havent dealt with in time, so now I have a reminder of how stupid I am my every waking moment, I am angry all the time and its getting harder and harder to read.
I am returning home in a week, I didnt miss my parents at all, the thought of talking to them, let alone living with them, makes slightly nauseous. The only thing I am looking forward to is visiting a doctor in hope of restoring my vision, but most probably it will be fruitless. Maybe I will be able to stop, or at least slow the deteriorating.
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Happy birthday blindy
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>spending birthdays alone

Feel like total shit but the more you spend alone it just ends up another day lad

Happy birthday anyways anon
Why did your dad hit you?
And happy birthday friend<3 :)

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>lookism.net is down
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You can finally be free.
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u wot is dat?

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Question for nostalgiafags: Which Sabrina was cuter and more crushable?
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post a pic of her now
I hate how vividly I remember all these shows.
Also second Sabrina best Sabrina.
I hated them all fuck this bitch

Who ever tried starting a Youtube Channel here? Did it go anywhere? Was it fun?
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I guess I'll share my experience first
>Start Channel, a rant/review channel. The genre wasn't bloated like it was when I started
>Slowly gain following over time, eventually got 6k subs
>Started doing livestreams along side videos, got like 10-20 viewer each, it was fun
>Decided to open public chatroom for viewers
>Some people seemed chill
>Got to know some of them
>most only spoke to me for like a month and just fuck off without warning
>A lot of my viewers were whiny attention seeking meme spamming cuntbags
>Slowly started hating my own audience
>Stupid drama started happening and shit was becoming a shitshow
>Go quiet and never surface again, close channel later without warning
I have one, I make instrumental covers of anime op/ed. I have a couple subs, get like ~50 views per video. It's okay.
I just do it to practice my transcribing and mixing skills, so I don't really mind that it's small
>start an animation channel
>start animating
>40 hours labor for sub par quality and 1 minute of footage
>give up a year in after after being called a "poopy head"
>that was my first comment

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>that kid that would yell "DEUS VULT" to the other team in every game of dodgeball
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> That kid who picked a fight with the vending machine and got crushed
> The really innocent looking girl who was caught pressed up against a tree in the woods after school, having her cunny railed from behind and was only caught due to moaning so loud
> The kid who wore non school uniform due to being a tramp
> The kid that fought the teacher and won
> The fat kid that would try to eat anyones left overs at lunch
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>That kid who used a fucking smoke grenade inside of a school
>that kid whose parents didn't let him be there for the sex ed class
>that kid who called the teacher mom by accident
>that kid who always smelled like sausage
>that tiny kid who died of cancer out of nowhere

>art thou a virgin?
how reactest thou?
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This is wrong. She's in high school, and when you join the Bureau you take an oath whose requisite standards of conduct extend into your personal life. Besides, what she really needs right now is a friend.
>be kyle McLaughlin
>on track for romance subplot with qt3.14
>ur gf has a bitch fit and tells the writers they aren't allowed
>they write in some random ass chad to bang the qt in a plane for no reason
shut the f**p up

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>tfw its 8pm
>tfw haven't eaten anything yet
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I don't know how you fatties do it.... I eat 3 pieces of pizza and feel sick to my stomach yet some people I know can eat an entire large pizza.

>tfw get panic attacks pretty much everyday
>Whenever I try to eat when having a panic attack I throw up.
>Its even worse when I eat at a restaurant
Protip GOMAD is not a meme and is great for skellys. It's easy as fuck to drink and there's 2k calories right there.

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I want friends. Every time I try making friends on image boards we never have mutual interests and conversations go nowhere and after two days we never speak to each other. Is it really so hard to meet people who have my same loser shut in interests Anyone else know these feels?
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You sound like a stupid faggot. I feel an immense need to bump the thread just to tell you this. I hope nobody ever wants be your e-friend you autistic sack of shit.
what do you talk about with people who have no common interests with you? the weather?
>the r9k meta is just to find a random thread and no matter what is said, just call the OP a faggot, but there's a robot so you have to do it in an elaborate way

/b/ 2.0
why don't they just delete this board.

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>he missed out on btc
>he missed out on eth

don't be like me and miss out again people, invest in ans right now and we can be rich neets forever
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in what? i don't even know how to invest in crypto jazz
Invest in bit bean
don't miss out on the bit bean boom
i didn't invest in any crypto currency until today. i have experience using bitcoin for drugs on darknet though so it gives me a slight advantage over someone who has absolutely no idea about anything. don't know how to explain how to get started but find a site that sells meme coins and then another one where you can buy bitcoin for real monies then sell the bitcoin for real monies again later

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I am turning my life completely around today, if I do make it (I won't) and keep posting here I promise not to be a pretentious unwarranted-advice giving normie. I just won't be a useless piece of shit anymore.

I will end with this though. You are all youngsters, don't wait till you're almost 30 to get your shit together, it's not worth it and you and I know you won't kill yourself. Just buy some exercise equipment on craigslist with your neet dollars and workout from home, fuck the gym.
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gud 4 u, me too bro
If I could I would, I have chronic back pain caused by lifting. I'm killing myself in a month.
Ok go ahead and do it faggot

Coffee appreciation thread
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>i drink black coffee i am a psychopath XD
I once drank black coffee for 2 months cuz I was too lazy to walk to the store for cream
O-M-G i'm sooo addicted to coffee XDD

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I'm grateful that I have friends but honestly sometimes they can be the shittiest people ever

>be me
>get an invite to a party from a guy I used to go to school with
>he knows I'm a bit of a sperg so he told me to bring my friends
>tell them two weeks in advance there's a party we're all invited to
>two fucking weeks advance notice
>all three of them agree to come
>skip forward
>party is Saturday
>host gives me the details and asks me to pass it on
>I tell my friends
>"sorry can't come"
>"I'm busy"
>"can't come either"

I gave you two fucking weeks advance notice and you all said yes. I've been excited to go to this party for two fucking weeks, now I can't fucking go because I'm too much of a tard to go alone

Here's another one
>"lads, lets go on a camping trip"
>"sounds awesome let's do it!"
>"end of June!"
>of course it didn't fucking happen
>don't know what I was expecting
>uncle runs a truck business
>gets an invite and as many free tickets as he wants to truck fest
>it's a campaign weekend, huge trucks on display, barbecues, beer tents, strippers, the lot
>he tells me to ask my friends if they want to come with me
>realise that this is perfect and ask right away
>"oh yeah that sounds awesome let's do that!"
>within a day they'd all fucking backed out

It hurts, I'm sure to anyone else this is just a minor inconvenience but to me it fucking hurts
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simple, they aren't real friends
They are though, because we do hang out semi regularly and all get along great, it's great fun when we're all out together, they're just such shitbags for backing out of things
This. That's okay, OP. I have no friends too.

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Slugs are fucking revolting.
That's all.
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Fucking kill yourself faggot, slug more slug
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Fuck you, nigger.

>be slug
>minds own business
>eat goop amd fungus thats bad for humans
>lonely slug life
>other bugs fly and jump amd run and skitter, i am slow
>no bug slows down for slug
>human sees me
>calls me gross
>kills me

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