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Any robots in the phoenix area want to go with a strip club with me sometime soon? (Im at ine now by myself)

I dont care about race or looks but for those that do - im a decent looking white 25 year old with a decent job - i just dont have many friends

Make a new friend + get phat female butt in face = not a bad time
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Girls poo out of their butt anon why would you want that in your face?
>co-workers constantly invite me to go to strip club with them
>always refuse because I know I would be miserable and hate it there

Why would you pay to get blue ball'd?
I don't get it either. At that point why not go to a brothel.
Fucking normos and their customs.

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How do I stop talking about stuff and do it? I really want to find my niche I have stuff I always wanna do and never do right now I'm thinking about getting into eBay selling and selling all the useless shit around my house
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Try writing down/typing everything you need to do in order to sell something online. Like the materials you'll need to acquire, how to ship things internationally, etc. Then just start with the smallest things first and work your way up. If you're a lazy NEET like me you'll probably want to block access to any long term distractions, such as 4chan, if you're really having a hard time completing your objective. I'm actually looking to sell stuff online too. Been meaning to for the past 7 months or so, but I don't follow my own advice.
lol I really hope I can do it I live in a small podunk town but luckily there's a post office near me so it should be easy.

I have tons of old books from college old video game and electronic stuff beat up instruments and I've heard of people selling some crazy shit on eBay
You just need to force yourself to do it. Once you've started something it becomes more effort to stop it than to continue it, so even lazily you can continue.

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I am yet to see evidence that fembots actually exist.
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It's for the better Anon.
A part of me believes they don't, but I like to hope that they do.
Well, over in /asp/ we actually got a fem poster to post a picture of herself with a sign. Which was a clear mistake

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Am I meant to play with a guy's butt during sex?
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only secret homosexuals who are obvious
Yes, otherwise one couldn't even really consider it to be sex. It'd be like drinking some sugar water with a stick in it and calling it a popsicle.
Stop watching porn sweetie

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How do I get into the NEET lifestyle? I'd like to try for about a year.

I'm European, by the way.
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Be an illegal immigrant.
"Europe" doesn't means anything EU fags like you should kys
No luck. I was born here.

Try again with proper grammar and constructing a sentence that makes sense.

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>be me, 2011
>have an autistic obsession with star fox and roblox
>start looking for starfox groups on roblox that share my interest
>meet a guy named eric, we become fast friends
>i learn a lot about eric
>he lives in oregon, has an adopted sister
>he is 2 years older than me
>dude becomes my idol
>his starfox builds in roblox fascinate me
>he created an entire ship of his own, the great vyper
>he introduces me to his two friends, matt and anthony
>soon the three of us are close as can be
>practically inseperable

>two years pass
>life isnt going too good for me at home, roblox and my friends are my solace
>eric becomes increasingly odd
>begins telling tales of his adoptive sister performing random sexual acts on him
>i do some digging and find that his adoptive sister, kinley, never existed in the first place
>this is incredibly disturbing as matt had been dating "her"
>it was literally eric pretending to be a girl

>eventually after all this time of us being inseperable friends, we get into a fight
>he defaces anthony's minecraft house
>i return, in jest, and remove a single layer of walls on his house
>he throws a tantrum and gets the admin of the server we were on to ban me
>appalled by his overreaction, i tell him off
>we unfriend eachother

years pass
>im a junior in high school when matt and anthony contact me for the first time in ages
>after my fight with eric our group crumbled
>i had lost contact with them too
>overjoyed to talk with them again
>they send me an article
>my jaw drops
>eric and a friend he made in school decided to kill and rape the corpse of his (eric's) aunt
>i am speechless
>the autistic, but generally good intentioned friend of mine had attempted murder

to this day im not sure how he or his aunt fares, but his aunt survived... only because he attacked her with a fucking airsoft gun.
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My old best friend's in jail too, I don't know why though. My best guess is he's in jail for cp since he had a fetishes for Asians.
Nobody cares about your problems im just here to steal your spongebob image.
you can probably look on police databases based on wherever he lives, pretty sure thats how my friends were able to find all this

boy i got plenty more

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What's even the point of having a gf other than sex? Relationships all look terrible from the outside, and I can only imagine how much worse they are from within one.
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I play Vidya with mine seeing as we were good friends before dating so we have most of the same tastes.
>Inb4 no gf
There's no point. It's another one of those things people tell you that you should have that you don't really need.
If they're hot everyone is trying to take them from you and if they're ugly you've got nothing to brag about.
I have a gf and I miss being single. Women will never make up for the company of a true bro.
Yep, I can study as much as I want, play vidya as much as I want, focus on my career aspirations, go out when I feel like it, engage in my hobbies as autistically I as I want.

What possible way can a gf improve my life?

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22, still a virgin. Should I just see an escort? It's pretty cheap and legal where I live.
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If its cheap and legal then why the fuck havent you done it already
Too soon. You are supposed to wait until pas 25 when you're jaded and angry enough at the world that you will no longer derive any pleasure from doing it.

That's the robot way.
If it was accepted over here, I would

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Do women like these?
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>Do women like these?
who cares what women like tho
No, women like these
OP webm has those

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Why does society look down upon men who visit prostitutes?

What do you guys think of prostitution?

I think its okay but I wouldn't do it unless it was legal, like in Nevada or Amsterdam.
>tfw no hot escort to tit fuck
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Society looks down on men who use hookers because they're pathetic losers who can only get sex by paying for it. Even wizards are less pathetic. Atleast they didn't sell out their dignity.
Because of how 'dirty' they are meme

Girls where I live get tested every 2 - 3 months so they're probably cleaner than the next girl you meet at a nightclub.
But a lot of men who visit prostitutes aren't virgins. They can easily get sex. But why try super hard to get into an average girls pants when you can just pay to fuck a literal 10/10 sex goddess? I've had a bunch of chances to have sex with girls, but I'd prefer to wait until I'm out of university and I can move to a city where it's legal, and pay to fuck the hottest girls. I want my first time to be amazing.

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>he actually gives a fuck about politics
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can you explain what's wrong with it, cool guy?
>implying none of us should give a shit
Granted, much of the politics you see on tv are distractions and glorified entertainment but one should be concerned with who controls your country and government, how your government and country are controlled, and what your government does outside your country.
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>OP is a fag, originally.

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I've been afraid to leave my house every day because I'm afraid of people. The thing is I'm fine when I'm at other places it's just around my house I'm scared.
How do I deal with this so I can excersise and lose weight?
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Go outside and just remember that people just don't give a fuck cause they don't know you
It's all in your head cause of egocentrism most likely. Losing weight is 90% diet. I dieted hard and just walked a few miles a day and lost 125 pounds a few years ago.
go see a psychologist and get exposure therapy

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I hate woman so much
I want to kill all women
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How did your latest rejection go OP?
>How did your latest rejection go OP?
I'm just listening to my roommate talking to his female friend from high school

they are talking about some sexual bullshit

she's whining about how she can't make sexual jokes since college is just starting and its scandalous or some bullshit

listening to her just made me feel so disgusted, I just hate women so much
Why do they lack empathy so much? Literally I have never seen a genuine nice coment from a female user here.

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I keep having a dream in which I grind my teeth until they break off
fucking why
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dreams involving teeth typically mean you are under a lot of stress
you stressed bud?
You're worried about something you said. Anything you say you regret, or wish you held back?
Probably cuz you are grinding your teeth in your sleep silly. Get a dental exam and a mouthguard desu.

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Anyone else feel as if they were cursed since birth? No matter what I do it will result in me being isolated even as I type my moms husband is trying to kick me out and I have no where to go. Every step I take in life makes it worst never better.
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Yeah. I try to be happy successful ironically as my only way of lashing out against the absurdity of the universe, but every night I lay in total darkness and feel the void slowly eating away at my will to live
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madotsuki was made for better things!
File: 1498523494438.jpg (281KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I know the feel
Mado is kill

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