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>play on comfy minecraft server for almost two weeks now
>spend the majority of the day on it
>have to leave for 11 hours today
>finally get back
>get on the server
>shit about griefing and rollbacks being mentioned
>server closed for an hour now

I just wanted to finish what I was building
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Oh, so that's what's going on. I never joined the new discord so I was completely in the dark, I only slept for 6 hours and woke up to the server being dead. How far back were they talking? I spent all day yesterday building a villager breeder, if that gets baleeted I'm going to cry.
>slept 4 hours a night for a week
>become the wealthiest on the server
>admin decides to fuck around
>resets the map
I had 100+ hours on the server for 7 days. Is it the one with owner "Shortanimationz"?
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>got bored
>wanted to play on server
>it's down
>check /r9k/
>find this
fuckin shit
Anyone wanna link me the discord please?

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>"Anon, come sleep on my chest."
Wat do
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I'm not sleeping in a public bathroom
wait until she falls asleep and start phoneposting again
Get off this stupid fucking website and fuck her

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>thinks he's a robot
>is straight
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>faggot surrounded by other desperate faggots
>honestly thinks he can consider himself a robot
Oh wait, I forgot it's supposed to be the epitome of humor to act gay LMAO !!
breeders cannot and will never be robots, but they are too stupid to understand this. That is why they are breeders
>women are told their not a robot because they can get sex whenever they want
>fags have the same ability and think they're robots

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Gonna share the full story, im rarely up this late so im sure ill fall into some people who haven't heard this before

>ever since i was a little boy ive been fascinated with guys being hit in the crotch
>was always way to scared to try it myself because it looked painful
>first experience was this indian girl in 6th grade typing class that tried to hit me in the balls out of no where
>she aimed to high, would hit me in the cock instead
>always made fun of me for having small balls, but i was too afraid of the pain to tell her where to hit
>fast forward to 7th grade, bet this goth girl who had just moved to my small town
>date her and learn she likes hitting men in the balls, dont tell her my fetish but i let her have her way
>she is a dominant, and doesnt care how badly she hurts my nuts
>9 months later i dump her after the tried to get me to leave my friends and control my life
>kicked me in the balls so hard i fainted
>my mother campaigns to have her kicked from our middle school, she is moved to alt.ed
>my mother puts a bounty on her, whoever seriously injures her will receive $100 dollars.
>men and women from my age to adults try and fight her
>she moves towns to escape the hostility.
>later on i date this girl i never met before, a blind date set up by a friends
>im 15, she is 13, she is emo, super shy, never had a boyfriend, no experience
>i jump her into the world of ballbusting while maintaining her submissiveness
>years later we have a kid, i have been ballbusting daily for 9 years, i work as an engineer and lead a semi-normal life with this fetish lingering over me every day.
>As an adult, nothing bothers me, i feel that i am more confident and have more will power than any man i know, and wouldnt alter my life in any way
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Gonna give this a bump since r9k is moving slowely, it took a while to get this far
Imagine being pathetic enough to make up a masturbation fantasy as dumb as this. Off yourself you loser
Well that wasnt a very kind message at all anon

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Where do we settle? You're all coming with me, right? We can't stay on this boat forever.
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>tfw you will never be a proud citizen of the neocapitalist roblox empire
>not becoming a sex slave of the Vivian James Tulpa Cult

How might one become this pleb?
>transhumanist gamer federation
>living in the hottest area of the US

this breaks my immersion

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>tfw three 6 or 7 year old girls hit on me today on the supermarket

u mad?
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Did you fug them?
What did they say to you, OP?
this is a disgusting pepe and a stupid post

>Bf breaks up with me on snapchat
>gave my virginity to the fuck
>feel pathetic, keep trying to talk to him but he ghosted me
>can't eat or sleep because I've had nightmares about it every night for the past week

end my suffering
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>my bf
>not virgin

we dont care, leave this board normie scum
>my bf
Tits or gtfo
move on cunt

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Why havn't you founded your own business?
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>Why havn't you founded your own business?
I may do that very soon
I did. Incorporated in 2012.
god i want a mi24

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Do people still "hang out" at the mall?
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The absolute latest period that was a thing was the early 2000s. Social media replaced most of that.
God this brings back the days of middle school. Oh how time flies. Also, fuck normies.
In Australia people still do

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>mfw looking up the calories of food after eating it

Just got back from eating a big meal at Hungry Jacks (Burger King) and after all those calories I'm still fucking hungry. And then people tell me thin genes don't exist...
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How manu apples do you think it would take to satiate you?
>and after all those calories I'm still fucking hungry.

You're a disgusting blob.
wahhh im hungry
quit eating

>feel sad 5 min later
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Anon you are perfect the way you are. What has to feeling sad. Let me hear it
try nofap you pussy
I always imagine how much better it'd be to have a girl to cuddle up with afterwards.
Orgasm is meant to be something experienced with another person, doing alone is horrible.

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>wanted to be an astronaut when I was a kid
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hey kid, anything is possible
I want to explore space too, not as an astronaut cause I suck ass in math and astronomy but as an explorer, well moon trips are supposed to be a reality by 2020 I heard, for rich people at least, maybe ten years later the price would be more accesible, still got time op
I just wanted to not be a fucking failure, not all dreams come true

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I have 20 bucks of bitcoin to spare.
I'll be giving 1$ to 5$ worth of bitcoins per poster, depending on how fucked up their life is.
This is for real. I wanna help my fellow robots.
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please OP i have testicular cancer and i'm mcdonalds wagecuck
sad as fuck.
sent 3$.
parents are kicking me out, help anon

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EGGMAN ON Ice Poseidon's stream

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cant believe that fucking faggot didnt kill himself


>Meet a female online
>You think she's very nice and different
>She says she's a lonely introvert with no friends
>Ends up she has a wide array of friends that are all male and consistently goes out with friends while ignoring you

Every time
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>Falling for the fembot meme

Welcome to r9k rookie
>date girl online
>really like her, into all the same stuff
>does the same shit as op
>"falls asleep" 5 seconds after I send a message
>every night
Silly anon.

When will you realize that when a girl tells you "she has no friends" it's a lie or she is actively shunning people that want to be her friend because she feels as though people that are her friends need to put in ridiculous amounts of effort to gain the privilege of being her friend.

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