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What is the most valuable lesson 4chan has taught you?
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that wen day is dark alway rember happy day
Tall girls here don't want to have a friend from r9k, even if you're taller than them
>implying you didn't want to just fuck her irl

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>bored, sort of want to masturbate
>"maybe i'll look at porn"
>sex is gross and weird, nevermind, i don't want to masturbate anymore

Every time.
Is this autism?
Do people unironically enjoy porn?
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Meh I only masturbate to solo girls.
Vaginas are gross.
Penises are gross.
Skin is gross.
Bodily secretions are gross.
Facial expressions are gross.
Audio/dirty talk is gross.
Noises, especially female squeals and male grunts, are gross.
o-okay then, you dont even like your dick?

i love mine <3

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Do any of you robots use 4chan slang/memes irl?
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>accidentally called co-worker senpai
Only with my siblings. They all know I'm borderline autistic with an anime obsession, but I think they think it's ironic since I spend most of my time at the gym, am jacked, and have a social life
I talk in greentext sometimes

A stranger walks up to you, gives you pic related and says you have 3 wishes.
What do you do?
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Throw it in a bin.
ask for infinite wishes, like any normal person would

>inb4 you can't ask for that
yes I can
I would wish for the heat death of the universe.

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I figured out the psychological problem that is keeping us down: we're too comfortable. We have nothing to fight against so we languish and feel like nothing ever changes.

Am I in the wrong here? If I'm right then that means all we have to do is continually challenge ourselves.
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if you want to fight, start hunting isis like rambo
no, you are right

all the people i've talked to that have fixed there lives were people that were forced to change, like kicked out of the house and shit like that
I was on the verge of becoming a nerd. I was told that i would be kicked out if I didn't get a job and start contributing to the rent. I understood that my mom was struggling and got a job. That led me to start doing more shit I was uncomfortable with. It's been a climb, boys, but it's better than sitting at home all day playing video games. Now all I gotta do is stop being a pussy and just go try to get laid.

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2 day combo edition. Come in order drinks, get it out of your chest.

Jukebox: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5jGPrq94-w

To the memory of Jack.
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Just give me anything with vodka barkeep.

I got another long day at the insane asylum to get through
You in a psych ward ? How's it like ?
Zero shame self bumb.

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So i just got back my results of my official iq test i took with a psychologist. For all my life i lived under the impression that i was more thoughtful than the people around me and thought about things in a deeper and more nuanced way than my peers. I never understood how people could unironically enjoy parties, watching sports, gossiping and other degenerate normie activities. I was always under the impression that everything normies did was just to get laid. That is, until i finally got laid myself at 25 and it was fucking boring and totally not what it was made out to be. This only made me even more arrogant about my own intelligence, as normies apparently genuinely enjoyed these activities for their own sake.

So i decided to just confirm it and take an official iq test. I took the test a couple of days ago, hoping that it would strengthen my drive to end up working in academia.

My score: IQ 108



I really have a hard time grasping normies, how can they be so smart yet act so dumb at the same time, i literally can't comprehend their thoughtpatterns.

Maybe it was just autism all allong and maybe that should be the next thing i should test about myself.

Post your iq thread i guess
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IQ means jackshit other than how good you are at puzzle-solving. Take it from someone with a 169.
I dont know my iq but im a retard
I've never had my IQ analyzed.

Isn't it primarily mathematics and puzzle-solving?
Check out the related image. There is more to life, and more to learn, than what was tested at your psychologist's office.

Please don't measure your self-worth by this number.

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post in this thread if you want to disappear completely
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Here goes nothing

work please
Would be perfect, please
is it working yet?


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that feel when no titcow gf to show off to my internet pals
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Imagine having to walk around with 20 pounds of fat hanging off your chest all day
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But imagine getting to stick your face in 20 pounds of fat whenever you like
Who is?

Otherwise what point in thread?

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>there are honestly Sonyponies on this board
Fucking kill yourselves.
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Xbox just delayed its only X1X launch exclusive to next year. Xbox literally only has Halo Wars 2, Cuphead, and Forza 7 this year. I love their backend, but holy shit, they're fucked.
>there are people who own video game consoles living on earth right now

the human experiment was a failure
Whether the PS4 is worth owning is up for debate. However PS4 is better than Xbox One; there is no debate here.

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>it's a "homely asian girl falls in love with you" episode

I fucking swear to god.
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>someone fell in love with you
Go away normalfag.
I'd saw off both my legs for a homely asian girl to fall in love with me.
Yesterday when I was coming home from vacation I got to sit next to a cute short-stacked Japanese girl on my plane ride. She spoke perfect English and was reading moon runes on her Kindle. I helped her with her bags and she didn't even avoid eye contact with me. When we landed she ran and caught up with me to thank me for being so kind. If my family hadn't been there and we weren't going to a connecting flight I would have liked to talk to her more. I almost made it..

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I hate OCD so much. I wanna die
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anon what compulsions do you have

I used to have a lot and got over them without meds
I have to masturbate 3 times in a row. Usually multiple times a day
That's it? Are you kidding?

It's the fourth day of university, and I already want to go home. Even though it's a top 100 college in the US, the courses are all the same quality so far as high school, and the professors are about the same quality. In fact, they're honestly slightly worse. The biggest difference is the ludicrous amount of money I owe, and now I don't even have the cash to buy the textbooks I need because I've been bled dry. When I'm walking outside, the pavement's so hot it gives me a headache, and I come into class feeling dead inside. We sit for 50 minutes, I feel like I learned nothing, and then leave.

Part of it is objectively bad, but I know my malfunctioning brain makes me unhappy too. For almost a year now, I've been physically unable to enjoy anything I do, and the only option left is to see a doctor. But of course, the university doesn't offer free healthcare, and so I must pay $30-50 per session, which I can't do because I'm lower-middle class. So things just keep getting worse by the day.

I don't know what to do, guys.
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be confident and nofap my dude
I'm sorry OP. I was depressed as shit in college and felt pretty similarly. If it really is a top-100 school in the US, they should be able to get you some kind of help without charging you out the ass. Tell them you can't handle it and you're going to leave after this semester.

If you haven't already done so, see if there are any clinics near you that offer financial aid to low-income patients.

>the courses are all the same quality so far as high school, and the professors are about the same quality.
Don't stress about this just yet, aren't you just in the dumb general classes that everyone has to take? Now if courses in your major seem bad, then start to worry.

Godspeed anon.
>I don't know what to do, guys.

Grind on, get your grades, try to learn something in the meanwhile which has value for you

If you thought university was going to be a fountain of knowledge then you're wrong, it's intelligence signalling.

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Post your Pepes. I'm trying to expand my pepe folder
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Have one on ya robro
Same robro have another for ya
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Have my pepe senpai

What do you think about my Aldi's haul?
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That banana nut granola is the best
were you quaking from beetus when you snapped this pic?
>not eating exclusively chicken, vegetables, and water

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