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Every time a man tries to brag to me about having sex with other women I instantly lose interest.

How can I ever desire a man who has Stacy's cum on his face?
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You shouldn't. Neither should men want women that have been with other men.
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>I'm going to be original and funny by flipping the genders in a stereotypical robot post
>Every time a man tries to brag to me about having sex with other women I instantly lose interest.

No man does this.

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hey guys, I posted about this before and against both my better judgement and what 90% of anyone else told me I should do, I plan to pick up 2 grams of coke soon to help me talk to qts at school (highschool senior so technically not underaged)

how bad did I fuck up and has coke helped any of you guys get the courage to talk to girls?
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Are you fucking retarded just drink like 3 shots of vodka to gain confidrnce why buy coke?
If you make a thread about how it goes, I hope I catch it.
I guess just don't get addicted.
vodka is harder to get than coke in the states if you're not 21 apparently

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>mfw Yooka-Laylee gets mediocre reviews

They deserve it.
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Torrenting anyways. Just like me androgynous
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You have a link, fampie?
Meant that in the future tense. I don't think ones up yet.

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How would you handle it if a girl was obsessed with you, and you didn't like her back?

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Already happened. It's a huge ego boost and it was fun playing with her emotions. Might have actually developed feelings for her if she wasn't a hamplanet.
What are some things you did to fuck with her?
I'd just ignore her, is it that hard?

if she kept trying to talk to me i'd get harassment charges against her.

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Should I get adult braces? Dubs decide
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Braces are for normies anon-chan. Your teeth are hot.
Do you like the London look, anon?
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your teeth look fine, stop being so insecure

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Hey anon, what kind of sexual activities do you like?
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l like eating ass
>10/10 beautiful face
>huge, hideous, disgusting tattoo on her right arm

I can't watch anything with this bitch. Why would she ruin her perfect body like that?
Fapping to hentai and hating myself

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Oh my god...
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>tfw I watch swooie's vids when I'm alone
I know none of his vids will help me in the slightest, but he's got a nice voice so it's not completely insufferable to listen to him blog about nothing.
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>Why the fuck are all these guys over here saying "Oh it's hard being a guy to" but when did swoozie say it's not? Is it wrong to have one video supporting girls?

that whole comment
I mean his stories, usually ARE good. Even if they're not real.

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If sex isn't so great why do normies have it instead of just masturbating?
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>Sex isnt great.
>Masturbation isnt great either.
>If you had to choose between the lesser evil of the two, you'd choose sex.

The only difference between normies and robots is that normies have the luxury to choose sex over masturbation while robots have no choice but to masturbate because nobody will give them the time of day.
Because it's better than masturbating. Doesn't make it some godly experience though.
Sex isn't so great is a bit of a white lie they tell people who don't get any to make them feel better.

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I'm a decent writer, at least better than 95% of the people on places like DeviantArt. I've written for people on Fiverr before. Should I try my hand at fetish writing, build up cred, and then offer commissions? I haven't ever written fetish smut before even privately.
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not a bad idea if you enjoy it and/or have nothing better to do
It would be better to be a legitimate writer to earn monies. You CAN buy tendies with them...so...
outre fetish literature is the only frontier remaining for legitimate authors

everything else is monkey see monkey do shit

>ooga booga mup da doo didda po mo gub bidda be dat tum muhfuggen bix nood cof bin dub ho muhfugga
You don't have a gun. what do you do?
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Something like this:

present my anus as a trophy to the mighty mandingo
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>bidda be dat tum

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>tfw finally go on a date
>tfw kiss
>tfw not in love
>tfw too much work to go on more dates

Fuck this, I'd rather be alone. I can't imagine having to share a living space with another person. Having to constantly do hygiene stuff every day sounds exhausting. I want to know that I can go for days without social interaction.

I'm in a committed relationship with a 2D anyway.

It don't matter. None of this matters.

Once you realize you are not in love with a relationship but only the idealized IDEA of having a relationship, you robots will truly be free.
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You had to go on a date to realise this?
>hygiene stuff

w-what do you mean by this anon?
I mean like having to shower more than once a week kinda stuff, anon.

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How did you guys do in high school? Academically and socially.
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F on both

Thank God my parents were Princeton alums, I got in base on thst
Academically I excelled. Socially, I got taken in out of pity, but it only existed in school/classes. No one was my friend outside of school.
Funny. My mom is a Cornell grad but didn't even let me apply to it because she said it was hell on earth. What I've heard from my friends, she's right.

This person used heroin for 10 years, but it hardly shows until they became homeless in 2017.
Why is this r9k
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the fuck are you talking about faggot? who cares?

one thing is definitely "not /r9k/" and it's camwhore worshipper trash like you

fuck off to /soc/ fuck off to facebook fuck off to reddit. you are garbage
I just want some insight.
heroin doesnt really physically fuck you up that bad. other stuff like stims and booze will make you look like shit.
pretty much the only health issues from using h are possible infection, od, and constipation. it is possible to be a good looking junkie unless you are on the streets. that beats you up way more than the drug.

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>tfw watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and thinking about suicide

Anyone else know this feel?
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>tfw watching AI and you realize the reason you relate so well to the android is because you're autistic and therefore mechanical and soulless
It's understandable if you are watching the Tim Burton/Johnny Depp one.
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It's the Gene Wilder one

Do you believe in god?

Yes/No, the why is not important at all.
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Not anymore
More than one actually. My mums pagan and raised me that way too
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Yea, I believe that Jesus is Lord.

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