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so anon what did you get me for my great birthday?
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>it's a Google Street View nostalgia episode
why today?
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femanon here
>why today
well, why did you decide to get nostalgic today
I was looking for directions on google maps and somehow started looking into the area where I grew up from when I lived on the other side of the country.
spent three hours "walking" around the place I used to know.

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Post robot movies guys...
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Great film, haven't seen that in ages. Robin Williams was always so much better in serious stuff.
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femanon here
I think freaky friday is a good robot movie
like, it's about a teen girl who keeps getting shit from her mom because she just wants to have a good time, but he mom keeps coming down on her about how life is more than just party and booze and that there are alot of responsibilities in life. like getting a job and not drinking all the time
Taxi driver
40 year old virgin
Step brothers
Drake and Josh

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why do pedophiles on this site always say how easy young girls are? I see girls 16-18 curve dudes all the time, is it some sort of justification by these losers?
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>"Oh hi anon-son. Could you put your brother Chad on the line? You know he's my favorite son"
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I don't know this feel because my brother is an even bigger fuck up than me
I don't know this feel because I'm an only child
As a femanonbotborgfaggot,i can not relate to this.

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>Tower stays intact for years but has no escape route or fire safety put in place
>Out of no where tower burns
>TFW you helped organise get rid of the, "giant tower full of immigrants, knowing there will be a huge council insurance pay out and the remaining land can be sold to property developers from overseas"
>"What a sad and disastrous event that has happened, we must stay strong and work to help this mostly immigrant community who have been effected by the fire"
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...two years later residents move in to redeveloped housing on the original site.

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woo look at him boogie!
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Dude, look at him, Boogie!

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This is an actual film.
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Yes, It would seem so

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>tfw no international bf
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>actually be me beta fag about to get a degree
>by being an autist near girls so never kissed a girl
>over autistic tendancies come over even trying to talk to to a girl
>under the impression that i'll never have a gf or an honest soul mate or even a soul mate
>take a pact that before i get my degree i'll fucking kiss the shit out of some girl's lips
>turning into an alpha slowly with these thoughts when i notice in class a girl always looking at me
>rarely get smiles from girls so smile back like a muthafucka and she blushes .. fuck this is my time now
>ending of the class and ask her number casually ask if we can meet up for movie and dinner . she says yes.
>excitement cannot be contained as i go to her house to receive here . she looks beautful and she's coming with me. really great feeling faggots.
>fucked up thoughts going through my head like what if i mess this up ..she talks about everything ...she even likes vidya ..oh fuck this is the best goddamnit.
>inb4 what happened to the movie : went to dr.strange ..awesome visual effects .. thought to myself ."gonna watch it when i'm high later"
>date is about to end . we finished out dinner also . now walking back to her house. it's about 10 mins more and i'm getting tense she's getting tense ..she holds my hand.
>dick gets so hard it fights with my underwear lo let it out of it's misery .thank god my underwear is winning but maybe not for long. though.
>you see anons this is where i got the courage and i just went for it . i held the shit out of her hand and held her moved my lips closer to her and i'm about to kiss her . she stops me gently to say **************** and my mind goes blank and i curse myself to start dating again .
>MFW it's the first letter of every sentence
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femanon here

read it. there is no tl;dr ..this is not plebbit

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How the fuck do I keep a conversation going when talking to someone online? I just fucked up a convo with a qt just because I couldn't think of anything to say.
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Sacrifice 3 lambs and 3 cows and ask for social skills, no really I have no idea, and if they reply with 1 liners or take too much time to answer i just get even more self-conscious about it to the point where i also don't know what to say.
femanon here
just talk about whatever my man
like, you've got to have some interest. just talk about that. if she's not interested, well you dodge a bullet wasting your time. you'll know if this girl is right for you when things just click. untill then you've got to wade through the shit. if you're serious about finding someone, well just keep trying.
Determine their interests and ask them about it. In other words, use any strategy you can to get them talking about themselves. Girls like to talk about themselves.

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I secretly give myself (yous) at unsuspecting times.

There I said it.
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>tfw sheet sounds like shit
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femanon here
TFW hair sounds like here, sounds like there, sounds like bare sounds like bear sounds like pear sounds like tear sounds fair

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Why the fuck I had been granted with this bloody consciousness? Its the worst fucking curse in the world, to CONSCIOUS. You think I like wagecucks, normalfags, robots, wizards, cancer, your whore mommy?
I bloody hate everything because of that consciousness allowes me to trace your miserable existence and feel myself miserable too. Chad, you, me, everybody is unable influence the universe AT ALL. I feel bounded for observing this world.
I just wish I'd be a rock. Or there is no afterlife at all. Because if there is, I'd had to discover that again, the sentient life is overrated in its views and perspectives. This is the true punishment, and for dick's sake, it feels awful.
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do dissociatives, man.
in most of the world you can buy DXM containing cough medication over the counter. if you like it you can graduate to better stuff like RCs.

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>tfw masturbated to interracial tranny porn again
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It's the best kind of porn desu famalam
>inb4 muh jews

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