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Shit normies do that annoys you.

>they clap when the plane lands
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>when they show me normie memes on 9gag.
>when they use greentext with a full stop at the end
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le reddit.jpg
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when they try to be us

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>mfw I have a 6 page essay due tomorrow
>haven't even started because I don't care about any of the topics enough to pick a side to argue

fuck english

who /losingfaithincollege/ here?
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You can write 6 pages of shit but word it in such a way that it looks like really pretty shit and get an A anon. It's not hard.
i bullshitted 8 pages of nothing for my freshman english class in 8 hours. You should be fine you retarded pussy.
I am usually good at bullshitting but I am suffering some major writer's block tonight

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Find anime more pathetic than Welcome to N.H.K.
>protip: you can't
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It's not anime but reality is more pathetic than this anime.
The whole story in general was pathetic, robots would hate it, I mean what comes after in the anime in the manga
Koi Kaze was pretty bad. I remember when I was younger getting a weird perverse pleasure from it.

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lts not fare.
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No it is not. Soon enough I'll have to return my computer, the one with a functioning internet connection to where I got it from, and then I can't Elliot-post anymore, as I do not wish to use my uni computers for it. Also it is sad, as it will result in all the Elliot-threads dying before they even started as I am not there keeping them alive.

Someone asked in another thread, >>36508927, that where are all the Elliot-fans, and why all the E-threads are full of haters. Well, the answear is simple: they went to their own little private groups, in social media or Skype and stuff. I'm still here as I am an outcast among the outcasts, and even the people in YouTube are being abhorred by me for my murder fantasies. People are so double-faced, being fans of a mass murderer and then ostracising someone just for having (justified) murder fantasies. The haters, then again, are just paid bullies, who are to prevent the following for Elliot. That's pretty clear to me now, after having followed their postings for about half a year here. There's no hope for us to get rid of them, they have bigger powers behind of them.

Remember to Elliot-post when I will be gone.
nice dubs. Any more updates on the new leaks? Photos, court documents, etc?
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>don't swear at me

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A literal succubus is after you for your vast fortune, fresh from divorcing a man and accusing him of abuse and sexual assault. Do you still smash Y/N?
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Of course, I don't give a fuck about anything so why not bang her out a couple of times before I commit murder/suicide?
That's not funny, Patrick
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You should've just kept your mouth shut you whore

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Milana Vayntrub 1.jpg
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The girls around me, half of them are attention whores who post her picture to Facebook and Instagram all day.

The other half read Young Adult crap like Twillight, Harry Potter and vote for Hillary Clinton.

I just want to find a girl who is capable of accepting new things/can be red pilled, thinking herself and that is my definition of intelligent.

Why is it so hard to find a girl like that?
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just be urself :^)

I believe in you
you beter turn full homo if you want someone intelligent by your side
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See picrelated OP, and then give up on your search

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who was the biggest titcow you knew anons, did you ever have a chance with her?
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was a hucow of stupid proportions. sadly she ended up moving away and i havnt seen anything of her since

no i diddnt have a chance with her since she was an uber stacey
File: 1425773444400.jpg (69KB, 400x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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My gf

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>ginger mute girl and has stupidly large boobs.
>mega modest and tried at every point to hide her massive tits
>eventually accepted them and began wearing tank tops and actually looking nice
>became a meth addict

no idea where she is now

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I just found out a brilliant way for all of us to get rich and no longer be NEETs. We have some of the most gifted autistic minds of the 21st century that post on these boards. Remember the massive blackouts and city-wide power surges many cities around the US experienced these weekend? What if it wasn't just a normal blackout that was causing these electromagnetic anomalies? What if, someone was tampering with the very fabric of reality? Now consider this thought: One of us could potentially go on to build a time machine.

>but how can anyone do that? that would require massive amounts of money! who would fund such a project?

According to the B-theory of time, the flow of time is an illusion. The past, present and future are equally real. Time is tenseless. Temporal becoming is not an objective feature of reality. In short, the time machine has already been built. So the purpose of this thread is to have one of you autists travel back in time to this thread and post a detailed list of winning lottery numbers, stock futures, and prop bets so we can all get rich, while providing the necessary funding for whoever goes on to build the machine.

Whoever participates in this thread is welcome to the spoils that the NEET time lord grants us.
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>anon, I know you don't like me asking but have you taken your meds today?
Big time controls all construction of time machines across all possible timelines. If you build one they will find you.
You have been warned.
name one good argument why one robot shall share his endless fortune and riches?
altruism and solidarity won't count

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idk what to do
Made a tinder, got matches but rvery match just wants to hook up and I haven't even kissed anyone before. I'm a fat girl so they just want sex and probably see me as nothing. My face is okay

Should I kill myself? I'm too behind in life
I'm 19.
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You should just not be fat then weangle up some orbiters on 4chan.
Drop some weight bruuuh
Get more confident and then date someone who is out of your league meaning you are over his level of physical appearance. He won't be able to pull of Chad stuff and won't just hook up. Use it as training grounds.
What's the problem? If a guy wants to fuck you and you like him, go for it. You will finally learn what sex feels like.

>tfw you were never friends with pic releated to get some metal virgin gf with her pale skin petite tight shaved innie pussy
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>tfw you'll never have a tight group of outcast friends who all enjoy the same things
but i would probably self-outcasted myself anyway because i hate being included.
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>you will never have a chance with the QT goth titcow who always wore tank tops

i missed out in both collage and uni anons.

What's the whitest instrument you can play? And why is it the piano?
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It's too complicated and delicate for niggers to understand
Either that or the violin. But considering the amount of asians that force their kids to learn either of those I'd actually say guitar.

Niggers can only do eeks and oops, not play these keys.

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i've got a question for nihonbros
I'll be in jap next year thanks to some scholarship program. I'll be learning japnes for a year before i can get into actual classes.I'm no chad nor a normie so i won't be stealing your jap qts as well. Will I get discriminated against while walking through streets? Or will the stores be a dick to me cause I'm not jap?

Also do you have any tips for me to survive in there?
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bumping for still waiting
Japan is very xenophobic, but also polite. You'll be fine as long as you're white. If you're not white, the order goes Jap>white>various browns>blacks>other Asians. Asians fucking hate each other more than anyone. They feel like they have more in common with people from far off lands than the ones near them.
do you have any tips for surviving there? Like how to eat for cheap and how to use transportation efficiently?

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Would you a pretty boi anon?
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friends with benefits yeah.
>Would you a pretty boi anon?
I would but that pic is not a boy
>hands as big as (((her))) head

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>some D-lister gold digging turbo slut will set back humanity 50 years after she sucks away Elon's soul and sheckels
Why are women such fucking succubi?
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File: 1461378383964.jpg (97KB, 998x974px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Who gives a fuck? Humanity is already doomed.
Fuck she looks hollow and lifeless. And we're supposed to be the robots.
it's ok if we lose elon musk to these succubi, after all people like bill gates and that facebook jew guy that implant their seeds in fertile soil.

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The majority of you are fat, autistic losers.

If you lost weight, worked on your personality and gained independence instead of being parasites on your parents, then perhaps you'd have a chance of getting a girl.

Of course you like to blame scapegoats like genetics and your face while putting 0 effort into changing the things you can. Stop being autistic fucking losers and just go get laid. There are people uglier than you getting laid with hot women right now and you're depriving yourself of that because of your subpar personality.
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He kinda reminds me of the sniper from Saving Private Ryan.
See. Just by working out he now gets compared to war heroes.

Being physically stronger means people will think of you being stronger in all other regards
i dont have the motivation to work out

for myself i can be a fat loser, when i think about working out for some materialistic femwhore liking me for my body im even more angry

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