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Every Discord I've ever joined has been nothing but underage anime fags spamming outdated memes.
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>outdated memes
the fact that freshness of memes (or memes at all) matters to you means you will never get an invite to my server of strictly over-21 robots.
yeah it's really, really awful.
all servers are just people trying to establish a clique. it's amazing how fucking childish the average r9k poster is. they wouldn't be out of place at a popular girl's table in middle school

also saged
The moment I heard the name "Discord", I knew that it would be populated by a bunch of faggots.

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>tfw you were the funny kid
>tfw you are now an autist without social skills

what happened
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>slowly went from the funny kid to the weird kid
>after that slowly withdrew from socializing
>tfw you were the autist kid without social skills
>tfw you are still the autist kid without social skills
They were laughing at you, not with you autist.

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Has anyone here received any positive attention from a female that wasn't their relative?

What's it like?
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femanon here

I get female attention all the time from my girlfriends, it really isn't that interesting you wouldn't like it
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it felt like i was floating fwend
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Ahhh of course, Stacey always needs her minions to do her dirty work.

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Femamon here
Phenmanom here
Fentomnanon hea
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i need attention here.
daddy didn't say he loved me here.
i never love here.
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Got pumped and dumped here

Have crippling bonding issues here

try to fill my non-existent self-esteem with the approval of shallow bitches here
is a virgin here
has unrealistic desires here
can't get it up here
is balding here
is a fat no neck little dick chump here
I willingly watch anime here

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>tfw planning to ride without a helmet after I get my motorcycle license as an alternative way to suicide
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Femanon here

Suicide is not the option anon! Be safe out there
femanon here
anon, suicide is wrong
As a fembot,i must advise you to NOT to do that.

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is STEM a red or green flag for men? or is it a brown flag?
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Depends if he lands a good job or becomes a NEET.

STEM + good job = Chad dad one day or at worst, top tier provider.

In short, have your fun while you're young then marry a guy like that and go on cruise control.
femanon here
ahhah I certianly hope he doesn't just have a stem, I prefare a big thick branch :)
I don't think Chad and STEM have a lot of overlapping

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Just had my first phone interview
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how did it go??

did u just beee urself? :)
Protip: You still have to meet people face to face if you succeed at a phone interview.
femanon here

you losers are hopeless and I hate you all

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What kind of friends did you have in highschool?
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chads, I was on almost every sport team so they were all chads. I wouldnt call them friends, more like acquaintances. they were bros desu
People like me: no-life autists who spent all their free time playing games and browsing the net. Good times.
femanon here
you know, typical freinds. a few who had cars, a few who where poor, a few who just didin't give a fuck. you know, ordinary people

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Question for robots who have done online schooling

>can I speed through it, doing years of work in months
>how legit is the diploma?
>am I better off getting a GED

pls respond
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I am responding because I am also curious how fast you can finish school online

None of that "you'll probably just slack off" handwaving answers.
As a fembot,i have to say yeah you can,if really put your mind to it.
When I did it, they were stealing money from me, but it may be different for you.

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How do you control your lust?

Even though I am a low test khv manlet, the lust gets the better of me every time.
Recently I have started to fap twice a day again.
My small ballsack is empty, but still the lust doesn't go away.

How can this be? Low test also implies low sexual drive, doesn't it?
I have been taking antidepressants for years now but it hasn't changed anything in that regard.
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Sex drives are not static. They change. It sounds like you need to go out and get laid.
My libido is dependent on how much I fap.
The more I fap the higher my libido gets till I'm doing it multiple times day. If I can resist for a week, then my libido drops down to nothing
>Give in to lust. Give up to Iust, oh heaven knows we'll Soon be dust!

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Does anyone else get sudden violent urges to kill themselves over mildly inconvenient and bad things that happen to them?

For example, if my plans for the day (which are an attempt to get my life life in order) get interrupted I think "What's the fucking use. I can't do anything without something going wrong - I might as well kill myself now so that I don't have to suffer any more."

It really concerns me that I have these urges. They're really tempting, and I'm worried eventually I might do it.
I want to kill myself, I really do, but I don't want my family to suffer.
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the thing with this mode of thinking is that there are no real answers to it. you either kill yourself or continue to live a shitty life that you are unwilling or unable to change.
I can give you the mercy killing you deserve. I promise i will make it quick and painless for you.
shut up wannabe dom

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fuck you emma

you did this to me
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Fuck you, Jolene

You did this to me
Fuck you Lauryn you stupid insignificant whore. Fuck you for fucking my best friend fuck you for everything I wish you where dead you stupid bitch.
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Fuck you, Audrienne

You did this to me

Without being racist, prove to me that this is not the greatest album ever made.
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it has vocals
femanon here
in the areoplane over the sea is the greatest album ever made
autist here from the other thread
stop doing this, it's not funny

>ywn fall in love with and make babies with a cute, sweet black girl
>ywn lay in bed with her, rubbing her big brown belly full of life created by you and her
>ywn start a family with a beautiful woman who appreciates you and loves you unconditionally
Is there a worst feeling in the world?
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femanon here
the worst feeling is when people on this website continue to deny the fact that I, a women, am not a robot. like, I am a robot. I THE slight definiton of a robot. like, ok I can't pee in bottles, I mean I can, but I dont. but everything else you know. im just a lazy slob who wants to die. like, it really upsets me that they keep denying me my label
Nope. Women can't be robots. Please leave
500 lb ugly NEET virgin here. Plz be mines gee eff.

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Do you prefer natural hair on black girls?
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I think so, yeah. Not sure I've seen a broad enough sample to say definitively.
No. Physically it is the number one thing that makes black girls unattractive.
I don't prefer black girls at all.
They got something close to a 50% chance of having herpes and unless they're mixed their facial structure is kind of fugly.

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