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Hey /r9k/, I'm a bonafide 19 year old NEET dependent on my parents on pretty much all matters, however I just got an offer to work as a reception assistant at my uncle's biotech company "to get into the real world". It amounts to 10 hours of work per week for about 400 dollars. I'm really unsure about whether to do it or not, so I'll ask the only friends I have:

Would you do it, /r9k/?
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You're not really a NEET.
You're just a young guy that's starting his life and you just landed a chance to work with your uncle at a company.

Come back here when you 31, jobless and without a degree.
Also good luck there, you should pick it up, maybe you will get some mad dosh if you get a degree in some bio/chem stuff.
>$40 an hour
>to be a reception ASSISTANT
>only 10 hours a week

>I want to show off my piss easy $40/h job on the internet
>>>>>what should I do XD

Go somewhere else.

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list three things you HATE seeing on r9k, I'll start

>race bait threads
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>old threads, but with a twist
>ugly women
>linux shilling
>traps(they are easily the worst thing about the board)

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Why are girls repulsed by you but are okay to do this with Chad?
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I imagine she either gets paid for that, or has been emotionally abused into submission, or both.
The same reason you would eat the ass of lexi belle but not some fat unwashed hambeast from tumblr.

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How to achieve happiness and maintain it?
(Pic unrelated)
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I found that my own happiness requires effort. My happiness is having as few problems or worrying thoughts as possibl. This requires me to be constant at work, go to the gym and all those other things we hate, like flossing or buying toilet paper.
I am succeeding at this, I have no place for sadness in my life.

I have found my very own sun anons
when i thought about it i came to the conclusion that you need a sense of purpose, social bounds and enough freedom to never feel restricted
so basically a job a gf and friends and not life in a third world shithole
then there are minor things like keeping in shape and staying healthy
im stuck on trying to find a purpose and friends
>then there are minor things like keeping in shape and staying healthy
Quite the opposite, a gf and a job are minor, health and shape are much more important

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Apu dump thread? Apu dump thread.
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hm yesh tido holder
Apu Apustaja is based.
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I have like 130 saved.

though controversial, the ugly should not be allowed to date
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The girl is cute tho.

The guy is not bad either though he needs a new haircut and shave.
Why tho? They could be smart and healthy, just ugly- surely the dumb and sickly should be prevented from breeding first.
He looks like a cool dude though

Post your face and/or interests and I and other anons will compliment you. Nobody is as ugly as they think they are, and if they are, no interest is really boring.
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i'm sticking around for this one, i want to give out some (you)s tonight
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Should I just get the moles removed?
Nah, I don't think so. You hacve a pretty handsome face, to be honest, the "smoothness" doesn't really matter.

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If biotech allowed us to raise a living pocket pussy (like an animal but no conciousness, low maintenance, genetically predisposed only for sex, and has real genitals that acts accordingly), would you invest in one? Would you seek out relationships if you had one?
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So you mean just a woman, but low maintenance.
I prefer the idea of sexbots, nothing spells love like modifying the waifu. Aside from that, sure thing.

>Would you seek out relationships if you had one?
After the dust of upheaval settles and their now lower SMV forces women to either remove their head from their ass or enjoy their gene-bbc? Maybe.
Well, more like the bottom half of a woman, assuming that could ever be scientifically possible.

Hey, robots, need some advice :

>be me, 21 yo semi-robot
>messaged fat big titted failef normie ex gf past midnight in a mix of sheer hornyness and lonelyness.
>she had tried to restablish the bond a week ago but I didn't gave her even a chuckel.
>Actually responds, an hour later, saying its too late and that her phone died

Now today, waiting for her to wake up and see my message, invited her for "Netflix and weed"

What do i do? I feel like I'm betraying my own self of comfort and tranquility because I'm too needy to be left alone and too horny to think like a rational human being.
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Quickly go and masturbate to a porn star and get the wanting feeling out of your system.
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Post nudes of her right now desu

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How does one deal with the fact that you completely missed out on teenaged love and sex and that you will never, ever be able to go back in time and get a second chance at it?
for 23+, how about crazy wild uni sex in addition?
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by kissing your self
With alcohol

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It used to hurt me but I've come to grips with the fact that I'll die alone. I'm 22 and in uni but its too late already.

t. 4'3 pajeet selective mutism poorfag autist

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So, turns out the virgin girlfriend meme is not something made up by robots, after all.

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I mean, it's obvious a virgin gf > all
but you just have to deal and learn to accept.
it is a meme
Lauren Southern is a people pleaser
She espouses conservative values at every twist and turn largely because it earns her the approval of a male, largely misogynistic (to a degree) fanbase (aka difficult to please)
This. I cringe so hard when she starts shouting alt-reddit memes wherever she goes. Also, she's ugly.

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>go to party
>get drunk
>talk with a random guy
>say to him: "hey bro you know 4chan.."
>don't even remember the rest of the night
>remember some other CRINGE shit I said
jesus, how do you cope with this cringe?
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You learn to keep your thoughts to yourself
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> talks about 4chan in rl
Why are people like this? THIS IS A BASIC FUCKING RULE IN LIFE.
Judging by the Norman invasion, a lot of people are breaking this rule.

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stacy manager.jpg
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>At generic office job interview
>"... And for the next part of the interview... When was the last time you had sex?"

wat do
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Lie then sue for sexual harrassment when they dont believe me
"this is a job interview. why are you asking applicants sexual questions like this? aren't you embarrassed?"

stop thinking you need to answer every question that people ask you. always think "is this ever an appropriate question for them to ask this to people they barely know? would i get away with asking a question like that?". shame them for asking questions like that, they should be ashamed.
You cant shame women in public like that you effing sexist

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>the idea of having a baby disgusts me
>i find them annoying
>i dont want to be responsible for something
>i want freedom

whats wrong with me?
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honey, nothing. Blame the Jews.
You haven't hit 30 yet.
Not everybody wants to procreate/deal with the stress of it, (although most will end up wanting to when they get close to their 40s)
And that's fine, but you should still make sure you can still do it if you change your mind.

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wtf I hate samurai jack now
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He is only bringing her danger, he should stick with being alone
They always go after the ones you love
Exactly. Now they got eachothers backs for awkward hand touches when they're fisting.
Saw this coming a mile away. Still not really sure how I feel about it but I'm sure they'll have fugged by the beginning of the next episode so whatever

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