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ideal gf(male) thread? these are always nice and uplifting
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>go see Frozen
I was up with the azn up until this
>azn gf is a basic yamato nadeshiko
>finnish gf is a boring pessimist who cannot even love you because she does not love herself
>white gf is a bitter bitch
>trap gf is a soulless cumsleeve with no independent life or thought

Maybe being alone is for the best.
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Jessica would be my ideal gf, she is so beautiful and sweet, I want nothing more than to feel her warmth curl against me.
>you will never save her from the zombies
>you will never make you way through the streets of Roanoke with her, gunning down zombies as you go
>you will never teach her to aim and fire a gun correctly
>you will literally never do an abanonded second story apartment with her and hide out there, barring the door and keep in the curtains drawn, cuddling the couch as rain patters on the window, watching the zombies wander in the street outside
>you will never undertake a dangerous mission to find the cure
>you will never protect her as you get to the basement of Biotec
>you will never make it to the roof with her having the cure and dozens of zombies everywhere
>you will never lead the zombies away so she can escape because there are too many to shoot
>you will never lock eyes with her one last time as she climbs into the helicopter, before pulling the pins on four grenades as the zombies surround you, blowing yourself and all of them to pieces

My childhood dream of going to Japan is finally coming true, I'm going tomorrow

Anything good happening to all of you?
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Wasted summer going to summer school and most likely not getting points for it do to me being moved classes constantly and being marked absent by old classes witch i was moved from ,there for effecting my grade
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All those snot-nosed motherfuggers stopped calling me.
Right around JET departure huh.
You teaching?

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A lot of people say this place is deteriorating to the mind, and that the more time you spend here, the worse you get. I always believed it to be a consequence of the kind of content and community we have, but it's clearly the worst on /pol/. The place is literally crawling with hatemongers, you can visit it any time and see how these jackasses intentionally try to to either reform or poison the minds of others. Seriously, if youre not completely retarded you can spend 5 minutes there and see at almost every thread is one where someone is trying to subtly mislead, or project cognitive bias onto, unsuspecting dumbasses who don't even realize they're having their minds made up for them. It's like the whole place is one enormous mosaic of psyops that incept political incorrectness into the minds of unsuspecting lurkers, it doesn't help that it's the first board that shows up on Google when you search for 4chan.
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Go back to /r9k/ jew
You have to ask yourself why /pol attracts these people, it's the same thing that attracts people to /r9k. The differences is one internalizes it and hates himself or externalizes and hates others
This is a result of a decade of attempts at social and psychological control aimed at the new upcoming generation, while the current millennials that have come of age are subjected to stage 2 since they are officially the largest generation and the ones that will replace the boomers. This is what happens when decades of internalized self absorbed and hedonistic tendencies are imprinted into the minds of the unsuspecting public in order to manipulate their feelings and emotions to brainwash them into becoming passive consumers that will buy buy buy due to desire and the need to make themselves feel better about themselves instead of buying things out of need and things that are durable. The boomers were subjected to a monstrous sociopolitical change and were bombarded by the CIA, the new left, neomarxism and behind the curtains, businesses kickstarting planned obsolescence to continue the new economic mentality of desire instead of need. Now things get outdated and break easily so you can always buy this new version while the old one that came out seven months ago is old and busted. One the streets the CIA desperate to fight communism is faced with the then young boomers and the damned new left. Exploding in popularity throughout colleges, breeding a selfish, hedonistic, and infantile rage at authority and traditional values. The Freudian psycho manipulation of the public by the businesses to get them to buy things had in turn warped into a disastrous movement aimed at the government and promoting its own sick hedonistic and radical egalitarian agenda. Spawning groups like the weathermen underground that would go around screeching about racism and bombing buildings and stores. cont

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ideal gf thread? these are always nice and depressing
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Nobody cares about threads like that,
you're wrong summerfag. everyone cares about threads like this
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this makes me rather sad

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>fap so much my dick doesn't work
>literally fap for five hours to trap shit for shittiest orgasm

Just wanted to share this with you.
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>literally fap for five hours to trap shit for shittiest orgasm
Well there's your problem!
Try fapping to females.
Do not listen to this man.

I want out.
>Try fapping to females.
No he has to increase the degeneracy level, as he's clearly built resistance to normal degeneracy.

Maybe switch to some spicier fetish OP^?

She told me she was polyamorous when we started dating, and although I'd only ever had experience with monogamous structures, I was/am excited to try this out and see if it's for me too.
I've never been particularly attached to monogamy, specifically some of society's popular ideas about jealousy representing love (I hate that!)
Since we've been together, my girlfriend has hooked up with several others and I have been on dating apps but have not yet met with anyone (mostly due to time constraints, but I'm also still figuring out if I want to date multiple people myself).
>starting to feel uncomfortable with the whole poly thing, if it has to mean i'm constantly getting cucked

She's currently sleeping on the couch and we aren't on great terms.
Wat do?

Please help if you can :(
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Kys you abomination of nature
>ITT: Literal Gay Cucks
>what did you expect
you agreed to this?

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>July 24, 2017
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>forgot what i did this entire month
>forgot my age for a solid 20 mins
>forgot what i wanted to do with my life
>forgot why i started crying
how the fuck, no, this is impossible. Inauguration day felt like just yesterday goddamn fuck.
that is fuckin wild my man
are those cookies good

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oneitis (3).jpg
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It's over lads. My oneitis finally got a boyfriend.
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Sorry to hear that. What did you like about her?
>his oneitis is a Chad-chasing hog
My oneitis only has eyes for me, a beta.
what exactly is over? you never had an opportunity with her fucking faggot

hey there, wagie. noseberg got you pushing too many pencils? ha. you look exhausted better scram to bed and get some shut eye before your next big day of slavery. just try not to let the thoughts of your unhappy life engulf you and keep you up again.

oh, the surge of knowledge and enlightenment just went through my brain. nothing your degenerate drugs can give you other than a costly high.

and what will i be doing on this romantic night? well i have a yummy 3 cheese rigatoni in the oven and need someone to share it with, but since your too tired i guess i'll just eat it all myself. ahh the NEET life is a dream come true, wagie. what goes through your head when you just stare blankly into that monitor at work? are you thinking about when noseburgs gonna come and yell at you? or are you thinking about what could have been? Well, whatever it is it's keeping you from fuffiling your duty of making ME NEETbux. oh my! it's ready, see you tomorrow, wagecuck the clock is ticking.
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Jokes on you neetfag
I'm actually able to use my funds (which I enjoy earning) to support a satisfying lifestyle
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>tfw just a wagie trying to save some money, so I can travel and live with my LDR gf
>all these bills prolong the time we're apart


But for real - she's probably fucking someone on the side

Why do so many shit threads get posted here? It's starting to become a relentless issue.
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Shitposters overtook this place, you need to embrace the facts and develop some coping mechanisms
oh shit I'm sorry mother fucker
Well, I sure am mad...

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write whatever you want to write on this thread
talk about whatever you want
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1) I want to die just because I'm curious about what will happen (if anything). Though, I want to live because I'm curious what I'm able to do in the coming years.

2) I like to play board games, but I have nobody to play with.

3) I want to have a simple construction job, but I can't due to my medical conditions. I instead have been getting a higher education so I can get a job with medical insurance.

4) My pet is getting old and I'm sad she'll end up dying in a few years.

5) Sometimes I will go to a bench in the park, sit down, and take notes on how people interact with each other. Not for personal gain, but just because I'm interested in what's the best way to get others to act certain ways.

6) I'm excited for the next season of Gintama. Just so I can see more of my waifu.

7) I ordered a booster box of playing cards, should be here by thursday. I don't even like to play the game, I just like having the collection.

8) I made some of my family's home made ice cream a few days ago.

9) I can play the piano, but can't read sheet music. I learn by ear, and play by memorisation.

10) This is a blog post.
Ive been thinking about it and i will give myself 3 mpre years to live, if things dont get better i think i will kill myself
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Walked into find you sitting in your kitchen, softly singing,
"Someone carry me away."

If there's someone always leaving.
Will we ever stop believing that the winter fits us perfectly?
Isn't someone always coming?
Once the summers up and running
Won't you feel warm with me?

But we're so tired of when we don't make mistakes
But things get torn away.
And we're so scared of losing faith
That we can't put things back together when they break.

Walked into find you staring out the window at a city
Holding memories of older times and how'd she'd gone away.
And we sang through smoke and rum and coke and
Promised with our pity, man, one day, I swear we'll be ok.

Walked into find you sitting in your kitchen, softly singing,
"Someone carry me away."

Did I fuck up?
I want to make her mine...
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You know how to make everything you say very creepy.
You should have just said "I'm a beta. Let me worship you because I place way too much value on women"
I messed up. Why don't you come help me a little. I need this.

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>tfw no gf
>tfw you got tired of no gf and spent years saving up for the money to impress a girl
>tfw you're a 6/10 and all women ignore you
>tfw all you do is work construction and want a fembot to love and fuck when you come home
>tfw fembots all chase Chad anyways
>tfw I'll never have sex again even though I do the sort of brutal work that used to get women wet because the only two single things that matter to women these days is implied dick size and cash flow

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LOL suck it up you fucking permavirgin
That's poverty. I bet u work full time too


Yeah, I do. Thanks for reminding me that working as hard or harder as every white colllar normie means I get just enough of the pie to live without starving. Maybe the Soviets should've won the Cold War.

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>you will never be a member of the akatsuki
>you will never be a part of an on-the-run organization/project
>you will never travel by night for a life purpose
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>posting narushit
>in lovelivefag territory
I'm not trying to infringe on your territory, friend. I'm sorry.
Mfw I Will never be a filthy weeb

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Pre Shure dis is Accurate
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>virgo: home
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>astrology memes
you're better than this, anon.
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>sagittarius: outside

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