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I need somebody to talk to.
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I'm here for you baby. Do you have Wickr? I got Wickr, and youtube and that's about it i'm not handing out my email anymore
hello, talkies
make a wickr and drop username if you really want to chat, I'm gonna go look for my phone, stay with me ok i m here for ya

What is that with the false dichotomy of beta = asocial?

One can easily be a geek and have friends, they would just have to come from the same field as you do. There are conventions and whatnot, universities can frequently have people who share your interests, etc. One can even get a girlfriend, maybe not a really attractive one, but still.

Yet most of the time I read stories from here I hear shit about you being completely alone. I do not get it.
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Indeed I am seeing a role reversal where the soft spoken betas are becoming the new Alpha males, just look at the recent influx of nu-male cybergeek culture. it is very very true, the Beta uprising was not one of violence but one of subtle planning and evasion of the blistering too good for school alpha male type.
It's not an uprising. It's finding people like you. Do you all live in small towns or something?
It feels like everybody else has friends and I'm too ashamed of the way I'm living my life to force myself into theirs. I just go to classes and browse the internet in my dorm all day long.

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>tfw trying to transcend nihilism
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Rust Cohle the god
Why are you trying? What's the point?
Make time pass

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>be me
>socially awkward, stuttering, not really funny "geek"
>have been accepted by some amazing friends that I respect, that are way more popular than me
>they go to parties, everyone around us loves them
>I can't be as charismatic as them, too shy
>Most of them like me, some consider me a good friend the rest don't mind me staying around
>Found my best friend in this group
>He has the same interests as me
>Most charismatic out of all of them
>Leader of the group
>Known them for a year and a half now
>Three months ago my best friend started ignoring me
>He's still nice to me, I still hang out with them, everybody is nice and hasn't changed
>He keeps not talking to me except I do first and tries to escape the conversation very quickly
>From time to time still acts in ways that make me think he really is my best friend
>Confronted him about it
>"Nothing is wrong anon, I act wih you as I would do with the other"

I don't know what to think. What can I do to deepen my bond with him ? I try just telling him jokes, talking about him about things that interests us or doing small talks but it just seems like he doesn't want me to talk to him. When we are with someone else he never tells me jokes or speaks to me as he would do with the others, even if it's obvious I have interest in it or that I know about it

Can /r9k/ help me ?
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Did you really think it was going to last anon?
the more you push and try to hangout and get special attention from that leader best friend the more he will push you away.
Friends are overrated.Having friends will destroy you, sooner or later.

tell me your type and your real life best match so far
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>real life best match so far
like your girlfriend and whatnot
I'm INTP, and this is startlingly accurate not just for me but also for the people I can think of off the top of my mind (ENTJ, ESTP, ISTJ and INFP).

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Come the fuck in the pool bruh
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I don't have a swimming pool, and who filled it with monkeys.
>sure let me bring my qt black gf
I fucking hate niggers and women with their primitive instincts wanting to fuck them. Fuck this world and fuck everyone.

How does one become the perfect trap? I can imagine that just growing long hair and wearing makeup + women's clothes wouldn't cut it.
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wrong boarrd, piece of shit faggot
Female hormones
>wrong boarrd, piece of shit faggot
I think you are on the wrong board actually

>Wake up in the fucking morning
>0 calls on my phone
>Go work
>Come back home
>Try to treat myself to fast food since it's my birthday
>Come back home
>Call Bulgarian friend
>''H-hey, today's my bday. Wanna hit the bar or something? I haven't seen you in a while.''
Why do I even try senpai. My parents didn't even call me just fmlutbhq.
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Im sorry. Happy birthday anon.
mm tough shit. get some good to eat anyway, then have some booze or whatever. have a good time and happy birthday
Kek. Would be funny if you kill yourself on the day when you were born.

BTW happy birthday ,anon.

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> be me
> be in math class
>class ends and it is our free period
> thicc 8/10 tall nigress walks up to me
> she starts trying to converse
> "what aee you doing for free period anon :3"
> she is very intimidating
>break into sweat
>literally run away
> sprint all the way to my dorm
Realize how much of a pussy i am
Shes not even ratchet/ trashy
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>free period
Highschoolposting should be grounds for a permaban
I'm not very good with the ladies if you know what I mean female humans do not see me as a potential mate
> sprint all the way to my dorm

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In your opinion robot, what could I do to better myself?

Naturally I'm the faggot on the right.
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never wear that hat and go to to the gym
Your head is too big for your body so you should go to the gym
Don't ever put your hand on another man's lower back, Jesus.

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have you ever gone limp while having sex with a girl? how did you react
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Got up, took a shower. Left her feeling like it was something she did or that I just came quietly.

Seriously why is this even a problem
i still managed to comeback in the end but it was really awkward during the whole thing
I started eating her out. Did that for several minutes until my boner came back and resumed fucking her.

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How would you stop your daughter from becoming a slut at college?
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teach her the word of jesus christ
aborting the female fetus
You can't
2 second mute for posting truth

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mfw i hear something about animal rights
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Is this bait. Yeah probably.
Piety please
I don't hate animals, but it's silly how much some people (pretend to) care about them.

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Is it okay to hate people as a group but like some individual members as people?
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What am I your fucking dad?
Do whatever you want
Can you be my dad please
I've got enough problems

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When i am listening to a song i like and listen to a lot i dissect every beat and rhythm of the song as if it's in a video editor and concentrate on it then think about how it complements the rest of the song (like how ambient background tracks contributes to the overall feel of the piece) and how the sound transitions along with the lyrics, i could go on
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don't worry senpai i do this to
lots of artists use this ability to make music too y'know

analyze this and post a comment

if you like doing this then you would absolutely love being stoned and listening to music, if you can get your hands on some weed then do it. when i listen to music high i can hear every individual instrument so clearly its amazing

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