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>tfw you wear pop culture shirts so obscure people don't recognize them

I have a Weyland Corp shirt and a Blue Sun shirt that no one have ever called me out on.
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What the fuck are those even references to? I actually don't care at all.
Weyland is from the Alien franchise. Blue Sun is from Firefly.
I don't even know what Firefly is and any reference to Alien short of a picture of an alien would fly over anyone's head

> He imagines himself having conversations with "her".
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>mou ikkai
Not gonna lie, rolling girl is still a brilliant song.
How else am I supposed to communicate with my imaginary gf?
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>be me
>change AIM Display name to that of the girl I was in love with and who turned me down a few weeks earlier
>sign into AIM using Trillian as well (where my Display name is my normal one, rather than the girl's)
>hold a conversation with myself, going back and forth between AIM and Trillian to make it look as though the girl and I are talking
>it mirrors our conversation where she turned me down, except it diverges after the confession and she replies with "I love you too"
>she tells me she wants to marry me and be together forever
>take screenshots and read over our fake lovey-dovey conversation every day

Be honest wagecuck, when was the last time your gf had pitty sex with you?
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>be a wagecuck
>don't even have a gf to deprive me of sex

At least I have money for drugs.
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Am I still a wagecuck if I only work one eight hour shift per week so mommy won't kick me out?
Sex sucks dude. Get too exhausted afterwards. Would rather just rub one out.
>inb4 fox and grapes
I'm just not physically fit enough to enjoy sex and I don't really care to be that fit.

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How did emo, hip hop and anime all get intertwined recently?

Why is a sudden rise in emo weeb rappers & wiggers happening?
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I have no idea. I've been making anime/hip hop for a while,, its cool seeing guys like uzi, dex, take it to the mainstream. Soullja boy tried but he never put any real effort into to make it cool like they do.
I don't know why it got so popular all of a sudden. I know people have made AMV's to underground artists like Xavier Wulf in the past few years, but it really blew up with the rise of artists like xxxtentacion. I remember it was a couple of dedicated channels who did it. Nowadays there's hundreds and they always recycle the same three Naruto scenes. The older channels used a wider range of anime.

It's kind of depressing because I considered it a comfy nook of YouTube because it was kind of obscure.
can someone post links i have no idea what a weeb rapper is.
I know xxxtentacion videos have anime just because he mentioned he watches naruto

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>g'mornin' anon! What's for breakfast?
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Black coffee and a grapefruit, large breakfasts are obscene.
>I told you I think you look fucking retarded with that shirt on, didn't I? And why the fuck do you already have makeup on? It's eggs, I'm cooking eggs.
Hurhurhurhur ur pusi, bitch

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attention whore looking for beta orbiters to worship me and send me free stuffz xD 100% roastie
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I'll cook you, snot stew
yummy! gimme! gimme!!!!
I occasionally pose as a female in order to get free shit.
Feels good man.

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I think today is the day I realized I can't socialize with normal people anymore. The only people I can relate to are people on here. I knew I was a social outcast already What did you do when you realized the truth about yourself?
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bump please out there.
No one wants to talk about their day of reality hitting them?
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I am getting rejected even on here....

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>22, Introverted, akward cyborg with no car
>In a relationship, both of us are virgins
>Her parents invited me to live with them to save up money for a car
>GF is overweight, also a little spoiled
>She's still a very caring person
>My dumbass starts sexting random girls behind her back because I am sexually frustrated
>Talk to many dumbass whores, makes me appreciate my GF a lot more
>Start talking to this emo girl who is crazy/weird who cuts
>Not super hot, but she has a nice body. Super skinny
>It's like she knows everything I'm thinking in my head
>I start to open up to her, tell her secrets I have never told anyone
>Even though she is filled with red flags, I can't help not to like her
>She's dating a recovered meth addict
>I've tried to prod her to see if she is destructive or harmful, cannot find anything
>She has bipolar, ADHD, major anxiety, and has been sexually abused and raped
>While she has sent me provocative pictures, she will absolutely not send me nudes
>She claims she likes me a lot, but she wants to stay with her BF. I say something similar to her

If you were in my situation, what would you do? Do I fuck up mine and her 2 year relationships to get with her? I just feel so happy texting her, it's like she's an open book and so interesting.
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I think you should avoid this girl like the plague you idiot. You're a fucking scumbag for wanting to ditch your loyal and nice girlfriend for some mental smoothie. I hope this is pasta.
Stop being a douchebag. How would you feel if your girlfriend was sexting random guys behind your back and trying to get dick pics off them.

You're 22 and don't have money for a car. So I doubt you can afford to support yourself when you inevitably get caught and kicked out
Do it. It's what Chad would do.

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Is this Nicole from Newaygo?
idk. whats her last name?
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They died out, grew up and turned into SJWs. Enjoy, you failed normie.

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>Be in high school
>Tell a joke that everyone clearly hears
>No one laughs, all stare at me awkwardly
>A few seconds later, popular kid tells the same joke
>It's word for word
>Everyone is hysterical
>Teacher is holding his gut
>Girl winks at him

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Because it never happened.
You're probably like amy schumer and fuck up everything. Kill yourself
>You're probably like amy schumer

Ouch, dude. Did you really have to go that far?

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Venus angelic without makeup? Who is it?
Isn't that Ciara with her sister?
*zooms in on me smirking*
hey kid.. I'm only gonna warn you once...
*unsheathes darkblade*
mess with eliza, and you're done for...

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This shit's fucking torture. I'm 19 and about to spend another fucking summer working at a job I hate just to pay for insurance to go to said job and school to one day get a job that hopefully isn't as shitty. My parents don't help at all, I have 2 friends total, and i'm just gonna keep wasting my life away like this. What reason is there to not just fucking off myself at this point?
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There is no reason, it's how everybody lives anon.
Just stop doing all that bullshit. You'll figure out a way to survive.
this doesnt work btw

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Does anyone on here ever go on facebook and look through random people's profiles? Not even to find material to fap, but just to see what's interesting in there. See a window into other people's lives. It's like going in their house while they're not home and looking through their photo albums.

One thing I've noticed a lot doing this: a lot of people are very similar. I know that sounds really dumb but it's a stronger feeling than ever after you look long enough. You see the same "person" repeated in different people and places.
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I found after a while that a lot of the people who had humiliated and hated me in the past had their doppelgangers in people who didn't have those emotions for me, and for whom I didn't have those emotions either. I wordlessly would thought I was relatively impartial towards people, but I'm starting to learn what that means.
Do you think Facebook is fucking stupid and that anyone who uses it needs to be killed?
This discord is for you T9Dd9
>Do you think Facebook is fucking stupid and that anyone who uses it needs to be killed?
No, I don't think that. You're making a huge mistake if you don't use social media.

>when you want to let your friends listen to your favorite music, but you forget they're normies and hate on any singer whose voice isn't conventional
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>.mp3 files you ripped from CDs during highschool are now started to degrade
can you list some examples OP? i love listening to new music.
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>yw OP's a gay normalfag and still uses normies

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This is a crawl thread for those of us who are dysfunctional retards waiting for death. Everyone posting in this assumed to be a morbidly obese, retarded, ugly, poor, suicidal loser who piss in bottles while staring blankly at shitty television shows. If that upsets you then this thread isn't for you.

Please keep political discussion and serious arguments to yourself because we're too retarded and depressed to read your source links or spend the weekend learning about it. If you honestly have hobbies, skills, or passions then accept we literally just stare at a screen all rotting our brains.

What was your new low today?
What simple task are you struggling with?
Anybody treated you like shit lately?

This is the second attempt at a thread for this, any ideas welcome.
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I'm gonna stop smoking weed for realz because I don't want mommy to pay for the psychiatrist she's been threatening me with. Use that money for my upkeep, mommy, not for some scary man who'll try to convince me twice a week that everyone's the same and that I'm not a genetic failure!
i am bump

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