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Be 8/10
Be stanley
Be gfless
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it's gonna b alright, Stan My Man
we are gonna make it some day Stanley, aren't we ?

I want to believe stanbro

Love fades away but things are forever. Why haven't you gone MGTOW and dedicated your life to maximizing your net worth /r9k/? Money will always be there for you if you take care of it and will never cheat on you
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>tfw realize I'm probably unironically on the autism spectrum

the fuck am I supposed to do? I will always be inferior no matter what
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95% chance you're not on spectrum. Get diagnosed.
Most of the great thinkers in history have been suspected to have been or or less autistic. You're only behind if you let yourself be.
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watch shit loads of anime

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>can't relate to peers
>don't like talking to other people or care about they're up to
>feel disconnected from society
>can't have a decent discussion or interest on 4chan or any other forum on the internet
>don't feel like I belong here or any other board

What the fuck do you even do at this point?
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An hero
Commit suicide

Seek treatment for your schizoid personality disorder. Good luck, brobot.

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I went on lolcow dot farm today.

I read a thread where women complained that they were being sexually objectified by society and seen as nothing but a cocksleeve for the men in their lives.

Then I read another thread about taboo fetishes where 9/10 replies were from women confessing they get aroused by fantasies of being violently raped/molested by male strangers.

Why are women such two-faced sluts?

How do they deal with the cognitive dissonance?
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What the hell is that place

I went there and there's literally nothing except people talking about esoteric irl people and everyone types out a fucking dictionary for a post.
There's another fetish thread right here where women are saying they like rape.
Women know exactly what they want they just don't want to admit it. They're the Jew of genders

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>talentless shitlord
>i really like art
>pick it up
>14 years without improvement
>during those 14 years, i took up writing too
>i think i'm semi-decent
>around two months ago, i remember frequenting the SCP wiki
>decide to go onto the SCP wiki and see what changed/read up on the tales/scps
>this is right after the 3000 contest i think
>get inspired and start working on my SCP draft
>it's mothman
>the dumbass that i am, i dont realize that Mothman is already an SCP
>waste an entire month
>and then the 10 year anniversary for scp-173 hits
>so does the challenge/contest
>get inspired again and work on my tale
>finish it, post it up on the wiki
>not really proud of it though
>refresh every once in a while
>10 minutes later, 2 downvotes

so how was your day so far, r9k?
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>wake up at 3pm
>shower and go to work at a shitty fast food restaurant 10 miles away from where I live
>get off at around midnight and go home
>play WoW until 7 in the morning with occasional breaks for porn and browsing 4chan

This is my life.
Can this just be a shitty art thread?

Heres some bullshit I made a while ago

please no bully

mothman isn't even an scp dude that's a super old urban legend

i need a new phone.. my s3 doesn't charge anymore is generally in rough shape

i don't want the most top of the line or anything but i'd like one to have:
>at least 10 hours of battery life for listening to podcasts all day (downloaded, not streaming) without having to go into airplane mode
>has an otter case available for it because i tend to smash my phone up without one
>decent camera for shitposting

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>Chad goes on international vacations
>You eat Vienna sausages
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>you post shitty reddit memes
>hes taking off her jeans
>you make her soup when she's sick
>he makes her cum on his dick
>you stayed up late playing a video game
>chad fucked her hard until she came

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Is this MD? I listen to particular songs that really hype me up and imagine particular situations that are in accordance with them; like receiving all the knowledge the universe contains from a metaphysical being, or beating the shit out of someone I hate in a public place, or running/driving against someone at an extremely fast pace. I read MD was problematic when it consumes hours of the day, but I only listen to the songs that make me imagine these things at particular times that don't upset my daily ritual.
Also, feel free to tell me about your MD and how you do it, and how it affects your daily life.
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>imagine receiving all the knowledge the universe contains

That can't be imagined. All the knowledge in the universe is simply nothingness, and simultaneously everything, but it feels like nothingness. Knowledge is a subjective distortion of the absolute, of which there are infinite.
I agree with your semantics... but nonetheless your answer is not an answer to the question I asked.

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>start looking at facebook/instagrams of people I used to go to school with

It hurts so much but I can't stop looking.
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Don't hurt yourself too much.
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yeah but how many of them watch cute anime girls every day?

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Newfag here

1200x1200 picture with the word "autism" on it 10000 times. (Every "autism" is 6x24 pixels.)

Also, related comments only
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>tfw I am autistic and this picture cemented it

I can't relate to normal people ha ha ha
It wasn't hard to spot it.

Good waste of your life, OP.
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autism is as autism does

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My fucking dumbass dad and my retarded sister won't stop hogging the bandwidth doing trivial bullshit like watching some garbage on Netflix. It fucking slows my connection to a crawl. I normally don't have to worry about it because I have priority via ethernet, but my ethernet has been randomly cutting out and staying off, only fixing itself 50% of the time when I reboot my router.
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then get a newer router that can handle the bandwidth? fucking retard.
Sounds like you got some garbage router from your ISP.

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>no matter what I do, I'll always end up locked in a room alone most of the time because I'm fundamentally incapable of relating to other people
>will also aways feel like an inferior underdog and be treated as such by the people around me, who find validation in each other while all I can count on is myself
>am not even emotionally stable enough to be able to count on myself at all times

I'm trapped
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Why don't you become a cuckold /r9k/ ?
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I would have to get a gf first and that's just not possible.
Because I'm not a pathetic beta pussy bitch like you faggot
>tfw literal cucks can get a gf but you can't

This wasn't a feel I wanted today

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I've been thinking about going to jail for something like stealing a car whatnot. I'm just stuck in life and can't seem to find anything or anyone that's worth it.

Has anyone been to jail? How's it like?
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>How's it like?
But you have cell-mates and books and tv sometimes?
Had the same idea before.
Think my life would actually improve

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