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Do people make you uncomfortable?
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I make people uncomfortable.
yes, i unironically want to annihilate all of humanity. i would push a button that did so this very moment.
yes very, and I wish that pic was a boy

Its that time again to go and hug your sister and tell her you love her
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Hug your family thread
>What is this thread about?
Talking about and improving relationships with your sister/family
>Can i talk about/vent about my relationship with my family
>I don't like this thread!
Hide it, problem solved
>I'm going to start drama
You'll probably be ignored

>1 - Tell them you love them
>2 - Hug them as tight as you can
>3 - Keep hugging until they tell you to stop
>4 - Ask about what they've been doing lately
>5 - Ask how their day has been
>6 - Spend an hour with them
>7 - Ask what they're doing tomorrow
>8 - Try to pick them up or ask them to cuddle
>9 - Kiss them on the head
>0 - Tell them that you want to hang out with them more
>69- Ask them to do something lewd with you or let you watch them do something lewd

Lets hope we dont get deleted for no reason
Anyone know why we keep geting deleted?
I really want to be a teenager and have passionate sex with my questionably aged, professional model tsundere imouto

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Post cats that look how you feel
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ugly and in pain!!
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All so very tiresome
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Crush said no

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ryuko cry.jpg
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Do you hate your mother?
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Original nutpost


ravioli ravioli this is originoli
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>mother smoke and drank while I was in the womb
>not even sure who my father is
>gave me away at 5 to my grandmother
>went on to fuck niggers and have children with them which she kept
You know, looking at how my life is, I am surprised I haven't murdered her.

We stealing you're women too yellowboi.
I guess we give them something you can't.
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dey wimmin ain't muh property, black man.
Begone from here, kike. The power of Christ compels you. Begone from here, kike. The power of Christ expels you.
Well I can steal something you can't Tyrone

A job.

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Can we have a funny autism shoe thread?

These are always very interesting. For example, I know New Balance is an autism shoe brand, but I'm not sure why. I also know white New Balances are THE autism shoe, like pic related.
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those look good, the fuck are you on about OP?
Just ordered a pair of the NB's Made in UK Nubucks because I'm cultivating my autism look
all shoes are beta
chad's feet are not bound and the ground trembles to touch his toes

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>get new boyfriend
>he's uncircumcised

everything else about him is great but it's gross. I can't cope with it, I want to tell him to get his dick cut.
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Don't try to make these people cut their dicks up they've had enough
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The first two guys I had we're uncut. It is so fucking gross seeing them roll the skin back. It's like a monster or something from Alien. Honestly puke worthy, don't start with the smell...
fuck you for waning to mutilate your boyfriends fucking gentiles
brainwashed roastie cunt

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any of you non welfare NEETs or ex NEETs fall for the work at amazon meme before?

lasted a month
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Former NEET of nearly 3 years here
Please describe your experiences anon
i applied but they never called me :(
i applied twice actually if not 3 times and never got replies.
I do have 2 years of warehouse experience elsewhere though. NEET now living comfortably at my mommy's house using the money I earned over those 2 years
What's wrong with it? I applied because I need a job but I haven't heard back

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>Be me, middle school
>last day
>steps off the bus
>my brother was distracting the bus so it stayed there
>no-one finds out its me cuz i hid before making the sound

Hello it is I /that kid/
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What year did you start browsing /r9k/, OP?
Underrage detected. wee ooo wee ooo
>/that kid/
You're just another normie middle school memeboi friendo

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Remember when things used to be fun?
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Yeah I do bro.

I do a lot of stuff and spend a lot of money, but everything is so mediocre.
yeah, i remember when i could play my favorite video game for 8 hours straight like all my normie friendfag friends still do, and i remember having irl friends. good times.
eradicating ideologues is a lot of fun

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Who here /depressed/?
>be on full-ride scholarship
>graduating with no debt
>top student at my college
>3.9 GPA
>multiple job offers already as a junior
>still want to die
I've accomplished so much I feel like I should be happy but I simply can't feel anything.
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Just do drugs, man. Get a prescription for adderall and find yourself a cool and productive hobby. Fake it 'til you make it.
pursuing a career won't guarantee you a assimilation with normies.

>graduate with honors in tough field with lots of oppor blablabla
>want to die every day

>work dead-end job with few responsibilities
>feel happy, life is great, good social life etc

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>tfw starting to hate women more and more
what the fuck bros
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There's no point in getting worked up over roasties. Just become gay and fuck all the feminine boipucci you can get.
>onitis been flirting with me
>calls me "love" and "darling" jokingly
>asked if I wanted to see Dunkirk with her
>just froze
>didn't know what to say

The fuck is wrong with me

Hold your violent rage and channel it into other things. Butchering women will get you in serious shit

I want out. I want out so badly.
Can you guys tell me a good hobby? Something that actually takes time to perfect and is impressing. I want to stop being so insipid
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I've noticed myself become a lot less sad ever since I picked up guitar. Go buy an acoustic guitar for a hundred bucks at any music store and start learning some of your favorite songs. You can take it with you wherever you go and play it when you're feeling like shit. I'm still a self-hating suicidal piece of trash, but at least now I'm writing sad tunes about it instead of feeling sorry for myself in my bedroom.
out of the question. Piano is ok when it comes to music but guitar is legit the worst fucking thing ever.
Pick up an instrument, anon.
Start drawing.
Just have in mind that when you begin doing something new you're gonna be absolutely terrible at it, but you gotta start somewhere right?

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ITT: Must-watch movies

I'll start
>American Psycho
>Taxi Driver
>A Clockwork Orange
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13 reasons hwy
>ITT: Three movies that will bring OP to commit a shooting spree
>Grand Budapest Hotel
>The Prestige
>Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

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Anyone have sauce on this beauty?
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That's a top tier squat, da.

what board do you think you're on you fucking imbecile

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