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Daily reminder that THICC is the mans choice and THINN is for low test little gae boiz. You're genetically designed to be attracted to it and anyone who isn't has low test, is a faggot, has shit taste, of all three. THICC is a sign of fertility. THICC is a way of life. Have you taken the THICC pill yet ? No ? Well then you're a massive fucking faggot. That is all, carry on pleb.
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>You're genetically designed to be attracted to it
do you have a source?
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OP pic is actually hot THICC but most shit people link to it is just FAT
its hard to come by actual THICC
therefore THINN is generally speaking better

That kind of thicc is good, but other people don't see the term the same way.

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what are you listening to right now /r9k/???

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLoytewvn0g someone posted a 80's thread this was recommend on youtube pretty good
this costant feel of not belonging to anything is tearing me apart
My oneitis loved this song, OP :(

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Wait, if women are having more sex than ever, why is there so many male virgins?
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Take a wild guess detective.
they fuck animals?
found the Canadian

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Is demi-solipsism the ultimate red-pill?
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What is demi-solipsism?
i think it's the philosophy that only your own mind exists and everything you see or experience is in your mind. brain in a jar basically.
not sure about the demi part.
please correct me if i'm wrong
>not sure about the demi part.

Why did you use "demi-" then? What you described was just normal solipsism.

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>"Good morning, anon. How about we do a bit of 'light exercise' before we start our day?"
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I don't know what I'm doing here, or how I got here in the first place. It's time for me to go
Shut up and kiss me.
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Stop this, Anon, this isn't funny.

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Looks like life caught up to me. I can't escape the guilt of stagnation. I wish there was a way out other than grinding my ass of on shit that not guaranteed.. I feel very helpless. Lifting at the gym and I've lost my spark, i just want to leave the gym earlier despite making gainz
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>have a career
>own a house
>about to have my first born son

life is good.
Learn something you idiot. Read a book, take an online class.

>was on the verge of escaping robothood
>started smoking and drinking again
>losing my gym gains
>playing vidya again

suddenly when im about to make a life altering decision my mind tells me to retreat out of fear and to act like a teenager again

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I was chad for a day

>15 years old
>Everyone who could afford it went on a school trip
>Everyone else has to show up for school and watch movies and shit in class
>90% of the school is gone
>I'm the only guy left in my class
>All the remaining roasties are showering me with attention and treating me like chad
>They keep asking me what movie we should watch and making smalltalk

This is the problem robots. You can't become chad, you have to REMOVE him from the situation altogether so by default you become the alpha male. Women are fucking brainded shallow ant brained slags.
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Humans and the rest of the animal Kingdom aren't as different as one would think
>get girl alone with you
>no chads in the vicinity
>she'll still be disgusted if you make a move and call the police
in no way is this true, OP was a latent chad all along
Fuck no I was not

I was a spotty ginger mong. The only thing I had going for me was my height and my smarts.

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>anon looks like he doesn't want to be here
Why do normies keep saying this?
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>anon you look like a serial killer
>anon you're creepy
>anon you're so dry. you need to loosen up!
>tell him he looks like a serial killer
>tell him to loosen up
Normies are fucking retarded, holy shit.
I never get the serial killed comment, though if I did I think it would kill me inside

>mom works at local news station
>their doing a piece on 4chan, and the criminals that have come out of it recently, specifically r9k and /pol/
>moms hooking me up to help the old journalists figure out what half of the memes and figure of speech/phrases mean

What shit should I feed them lmao, half of the shit will be true, and the other half will be replies from this thread

Don't make it too obvious
Nothing about pepe, or the two shooters they already have written those parts

save this thread it'l be golden, i'll post the video when it airs
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>the criminals that have come out of it recently >specifically r9k and /pol/
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>doesn't know about the countless school shooters that post in /r9k/ before they do it
You can show her this. (Download so she can't see that it says "satire")


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>live in bible belt state
>everyone around here super religious
>everyone hates homos
>be homo
>one other homo in the area
>Live on the farm and you have regular sinful sex in the barn out back
>father comes in and catches us in action
>makes it even worse that I'm the one getting pounded
>he's forcing my head into the hay stack
>felt good

Dad basically kicked me out. He seems even more mad that I was the receiver. What should I do anons? Also why does my dad care more that I wasn't the giver. Is it because I'm bigger than my bf?
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HAHAHA you fucking are either a disgusting faggot or a liar, either way you are pretty pathetic.
youve failed your dad AND biology in the pursuit of carnal pleasure. Good job, hope it was worth it.
ah another lil /pol/ thread
I'm so glad
be good if you brave byzantine crusaders fought ISIS or something, instead of moralfagging for your cheap superiority feel-feels

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OK robots, I saw the last thread and I feel like you guys were fucking with me.

Is this little faggot right here from Team 10?
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He doesnt look so little. More like a /fatcunt/
What the hell is team 10 and why are you posting this crap on my board?


>"Anon why do you have such sleepy eyes and bony knees? hahaha you're not emo are you?"
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I'm whatever you want me to be, baby *hefty wink*
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tfw actually miss emo culture
atleast some of those fuckers could relate to me, even if they were just following a trend and were normies
now it's just turbo normies saying "life is a gift and b urself bro :D"
emo qt's were a gift.
What the fuck is a "bony knee"? Isnt every non-fat persons knee bony? Because of the fucking BONES in it? Fuck you

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>mom thinks it's normal to not have a gf despite being 20
>dad thinks I'm gay because I wore skinny jeans in middleschool and talked like a faggot
>uncle thinks I'm depressed and tries to crack jokes at my virginity
>grandparents are oblivious
>in reality I'm just 4/10 and awkward
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>family thinks koolaid is better than breast milk for breast feeding
>family doesn't believe in hospitals
>family doesn't believe in being a parent
>family thinks sitting in your room all day is normal
>family thinks making fun of your son because of his shortcomings is good fun
>family thinks beating me helps instead of just making it worse
>family thinks I'm a failure instead of themselves
I'm only a byproduct of my environment. Blame my parents if I end up doing something I shouldn't. I told them once that they shouldn't have had me if this is what life was going to be like.
>mom thinks it's normal to not have a gf despite being 20
>dad thinks I'm gay because I wore skinny jeans in middleschool and talked like a faggot

I mean, if the shoe fits...
>dad think i'm borderline retarded autist
>mom thinks i'm a lazy bum and keeps pushing me to get a job.
>sister think i'm a Mc Giver tier dude able to fix every thing

Or are they simply into fantasy animeland?
Asian robots,have you ever tried talking to white girls on anime cons and how did it go?any good tips?
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Also post more qt weebs I guess
i was actually just wondering what red eyes would actually look like on a 3d girl, and the answer is "not very good".
Who's this cute?

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How can we stop the trap menace from seducing innocent and pure young men?
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This is the future you can't stop it
anyone fucking a trap is gay

take the chemicals out of the water and there will probably be fewer fags
They can seduce me. I am willing to take one for the team. I'm a real team player.

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