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Alright, bots. Let's see how similar our day to day lives are. Post what your day looks like start to finish.

Bonus points may be awarded for giving (You)s to other bots, letting them know how much better/worse/similar your day is to theirs.

I'll start.

>Wake up at completely random time
>Go back to sleep for a few hours
>Get out of bed whenever I think no one is home or everyone is asleep.
>Obtain snacks and water.
>Lurk /r9k/, Reddit, Discord.
>Play some Overwatch
>Get to grandmaster
>Fall back down to 3850 because I'm Mercy main trash
>Lurk /r9k/, Reddit, Discord more
>Try to earn money working online because too robot to go outside.
>Make a tiny bit, but not enough to live off of, procrastinating a lot along the way.
>More food and water when the coast is clear.
>More Overwatch.
>More lurking.
>Usually try to find some sort of friendship.
>Fail horribly.
>Listen to edgy music.
>Binge-watch Netflix/anime/movies/whatever
>Read in bed or lurk stuff in bed until sleep at some random hour.
> Repeat.

Show me what you got.
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>go to bed at 4 am
>wake up at 7 am
>go on 4chan /a/ for an hour
>go back to sleep
>wake up at 10am
>stay in bed for an hour
>masturbate to hentai
>take a shower
>go on the bus
>eat subway alone
>go to the library, sit alone
>go to class
>go back on bus
>come to my apartment
>listen to the couples next to me laugh and have fun
>browse /r9k/
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>wake up at 6 AM
>dream about things while half-asleep
>hear alarm at 8 AM
>get a glass of water, back to bed
>finally get up at 9
>check messages in social network (need to use it to get news from uni remotely)
>get cloudy head
>scroll 4chan till 10
>cook breakfast
>read some scientific articles for meh thesis
>get tired at 12
>turn console on, scroll trough menus aimlessly
>complete a stage for new Doom
>get green tea with six teaspoons of sugar
>scratch some design choices for a level for old Doom
>workout with a sad face on
>check physical mailbox
>half-watch videogame streams while scrolling 4chan till 5 PM
>actually progress in a wad for old Doom by adding some unnecessary little details
>cook dinner
>struggle with apathy while listening to ASMRs
>go to bed at 11 PM
>sleep shortly afterwards

It's been like this for a year since mom left me alone.
I'll visit a psychiatrist soon enough to deal with anxiety and apathy, because it will hold me down till the end if I won't fix it.
I'm not a dumbass, therefore I want to put my potential to some use, but unable to do so fully, yet.
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12:00 wake up
12:00-2:00 browse chans
2:00-2:30 eat food, drink water and have cig
2:30-5:00 browse chans
5:00-5:20 masturbate
5:30-5:40 have another cigarette
5:40-7:50 drinking while browsing chans and jewtube
8:00-8:20 masturbate again
8:30-9:45 night walk with booze and more smoking
10:00-12:00 more chan garbage

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The perfect girl for you is out there somewhere.

Why have you stopped trying to find her?

Why give up on something you so desperately crave?
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the same motive i dont play lotto tickets, im not retarded
Fpbp fpbp fpbp
nigga I'm broke

gotta get my own place first

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Makes a girl more wet than when a guy...?
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buys them a new everything
Has a big vagina
Show her the hole he punshed in the wall that time he got mad.

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Every day. Every fucking day for this past week

A stupid bird thinks it's funny and starts chirping at 3:00-3:10 am and DOESN'T STOP FOR MANY HOURS

I wouldn't mind if it did unique chirps, but it's the SAME ONE EVERY DAY reEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEee
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It's mating season, and that bird can't get any females.
There is literally a bird chirping outside my window and it's 3:13 am

Are you in georgia
Try responding to it.

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>sibling holding a knife about to kill himself.
>too autistic to even care
>continue browsing /r9k/
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is he kill yet? why does he want to khs?
marriage problems. that's what he gets for getting a girl pregnant while in college
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Wait a tick.......

......ok continue.

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Let's talk about the only way most of us are ever going to be finding happiness. Share your tips, tricks, plans and aspirations.
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>being alive:
Anime isn't real
>being dead:
Anime isn't real

How do I proceed????
When I finally reach that point I'm going to go on craigslist, /soc/ etc. and find as many people to hook up with as possible. I'm going to purposefully go for the fattest, oldest, ugliest guys I can find and let them face fuck me and destroy my ass, bouncing from person to person until I die of exaustion / lack of sleep / lack of food / lack of water
does anyone want to kill me? i'm looking to die

>finally get a girlfriend
>So amazing for a couple years
>She's my best friend too
>one fucking day she says... Need to tell you something robot
>Says.. I want to get a sex change.. will you stay with me?

Do you stay
Do you go gay
Do you leave

Why is it so acceptable to want/have a sex change.
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Only you can answer this. Personally I would do my best to talk her out of it in a nonthreatening and supportive way, but at some point I would draw the line and say goodbye.
I'd be disappointed, but if she really wanted to get her penis turned inside out, then that's her choice. It's not like we'd suddenly become unable to do anal.
At a point? Any idea what that point would be for you?

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I love you, Anon. Take care of yourself. You deserve happiness.

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>you will never take pics of the real world with OP to commemorate your friendship and the fact that you both existed at the same time in the same place or even at all
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robots be honest do i look dead inside?

in case anyone wants to hear it

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i missed when he was my friend. and called me by my name, he was nice to me a lot.

now he hates me, I dont know how to reach out and get him to like me again. he thinks I just want attention from him and to be humored. it hurts my feelings so bad.
all of his friends hate me now too. and they made that discord server; just to hurt me. it hurts a lot, i dont want to bother anyone. i cry in the bathroom when im at work now
nobody will hold me
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that's because guys don't like other guys, you're gay and he's not... i told you this before you mentally ill fag, KYS
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It's because you're mentally ill and an annoying clingy cunt, go away. He doesn't like you. Sending this to him also
op i can suck you off in the bathroom if that would make you feel better

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I got pushed into college and debt by family who wanted me to do certain job, think I just failed my last project and family won't pay for redo, I have $17 in my bank and if I did fail I'll get thrown out. I'm so depressed and just wanna an hero but I'm too scared to even do that. I think I could find somewhere to stay in the immediate future but I don't want to mooch off of the people cause they're genuinely good people. Should I end it? Is this a small thing that I'll bounce back from and laugh about next year? Not fatshit or disabled so no chance of neetbux.
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you will bounce back from it OP, it will not be the end of the world if you fail, but work as hard as you can and stay strong.
This was helpful, thank you for being real about this.
As toxic as this board is, I think we should be lifting each other up rather than tearing each other down. I was in a bad time recently because of college too, so you're not alone

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Every day of my life, every second, I have an uncontrollable, insatiable desire to do violent things.
>Break fragile objects (including kids)
>Tear apart furniture
>Choke people
>Push heads under water
>Dissect alive organisms while hearing their screams
How do I solve this?
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No, you're just a loser. Learn to live with it
Might I suggest drowning yourself?

become an interrogator for the CIA

>what's your email anon?
>wait, why isn't it @gmail.com? Why are you so weird?
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>not having a vintage 1999 yahoo address
What a plebeian
>appears white
>not being awoke
>not helping fight for her blood line
>using the oogle
itt: some alternate universe where smartphones weren't invented

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>Go to store
>Cashier asks me if I want receipt
>Say yes
>Actually throw it away afterwards
Who here
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I never recycle
How evil am I?
>tfw finding receipts that random people have dropped on the ground is the most intimacy you've had with another human that isn't family without being blackout drunk in years
Happens like twice a week OP it's not very uncommon to do exactly as you do apparently

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Which one would you choose robots?

Personally I would choose all nonroasties and but no blacks.
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i love how women think anyone cares what their dried up cunt looks like
This is disgusting. Why would any self respecting woman ever do this shit? Oh wait
Why are women so fucking god awful
Like who comes up with this shit?

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>tfw you will never, ever be her
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whenever I look at any trap I can always still see the man in them
thats cause that is a man, bruh
And die from the common cold because of the HIV I contracted?

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