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I'm here to help the robots.

I want you to know that the reason for your robotic nature is anime (or insert other geeky hobby here).

In Japan, apart from the most shameless otaku, anime is seen as a passing fancy meant for children. As a kid you may watch your favorite shounen action series, see kaiju movies and watch buy the occasional manga with your pocket change. As a teen, you may enjoy one or two series, possibly buying the entire collection with money earned from your part time job, and play a few games, but that is it. In college you might be forgiven for watching a show you started as a kid to its finish and seeing some more "mature" series movies/specials (GiTS Arise, etc.), but your geeky days are behind you.

The same applies here in America. Ditch your geeky vices and enjoy real life.
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>Ditch your geeky vices and enjoy real life.
real life is shit though
its not as fun and the girls are ugly
Perhaps that's because of the anime. Just like porn, the more you expose yourself to it,the more ingrained in you it becomes. You must disconnect yourself from it, in order to cure your woes.
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And you are a handsome guy worth their attention?

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The face of one who is about to culturally enrich that superior brown pussy
>The face of one who is about to culturally enrich that superior brown pussy
look at that face Steven is making
he wants to feel like a girl
Avatarfag I don't know if I like you or not

I'm 22 and I suffer bullying at work

Some guy and his friends always insult me and even hold me by the neck

I can not fight back since they are many and one of them is semiprofessional martial art fighter

I don't want to tell it to my boss since I have no proofs and anyway I don't want to get in problems that could make me lose my job

How to cope with this?
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Quit and go somewhere else. You dont have to just take it like that. You are a human being and you deserve just as much dignity as everyone else.
Just tell your boss you're being harassed

I filed a complaint against a shithead high school kid who tried fucking with me and got him fired.
Is there a certain place where they bully you like a break room? If so, you could set up a camera or your phone to record it when it happens and get all of them fired.

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bf application
male seeking male
preference:i'm a top
benis:big XDDD
looking for a serious relationship with a qt boi
post your apps in this thread
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You remind me of the NSA
Sorry little man
Lol 5'7 and claims to be a top. U muss b Giddings me :DDDD

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Redpill me on french food because every dish ive ever had was fucking horrible
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Bread and Snails is about all I can say. Also wine. Fuck loads of wine to get rid of shit taste.
overpriced pastries
you can even tell by their dressing - french dressing is obnoxiously sweet and would be better on chocolate cake than salad
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Julia Child is your go to if you want to know about that frenchie shit. It's a little above most robot's level. Mine included. I think you really have to be into cooking before you decide it's worth your time to cook french food.

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Thoughts? I could use some (you's)
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think you need to post a template and embrace superior 2D porn.
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here's the temp
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muh faves.png
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Trey Gowdy is a pompous blowhard, as many politicians tend to be. Still, Dr. Doom is a boss and Mitch Albom is great.

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>"you're late for class? i don't think we should let you pass"
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Why do you bully me? Are you dykes or something?
>if youse thinkin you can stahp me, youse a gonah (goner)
>*teleports behind you and unsheathes katana*
Wh-what are you gonna do to me?

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Pick a position..

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Any of the people in the middle.
I fuck my gay best mate and he fucks me so I know I like it both ways so fuck it, go filthy or fuck off.
>not enough people to make a circle
Patrician taste my man. Originally.

Was this the best or were there better contras?
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Where does Iran-Contra fit into the lore?

Contra 3: The Alien Wars on SNES is fantastic
Contra: The Hard Corps on Genesis was also great

Which one was better is really a matter of personal taste in style + aesthetics.
The first one is great because it's hard the first time you play, but with a little practice it is very beatable, even without the konami code. Super C is harder, but still beatable.

The snes one is too goddamn hard. It's not even fun.

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Only 16 hours until the gates to LFE open, anon~

...why haven't you registered yet?
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What's LFE? Never heard of it..
check systemspace (((dotto))) link
systemspace is full of retarded normies
back out while you can

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How do I fug some 30+ year old single MILF ?
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Show up. And have a dick.
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Heh, its not that easy, they are easy lays though.. erhem, if you know how to do it right
cat look like janny LMAO

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>be me, been on the boards for about 4 years
>fall for the oldfag meme that 4chan used to be better
>newfags like me ruined it, of course
>ok, let's check it out
>download some archives that go back to 08
>lurk about 3 years in one hour
>it's the same shit it's always been

It's the same shit. Explain yourselves oldfags.
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>implying oldfags are from '08

I'm from '08 and I was a newfag. Oldfags are pre-07. 4chan was better though, the newfags shit up a lot of the boards with each and every year, but eventually they settle in. And then they become subject to newfags dropping in and shitting on everything. The problem is that in the past they acclimated to board/site culture, but more and more lately they're not doing that because everyone here has become pussies and aren't telling them to fuck off and lurk moar, and now the newfags end up sticking out like sore thumbs. Annoying sore thumbs.
07 brought in newfags
10 brought in cancer
12 killed the site
We're now in hell
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Theres nothing better. All that gayfags said they will leave never leaved. Even moot post fucking bananas i swear

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>I like her
>think she likes me
>we both are busy on specialized fields
>I understand what she feels
>she understands what I go through
>tried to ask her out in the past
>it ended up in a vague let's do it sometime
>other times I know for a fact she was busy working
>she posts on social media about single feels

How do I go about it to ask her again but make it more obvious about what I want?
Without saying something stupid like "I see you are single and I am too so maybe.." or "can we go oit on a date?"
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Hope it makes sense.
R9k is really busy sometimes.. I am afraid this will disappear..
Just casually ask her to go get coffee with you. Drink your coffee and then go get a beer or two. Talk a lot, enjoy yourself and make her laugh and make her feel comfortable

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How do I get a goddess like this as my gf?
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>wanting to gf a commie fucking shit
That is just sad really.

she looks way cuter in 2015, stay mad butt mad alt right cunt.

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I jerked off to cuck porn last. A dominant Eastern European woman type was chiding her small dicked bf while a bigger guy was fucking her. She then instructed the bf to eat the bull's ass while he was fucking her. Then she pulled out a strap on and fucked her tiny dicked bf. Oh and the cuck ate the bull's cum out of her pussy. Am I becoming degenerate?

BTW it was not interracial if that helps
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You've finally embraced and taken the /cuckpill/, bravo. Most fembots and femanons are into cuckolding and will only date robots who are willing to explore that fantasy.
Really the only way it should be. Fembots should cuck all robots with strong bulls
At least link to the video

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