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how does this make you feel robots? origamino
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>whore does whore things
I'm shocked.

Makes me feel like I'm glad that I don't have daddy issues. That girl must have been abused when she was little, or read a lot of fan fiction.
How the hell do these poor schmucks get girlfriends yet you cant r9k?

/r/sex is hilarious

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thinking emoji.png
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If hate sex is better than normal sex, does that mean people who hate themselves have better orgasms from masturbating?
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sex =/= masturbating

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>"Say your waifu's name and we'll find the best type of suicide for you!"
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Hajime shinoda
Jumping off a bridge. Now go fuck off to /b/
I don't have a waifu.
I enjoy 2D with no strings attached.

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>returns to 4chan after years
>oldfag /b/tard
>browses /b/
>thats shits gay, mkay
>browse other boards
>porn, porn everywhere
>come here
>not much porn
>actual discustions
>good threads
>holy shit, its my summerfag days on /b/
>still a little faith in 4chan left

/r9k/ is the only good thing left on the chan
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>trying to pretend this board hasn't been shat all over by normalfags pretending to have the biggest problems in the world and literal faggotry
It's ok to cry, son.
I didn't
>tfw low emotional spectrum

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>tfw in love with somebody that is in love with me
Never thunk it lads, but here it is.
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I truly hope you both stay that way, because it can make it that much more painful if one of you falls out of love.

Best of luck because there really isn't a better feeling than during those times

t. Guy who got dropped
Thanks bud.
Sorry about your loss.

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We share our soundcloud, bandcamp, what-say-yous.

Punk band from California. Would like honest feedback. Good, shit, comments, suggestions? All is welcome


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I'm not a big music guy but that's good stuff.

This is my podcast.


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I was trying to find more shit about this and I didn't find anything. What do you faggots think of this? It was posted in a pretty good thread a while ago
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Brazil is a violent shithole. Who knew.
Still though, I live in eastern Europe and I doubt something like that would happen even here.

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Do you guys ever go to the beach? I'm going in a vacation to the sea side with my family. It's gonna be so fucking awful. How the fuck do people manage not to get boners on the beach with all those exposed tits and shit?
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Remember the waisband trick annon. Also maybe grab a cold and put in between your boys if you know what im saying.
Do beach episodes of anime shows count
I go to the beach alone at an abandoned military base. Getting sun all alone is comfy as fuck.

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Is Japan where all my dreams come true?
Should i go?
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No. Moving to Japan is a terrible idea. If you want to go there just go on vacation.
life in japan is even more shit and crowded than in the west.
don't count on it.

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>be me
>170cm height
>everyone says I'm tall

what the fuck do they mean by this?
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it means you probably live in Asia
I don't live in Asia

this was not original wtf
Leave middle school


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Scared Wojak.jpg
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>friend asks me to hang out
>too nervous so i say I'm busy
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>friend calls
>legitimately busy at the time
>tell him I'll call him back
>afterwards feel really nervous and awkward about calling him back
>it's been 5 years since we've talked

Does anybody eIse on r9k ever get vagina envy?

l'm not sure if l really want to be a woman, but l look at my dick and just wish l had a vagina sometimes. I hate having a refractory period. I realIy wish l could have multiple orgasms. Good sex and masturbation just seem so much more pleasurable for women it makes me deeply depressed...
lt just feels Iike both biology and my body have betrayed me. Anyone else here know this feeling?
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Do you wanna bleed out your puss annon?
something something grass is greener

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my cockatiel collapsed off his perch and he's very tired now
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Posting a sad pepe farming memes every day until someone from /r9k/ gives me money
Day 2
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Make some OC or GTFO
If you want to make money make good content.
Like this video
I will sir
No thank you sir

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Pencil collection thread

(These are my beauties)
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Do you feel connected to them in a weird way? I only use pens but Everytime one breaks I still keep it with me. I have lots of broken and half working pens
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hey I can actually contribute to something
here are my pencils op some missing in a pencil case somewhere tho
I haven't paid for almost if these pencils (mabye like 10 of them I paid for) I found them all on the ground and or swindled people into giving them to me I feel proud of my pencils like I earned these

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