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Who else is ready to die? I hate living in Florida.
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tampa reporting in
im oging to walmart soon to buy food and water and batterys
OP, no pussy, go stand on the beach as it hits and Live Stream
Tampa as well, stocking up tomorrow. Glad to live on a second story.

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Now that the dust has settled, did anyone else besides me damage their vision with the solar eclipse?
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Nope. Used the meme glasses.
no...i did use to look at the sun when i was kid tho b/c i thought it gave me power.
i slept the whole time, if you actually damaged your eyes staring at the sun you deserve to go blind

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omg my life sucks. Apparently for normies Males Sex is to easy to get... and it's hurting marriage.

Sauce: http://nypost.com/2017/09/02/cheap-sex-is-making-men-give-up-on-marriage/
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I agree. Sex is easy to come by with relatively attractive women. The cyborg life is the good life.
I'm sure dissolute females have absolutely no blame in the matter.
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Is that the same publication that blamed video games? You believe all that shit?

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>my internet is dying every five minutes for some stupid reason and calling my ISP didn't help
I want to die
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Google the proble... oh wait
have you tried resetting your router?
Maybe a power surge fucked the router up or something stupid like that

>be in college
>mother lost her shit at me today and disassembled my desktop PC with my dad and hid the parts in their room which is always locked
>all because she found a plate in my room
>told me I won't be seeing it until september of next year
>left with a really shitty craptop i bought for 100 dollars years ago to take notes with/access my university information system
>said laptop is literally falling apart, the camera broke and the monitor is basically hanging on by a taped wire
>laptop crashes when I try to open word
>can't run firefox
>so shitty and outdated it can't use notetaking software without my computer shitting itself
What do I do, robots? I'm fucking 20 years old and my mother dishes out the most draconian punishments for the most minuscule shit.
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Shape up and stop being a gross ass leaving plates all up in your room. Serves you right. You want bugs and shit in your bedroom? Where you sleep?
Doesnt your University have a fucking library???
Use their computers holy fuck
I was about to move it but I didn't have enough time because I woke up right before work and I needed to find my hat and badge
You can only use them a certain amount of minutes at a time IIRC

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Whk here panix attaxk or just genenal anxity?
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what the fuck happend in this pic
Learn to spell, mongoloid
I can;t even see str8 atm i have to look down at hte keyboard.

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Looks like he's heavily in his "4chan phase". His videos and streams getting less and less nonwhite-friendly.
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He does this on purpose. He wants an edgier fanbase
What are you talking about? I just watched his Life is Strange vid and it seemed like typical pewdiepie
he has 7 million dollars...it doesn't even matter what he does as long as he doesn't get himself in jail

Do you regret making it to the egg?
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if i was the one who made it can you imagine what the others would have been like...
We were as much the egg as the sperm.
If I knew I had a Y chromosome I probably would have just stayed in the balls

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Post ur drugs

Post ur feels
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ive been on everything and it just makes me feel worse, im slowly realizing that my suicide is inevitable.
Prozac, Hydroxyzine, Trazadone, Kolonpin

The only thing that helps is the k-pins but that's because it just makes me forget how shit my life is.
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im going to start taking cipralex 20mg soon
right now im on 10mg escitalopram which tastes like awful mouthwash

i think the reason im depressed is because of my shit personality and worldview
i expected my life to magically get fixed when i started taking them, just as everyone told me it would get
i dont know why i did, after all antidepressants only fix depression
the source of the problem (me and my retarded world view) is still there
i dont feel suicidal or depressed anymore, i just dont feel anything instead now
i suppose the antidepressants are doing their thing, but its like asking for a wish from an evil genie

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>no trap bf to play videogames with after we have sex
life is unfair robots
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Sage this fucking shit thread OP
>Sage this fucking shit thread OP
That's your problem right there. Your fucking attitude.

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I know that collapse is coming and I know the only way to survive it is as a community, but I also know that almost all people are fucking cancer and won't be able to help build what I want to build. What the fuck do?
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one could say that socrates killed himself by principle. they told him he could just fuck off and not come back, hell they practically left the cell doors open and said you can leave. he chose death to state that the system is meant to be set
This thread wasn't about Socrates.
Sleep through the whole thing. I'm apathetic.

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1. My guitar and 20 follows on soundcloud
2. My cat
3. Weed, sometimes
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honestly i dont know what the deal is, the thought of not existing seems awesome but i couldnt ever do it i dont think and this bothers me since even a girl or two in highschool hung themselves. i wouldnt wanna hang myself or anything like cut yourself. i think id use a gun but at the same time i feel like thats cheating since a hundred years ago you wouldnt have a gun.

so id like to fall over dead when im all alone on a fall day but even if i had cancer i think id be too nervous to blow my brain out. is that being a pussy? if i got cancer how could i just do it and not give a shit?
>my cat
>my next gun purchase
>my anime backlog
>will to live still marginally bigger than will to not live

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What did you do? Please share so I don't make your mistake(s)
came here to bost dis
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what were you expecting?
you know what we are

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>tfw no effeminate, straight, white male to beta orbit
>tfw pay him to endure my company
>tfw only allowed to edge to his feet
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you can blow your load on my feet if you want
Are they long and slender with long toes?
theyre a bit on the smaller side, but with long dexterous toes. not wide at all.

Stop blogposting. You are not interesting to anyone but yourself.
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>post a thread telling a story
>no one cares, and 0 replies
>post same story but say I'm female
>everyone wants to know the story more, my backstory, what my hobbies are, what I'm doing at the moment, and advice for life
I think I found a way anon.
>Stop posting. You are not interesting.

there we go
>she doesn't like blogposters
>she doesn't self-insert in order to escape her own life and psyche

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