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Banned out of nowhere and pissed off about it because it's one Of The forms of social platforms I use to speak to people and I know for a fact it was people Fucking with me. I tried making a new email and using a vpn and nothing works. What the fuck can I do? Kik are useless and just keep sending me automates responses and doesn't even highlight are say what I was banned for.
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Is she in that chat?
the girl in the picture is Ciara Eliza
Who did you call a nigger?

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How do i successfully kill myself
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Cant, quantum suicide look it up. Iv killed myself hundreds of times but I just cant die.
12 gauge to soft palate at slight angle
Don't do that.

Stop talking about it.

>Anon why are you all alone in your room on a Friday night? Don't you gave any friends to go out with? Go meet some girls, son
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Don't address me you creepy virgin uggo gross yuck
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I have uni on saturdays

Also, if a i had gone out I would have missed this magnificent piece of retardation that I am yet unable to explain (literally left my house for five minutes, just to come back and to find the truck in pic related out of my door)
>no friends
>steam friends are anons who don't play vidya

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Fembots, which guy is more attractive to you?
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The one with the larger dick, obviously.
None of the above. I despise beach-y types. I want someone skinny and pale with dark hair and a slightly feminine look like pic related but without piercings.
Both look like run-of-the-mill insufferable Brads

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People who always look 6 years younger: does it get better? I'm 23 and look like a child.
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I'm 26 and sick of being ID'd for shit I'm 8 years past being able to legally purchase.
Exact fucking same situation here
>but just think how young you'll look when you're 35!

yeah thanks mum, I'll wait until I'm a legitimate 40 year old virgin before a used-up Stacy wants to date me
Same age, same situation. Also 5'7" so I'm probably a waste of a good trap and much less likely to be appreciated in my current state.

How do we solve the dating app problem?
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>make fake profile
>date girl
>kill her
my not being fat, ugly or awkward and actually being successful at it? Any posts below this that whine about "muh degeneracy" are just ugly losers who cant get women are mad at the % of us that can.

we don't.

Tinder is lame and does not work.

OK cupid is much better.

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10 out 10 girl.jpg
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What's it like to live life as a physically-attractive woman?

Are their lives really easy street?
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Obviously? You don't need to live as one of them to know that.
>never being told no
>people bending over backwards for you
>getting any guy you want

i guess if youre just trying to get groceries or whatever and some dude starts hitting on you, that would be annoying
Nah, enough of them kill themselves to show that beauty doesn't necessarily lead to happiness

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>tfw the girl you like turns out to be a /pol/tard
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Are you a basketball
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nope. burrito.
introduce me i've been looking for a racist gf

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Anyone else desperately trying to relax??

I currently have nothing to worry about and it feels like I'm about to break down
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I soemtimes feel like if i'm not doing something away from work, I feel like i'm wasting my time and feel guilty. I think I know what you mean.

But today, i found it easy to relax. This is new to me but then again, it's also Friday
That's nice for you at least..

It's been like this for the past 4 months, I'm about to just get some sleeping pills soon
I understamd how you robots feel. I try to stay busy but now my mind is scattered.

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Hey, I'm currently starting a d&d campaign, and am making a character who is /r9k/ personified. Any suggestions as to the personality? I have ideas, but I want to hear what you robots think.
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Trap healslut

Dark elf
I was thinking of being a rouge, that way I can be anti-social and isolate.
make him a thin dwarf (skellington manlet).

also no facial hair, has male pattern baldness, and no useful skills related to the game.

Also make him commit akratic decisions frequently

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How the fuck do I take a compliment /r9k/?
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since it probably came from your parents, I wouldn't worry about it
Say thank you and smile.

Its very simple, smile and say thank you.

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Dont complain, at least I made one
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You lads reckon you know a girl that's starred in a porn video? With the amount of amateur porn out there I'd be surprised if I didn't
White women going black edition

Oh, it's great being black in a white neighborhood

>White boys wont DARE start a fight with you

"intimidates whites guy*

>You get to fuck EVERY white girl whitin a one mile radius with your beautiful black...

*cuts to interracial sex scene*

exgf is was cutting herself and making suicide threats. im afraid if it is for attention she will think im mad for calling the police. she stopped responding to my messages but i noticed her active on facebook. wtf do i do i am drunk and shitting myself, she has attempted suicide before

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I literally have nothing to do. I've been just sitting here refreshing the page for the past 3 hours . Movies,games, music etc etc don't interest me. I have no friends, I have no one to talk to. Don't feel like working out . I just sit at my desk for days on end with nothing to do. I've come to the point where I don't have anything to think about either I just sit and stare at the wall.I want this to end.
I beg you please crucify me and drain my blood I have not the courage to kill myself.
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I'll be your friend till the end anon. If that's what you want.
review my new song?
I don't even remember what it's like to have friends. Last one I had was when I was 13, i'm 28 now. I've spent years inside this room with almost no human interaction. I feel nothing anymore I feel like i'm not even existing in reality but im stuck in purgatory. What sin have I done to deserve this life?

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does anyone else feel that humans are an artificial and unnatural addition to the world
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That's more a symptom of our language than anything else. For example people say "I came into this world" when it is more accurate to say "I came out of this world"
Humanity has been propelled significantly by its symbiotic relationship with mitochondria; DNA of a completely different virus. If you've read into the effects of lobotomy you'd know this seems to cause some discrepancies when the two hemispheres of the brain activate. Further research is required.
>humans have been propelled differently by it's symbiotic relationship with mitochondria
You mean us and every single other multicellular organism?

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If you could fuck a fast food mascot, which one would it be, and why would it be the Wendy's mascot?
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>Top right
Muh fucking Dik.
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Idk who's been shilling these sexy animu Wendys but pls dont stop

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