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Anons infatuated with anime girls are positively adorable. I just want to hug them and coo over them.
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T-Thanks. You're cute too
What about anons infatuated with anime boys?
You kill yourself and stay dead.

rate my tinder match lads
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she looks cray
gl my dude

You can tell she has taken many dicks, from all the semen damage on her face

>There are women out there that think that their vagina feels better than a onahole
It must suck being replaced by a peice of rubber, being you never do anything else nowadays and are not worth the risk.
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But an onahole is just a mold of vagina without the added heat and feeling you get when gratifying a woman
>doesn't know about onahole heaters
a sad bean you must be
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>you have to get an onahole + an extension just to feel 50% of what sex with a female is like
Yes yes, onahole superior device.

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Fembots, what are the most fucked up sexual fantasies you have and why do you think you have them?
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Can you not post the druggie whore? She needs to die already. Useless garbage waste of space and materials.
Slaughter fetish, but I'm not actually a woman. I'm just a perfect mimic of one.
How would your doctor rape you? Would he be harsh?

Why the FUCK do you weight over 200lbs?

Fricking explain yourself, motherfucker.
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I'm lazy and I like to eat
I don't because I grasp self control
I'm 6'4 and can bench 225 while weighing 210.

I think I'm pretty healthy.

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>it's another "Anon can't sleep and is in constant panic so hugs the 4chan screen all night" episode

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what's bothering you, anon?
do you want to vent?

normie class D spotted and subject for termination in 3, 2, 1

the complexity of my situation is a build up of pressure over the course of my entire life and what is to come it is not just one thing that will/can be gone soon therefore only normies can "vent"

this feel is a state of being, not a temporary problem.

do you know that feel?
wew laddo i just thought something might have happened to you today and maybe you wanted to talk about it champ

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>had sex today with a girl for hours
>half the time raw
>fingered her to orgasm 3 times and fucked her to orgasm another 3
>just messaged me saying how she had a lot of fun and she's sore everywhere

We're all gonna make it guys

Don't give up
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woa there chad
>tfw this girl won't let me fuck her raw

How do I make her? She was an inexperienced virgin until she met me.

>Don't browse r9k for weeks
>Come back
>This is the first thread I see

Normalfags still haven't left

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What are the Best five states and Worst Five states in AMerica? I'll start.

Best: Alaska, Arizona, Texas, Utah, Alabama

Worst: Commiefornia, Jew York, Taxachusetts, Hawaii, DC,
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Best: Maryland
Kentucky is pretty based. Mostly because we're about 87% non spic white and can own class 3.

I just fucked a prostitute tonight while my mother father and sister slept downstairs

am I too far gone?
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Is that her? Not bad desu fampai, post more pics if so. Actually even if not post pics of the whore anyway
should've recorded it, was the best orgasm I've ever had
do hookers allow you to record? Ive always wondered this if I ever end up giving it to a hooker

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Why do women like to call me "daddy" when I'm fucking them?
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I've wondered this as well. I just go with it cause pussy is pussy but damn it's so strange
Because you're liars just like her daddy.
File: what the fug.png (11KB, 211x246px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
what the fug.png
11KB, 211x246px
are you sure it isn't a silly meme perpetuated by some oddballs?
do girls actually say things like "daddy" during fucking?

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When did you start to realize that you can't fit into society and interact with other human beings?
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I do that daily so I'm wondering how someone couldn't
I do it, I just don't do it well. I'm awkward. I'd rather just get my shit done at work than shoot the shit with everyone
Preschool. Not joking.

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What's better - weeb girls, /cgl/, stacies, or femanons?
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Hot dick
crispy is above all those subhumans you named
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I'd like one femanon with a side of weeb and an extra stacy.

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ITT: characters that you wish to emulate in one way or another.

For me, it's Dio Brando. I'd love to adopt his supreme confidence and alpha male demeanor.
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Rin Okumura. I have a chronic illness (Ankylosing Spondylitis) and as a result, I don't have a lot of patience for other people. I want to gain control of my anger and stop letting this disease steal from me. I find Rin's struggle with being the son of Satan to be quite similar to mine. Neither of us chose to be this way, but people will still give us a hard time for it. Nobody likes a bitchy cripple, and nobody likes the son of the devil.
File: 1502955349703.jpg (327KB, 997x596px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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its always been there ypu just haven't cared until you got into it.

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tfw no yandere bf who stalks me

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I stalked you for a bit and you fucking hate me for it
Stupid silly retard bitch
Stop shilling, whore
ugly people dont get stalked

this is also the reason nobody on r9k has a stalker except for the 0.1% that are unironically attractive

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Anyone else /ghoster/? I've ghosted pretty much all of my friends throughout the years, and I don't regret a thing
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I can't use steam friends because all my old friends that I ghosted and never unfriended are still there
I am the ghoster of ghosters.
>drop friends for months at a time
>reconnect, do stuff together, send each other memes
>drop them again with no real warning, even after agreeing to plans

I've done this a lot. Every time they see me I'm a new person. Self-improvement is my number one priority. If other people are holding me back, even if it's in seemingly mundane ways, I drop them. I don't have any friends I see regularly anymore. It's been months for some, years for others
why not block them? even if they messaged you just ignore them like usual

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