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How would you rate this man's facial aesthetics from 1-10? Is he attractive, unattractive or more than handsome?
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Do you have a picture where he doesn't look retarded?
>Do you have a picture where he doesn't look retarded?
maybe this
Stop rockyposting. This isn't the first time you've asked this question.

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daily reminder, if you are american you cant complain about your shitty life, you can buy a pump shotgun in the wallmart and kys, people from first world like me (europe) we cant own guns
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You can get a hunting licence.
I'm trying.
You can then shoot deer and rabbits and innocent creatures and feel better about yourself.
Do not shoot up schools. Children are not acceptable quarry.
I am not sure about girlscouts. It may be ok to shoot them.
> all of europe first world
> can easily get raped by muslim in your second world eu country
> just become gay it isnt hard in a second world country
>boo hoo I'm too much of a pussy to hang myself

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Anons, It worked, I just told Stacy "You are afraid of me" "I just want to be friends anyway, not really interested in you, you are not my kind" now she is all over my shit. How do I get from here without aspergering this up?
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>Now she is all over me

Sauce btw?
if you have to act like you dont care in order to get a girl to care about you, it will never work, get a hooker if you just want sex
I know, it sucks, but it seems now she has lost all her self respect. She reponds immediately to every message. She insists in meeting. I just had luch with her and I remained silent and she loved it.

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Please help Greg

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I'd help him into a coffin tbhfam
only girls give a shit about oni. this is my board, fuck off lolcow
please help

>s-so anon? what do you think?
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im too busy puking to think
I don't like the nose piercing.
>pedophilia is disgusting
>but adult body hair is also disgusting

Really reticulates my splines.

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Trips decides how I court my oneitis.

>manlet (5'4")
>likes Filthy Frank
> shy
and lastly

>womanlet (5'4")
>likes Filthy Frank

Wat do you guys? Pls no gross shit.
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bumping for trips

kys anon
suck his dick
it's literally that simple
I can't suck his dick if I live in Michigan and he lives in Canada.

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Is Communism /ourideology/?
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>freedom of speech, press, assembly
>government protects you
No because we wouldn't fit in communism either, and those who don't fit in communism get hammer down

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>tfw purents wunt lut mi get kittean
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>move every couple years because parents are army
>can't make friends, already weird to begin with and everyone else has been going to school together since kindergarten
>beg parents for a dog or cat or even a fish
>move again

Wow gee so suprised that I turned out with zero social skills
You probably don't have social skills because you moved so much. Pets sort of help, but not really. I'm in constant isolation with my cat as company.
At least you have a living thing that depends on you and cares about you. Now I live in a 130sq ft apartment because it's the best I can afford and I can never have a pet or a friend or anything. Go hug your fucking cat normie

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I need something to argue for my speech and debate class, what's an interesting topic I could argue a point on?
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abortion is always fun
the holocaust never happened but it should have.

that was not an original comment

Hitler was an excellent leader that lead Germany from poverty into a world power. Genocide was the only bad thing, and that is irrelevant compared to what he did for Germany

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>finally get the courage to ask my crush out to a movie
>she laughs and blushes and says maybe we can get a group of people to go see guardian of the galaxy

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she's afraid you'll rape her in the theatre
or you might go jame holmes on them and if there are more people around you they can tackle you down

I would decline if I were you your plan's not going to work like this
Assuming it's not a trap
It means that she is really into you, and likes your courage.

You should go ahead, and flirt with her the entire time you're at the theatre with her.

This will prove that you're a man to her, and you will get laid almost immediately.

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>tfw girls find you attractive but neet cuteboys dont

doomed to be a normie
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What are you talking about OP, from my experience girls don't find femboys attractive at all unfortunately ;~;
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More handsome than cute, crossdressing only gets you so far
Finally a /gayandbigeneral/

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You may only reply to this thread if you have a headache, toothache, backpain, congestion, nausea, chapped lips, dry eyes, or irritated skin.

I'll also make an exception for anyone that stubbed their toe or bit their tongue within the last 3 hours, but that's IT.
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>tfw nausea 24/7
But i don't want to stop drinking
>no pain in mouth
>tooth man decided I need a filling
>tooth has been hurting bretty bad for the past 3 weeks

Fuck dentists mane
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Meant to meme that my tooth only started hurting after the filling

No one probably cares but god I'm scared right now

A few months ago I sortve went kuku and got admitted to a psych ward, ever since I've been supposed to be taking meds but I'm not, I really don't want to take them, when I asked my parents if I could stop taking it, my mom said she'd stop living us and my dad said he'd kick me out if I stopped, my mom says if my doctor says I can stop I can stop, but I'm scar d he might say no or fuck me over in front of my mom, if he says I can't stop taking it I'm killing myself, I can't take the anxiety anymore, wondering if I'm gonna be homeless or not everyday has driven me nuts,

I'm gonna go to the train tracks and lie down and just die, I'm tired of this life anyway, bad things have always happened to me and I'm tired of living like this.

Guys I'm so scared, I go in tomorrow to see the doctor, I'm so scared he's going to say no

I swear I'll kill myself if he does
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>say you're taking them
>dont take them
Why do people have kids and then find any excuse to abandon them? It like some sort of sadistic game
Sounds like you actually need them. Along with some English lessons

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bad feels.png
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> 25
> Finally worked through my autism and anxiety issues
> Finally stopped hating myself
> Got a job and got /fit/
> Find the courage to ask women out
> Every single one is a single mother or married

Holy fuck, I thought it was just a meme, but it's 100% real. I don't even care if they're non virgins, but I don't want to raise another man's son.

Is it really too much to ask?
Is it really too late for me?
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> 25
Yes it is way too late for us
Kids can be cool man. Get over it and go for the single mothers. Theyre not worse people just because they have kids
Just date girls around the 18-23 year old range

As a guy you can always date younger than you are and it's completely fine.

Nobody wants beat up, single mother pussy anyways, and those women are usually more immature than college aged girls.

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she's new Einstein at 23 and what the fuck have you done with your life?

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I can SMELL the ego.
There are many men, including a young boy working for NASA that has an IQ of 200 they're just pushing this because shes a woman.
Wasn't einstein a loser at 23 tho

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