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worried guy.png
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>making a presentation on powerpoint
>one of the slides has to be about myself as an introduction
>Start looking for a nice picture of me for the slide
>I have no pictures of myself anywhere on my computer, phone, or social media(I don't use facebook or twitter.)
>Google myself and find zero pictures of me
>I can't find myself in any of my family's photos(none that aren't very old and outdated)
>I'm too self-conscious to take a "selfie" and I'm too awkward to go to a photographer and tell them I have no pictures of myself

What do?
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I fucking hate selfies too but just suck it up and get it done. What choice do you have besides not doing the presentation
Go to a fucking photographer, its not like he will humiliate you for not having a pic of yourself
The most retarded thing is assuming that a guy whose job it is to take a pic of you and nothing more will say 'Haha look at this fag, has no pics of himself'

Are you braindead?

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>this qt girl killed herself
why do qt girls commit suicide?

i would kill to be a qt girl, they have life in easy mode
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They have to deal with you wanting to fuck them.
Easy mode my ass.


You don't know how annoying it can be to only attract people you find completely ugly. I haven't been in a relationship for more than a decade, but 3 times a year somebody I do not have ANY interest in is making a move on me. It's irritating.

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This is a nice place Anon. So... tell me something about yourself.
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i'm 26, still live with my parents, don't have a degree, any skills, or a job
*wakes up*

"Oh.. It was just another dream.."

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I got an essay due in 5 hours, its asking if we should censor hate speech in colleges. Anyone wanna lend a hand?
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whatever you do, make sure to go along with the professors point of view or expect to automatically get 15% of your grade taken off
This is the easiest argument to make in the fucking world.
Just reference 1984, nazi germany, and the fact that what's popular isn't always right so free speech must be protected.
Speaking out in support of blacks and ending slavery was once "politically incorrect"
there you go.

College is a place of open exchange of ideas and that includes hate speech .

The majority of hate speech is a bunch of pseudo science that can easily be debunked , the best thing to do it to expose those ideas , point out there stupidity ,

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>faggot has been nasty to me for simply having an opinon
>has been harassing me
>tomorrow I will go out to buy tasteless powder laxatives to slip into his drink
>he shall shit himself and be embarrassed in front of his entire uni class
are there any precautions i can take to make sure i am not caught?
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Can't wait for the inevitable greentext of you getting caught and kicked out of uni.
Make sure you keep us posted mate
>get harassed by some chad normalfag
>think of genius revenge plan
>put laxatives in his drink
>20 minutes later he gets up and leaves the lecture hall to go to the washroom
>comes back a bit later, day resumes as normal
wow good story faggot

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Is guts a robot or a chad
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>goes outside
>has had sex
>works out
>spends every day of his life fighting to improve his life

What do you fucking think
He has the body and athletic ability of a chad, but with an introvert mind.
Defiantly a bot

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How does it feel to be betrayed, robots? My father just rejected me a safe place when he knows this hurricane is going to be catastrophic.

I know I'm venting but I didn't know your own father would knowingly leave you to die.

Do you guys have any relationship with your fathers?
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Yup, I live at home with my family and my dad and I get along great. We work on cars when he's not working or watch naruto which he really likes for some fucking reason.
>We work on cars when he's not working
whatcha got?
File: IMG_2020.jpg (41KB, 365x365px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw I've had a better relationship with my friends father from highschool than I ever did the one I was living with

He even said I could move into their house if I wanted to. I regret not taking them up on it. I could've known what family felt like

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Daily reminder Elliot was supposed to attack on May 24 (Saturday) but Elliot got angsty on Friday and couldn't wait inside his dorm hearing all the partying. Thus, in rage, he committed his attack last minute.

This isn't known much. Weird to think if he waited one day what would be different.
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He was going to attack on 24th, Saturday, to be able to kill Jazz and Soumaya, but then he got to know that his dad cancelled his trip and would be home, so he decided to attack Friday, to maximize the kill count during the parties. It was the end of the semester so the streets would've been empty the next day people having left for their homes already.
Wow, you're right. For some reason I just realized that.

He did expect his father to be away on a trip but I didn't think he cancelled it. Wow, just imagine if he didn't.

That saved Jazz's life. Fuck
Butterfly effect is crazy d00d

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Any normie lurkers here with feelings of their own to share?

>Be senior in hs
>In love with my gf
>spend every day with her
>cry myself to sleep thinking about the inevitable day when we have to part ways when I go to college

normies can face despair too, ya know
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I think most people on /r9k/ are failed normies, only a small % are piss bottle tier.
I need a feels thread so bad

I Just found out the girl who was leading me (and led 3 other guys) for over a year amd a half already had a boyfriend. And all the sorry, lets get back posts were really for her boyfriend. Like she was genuinely leading me, we were well past the flirting stage, she would give me just enough to keep me on the hook.

The sad part is all of us fell for her because she is so simple and nice. She is not even that hot, 7/10 with a clueless confused face. She seemed like the nicest person ever. I just thought it never worked between us because she is shy.
Why is life so cruel to guys. She literally is the most boring person ever and the first guy who liked her was rich, second was total alpha, 3rd was kinda beta but smart and short me, and 4th was practically a model. The boyfriend is even smarter than me, he will probably get the best paying job.
She recently broke up with her bf and started posting imgs basically begging him to come back, we had also recently broken up so i never realised they weren't for me. They eventually got back together. I didnt even know he existed lol and started chasing her again, and guess what? She started to flirt with me again. WTF is wrong with this girl.
To top it all off I was the last person to realize how cucked we were.

Why is world so cruel to guys.. good for nothing girls have it so much better

>>744481466 (OP)
>Implying normies don't post constantly here

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If ghosts are real why aren't there any dinosaur ghosts??? Just old victorian women in white dresses with candlesticks. I wanna see a velociraptor ghost god damn it.
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kek also do black ghosts still ruin ghost neighborhoods
No, that is a deed left to the living
Dinosaurs don't have dinosouls.

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Can anyone even respect women anymore
>that cute girl on the bus?
>taken ass to mouth
>that girl sitting next to you at school?
>took two dicks at one time
>that girl at your work?
>has taken a facial by 3 guys in a span of a week

I no longer view women as equals desu, biggest meme of our generation
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>"DAE need a pure virgin waifu?"

Sage in all fields, fag.
>tell a pregnant woman that she's a dumb whore
She would probably microwave her baby if Chad told her to
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One day you'll be a rich guy in his 30s and you too can get young girls to do nasty shit for you

That's just how it is right now, its a balance of value and power. Young women are highly valued and always have been, you need something extraordinary to even get a chance.

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Question for my mentally ill bots: do you remember what happy is? Is years of therapy worth it if you could experience happy?
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Happiness is fleeting and on the spectrum of emotions. Everything is passing and no one is happy all the time.
File: 1484934891118.gif (645KB, 969x700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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do manic episodes count?
does drug induced happiness count?

also many years of therapy never did any good for me personally, it might help you though
Yes. I often have moments of true happiness with games, movies or music.
Sometimes I feel happy when I'm doing stupid shit. Like right now! I haven't taken any seroquel for years, but I still have hundreds of those 100mg pills in unopened boxes lying around. I decided to pop 500mg in a whim. I'll probably be sleeping pretty soon, but this kind of stupid excitement really makes me feel happy! Doing stupid, even if relatively harmless things is really exciting.

>chaotic hurricanes
>solar flares
>Yellowstone eruption
Are these the end of days?
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aho girl kids.jpg
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Jaden Smith anime as well
>some shit that happens every year
>some shit that doesn't affect us
>some shit that is not even close to happening for hundreds of years
i sure as fuck hope so anon

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Good evening r9k, at what moment did you realize you hit rock bottom? I just have

>be me, NEET
>eating a whole pepperoni pizza from little caesars in the parking lot after my mother threatened to kick me out
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>implying it can't get worse
File: 1445885286382.jpg (220KB, 1012x1060px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>waking up a 3AM to wagecuck for minimum wage at a grocery store because you dropped out of community college
File: 1502319170619.png (139KB, 394x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Getting arrested after having a violent breakdown in public because I saw a guy kissing a girl

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Are you still attracted to the female form?

Why? It's just simple geometric shapes.

Our brains are hardware to be excited by the shape. But we are not animals, we can pass that.
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It's perfectly fine to have sex to reproduce, as god intended.

But don't be trapped in the delusion that woman's body is something to worship.
That's the biggest red pill anon.

We are nothing but hardwired boxes who's unconscious biases often act against our own best interests.

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